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  • Randy Zeitman
    ... Nothing has meaning in-of-itself...it s meaning is given through agreement (Language). That s what Existentialism is...things don t have meaning or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2000
      >A group of individuals came up with our
      > > current morality, therefore it has no more meaning
      >> than an opinion.

      Nothing has meaning in-of-itself...it's meaning is given through
      agreement (Language). That's what Existentialism is...things don't
      have meaning or significance (essensce) before they are defined

      Existance preceeds Essence.

      >Doesn't morality almost entirely begin and end with other people? What good
      >is a "personal morality".


      >What is often termed as "brainwashing" is inevitable, you can't remove it.
      >Even if you think that you have formed your own opinions, they were surely
      >not based on totally original thoughts? We will still always, to an extent,
      >be cogs in a machine.

      Well said. When's the last time an 'independent thinker' invented new
      concepts (and words) to describe what hasn't been described before?

      I think, as science, that human behavior has been 'fixed' and
      well-defined for quite a long time...I'm just taking the components
      that exist, making them my own (this is called 'understanding') and
      going off thinking I'm really the first one to think these thoughts.

      >The uneducated are already developing a sense of what is right and wrong and
      >the fact that it has no moral basis derived from respect for a superior
      >being makes it all the more catastrophic. Directionless futility.

      I agree with that too!...if there's no shame (fear) then the person
      developes survival skills (morals) which are grounded in fearlessness!

      "In the best relationships sex is the booby prize."

      "I'm gotten so out of shape sittin' at the computer all day that I
      get out of breath when I have to reach for the percent key!"

      - Zeitman
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