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Re: [existlist] Apples and Oranges

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  • John Taft
    Hi Rose, If you are at all like me, when I started reading philosophy I was inundated by a bunch of terminology and words that I really either have never heard
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 28, 2002
      Hi Rose,

      If you are at all like me, when I started reading philosophy I was inundated
      by a bunch of terminology and words that I really either have never heard or
      did not understand. Getting a Dicitionary of Philosophy as well as a large
      normal dictionary sure helps. I had to look up hundreds of words (sometimes
      over again) before I felt comfortable with the language. Remember
      philosophy is not science, good translations and interpretations are

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      > Eduard, John, Claire - Thanks for the welcome.
      > If anything, the language of philosophy is helping me get some clarity.
      > reasons that the lines between agnosticism and existentialism were blurred
      > for me were based not only on ignorance of their meanings, but because of
      > the psychological/emotional state I was on - that very one I fought NOT to
      > let go of. Of course, you can do that for just so long before you crack.
      > I had an image of what my life should be, but that life didn't require me
      > jettison the crap. And as we all know, that's probably step one, or at
      > least an ongoing process which has to start at step one.
      > So, all the headbanging and handwringing about truth, the continuity of
      > life, and purpose got all mixed up with the kind of life I wanted to live,
      > the passions I felt about humanity and my life and my process. Hence, I
      > couldn't tell my apples from my oranges.
      > Now that I'm prying these elements apart, I find that the existential
      > elements are not the painful ones; the agnostic/atheistic elements are the
      > thorns in my side. But where do they come from? They come from the
      > and people in my life I should have jettisoned a long time ago, they rise
      > from the conclusions I've drawn about life, divinity and intrinsic
      > spirituality - or lack thereof, and on and on and on. These realizations,
      > although they are certainly subject to change, have been in a
      > Tyson/Holyfield arrangement for more than a decade. But, I'm finally
      > hearing the bell ring! That round is finally over. Although I'd rather
      > the beauty with the placquard announcing the round, I can knock myself out
      > outside the ring in the quiet of growth and my own process.
      > Do I perform a Full Moon ritual acknowledging the darkness I experience,
      > do I let that go because I know the moon is just the moon and this is
      > pointless. Do I allow my anger at the past and my lack of understanding
      > me of joy and play, or do I become the taskmaster I'm running away from by
      > demanding the black-and-white that is as much an illusion as the goddess.
      > It seems most of the time I'd been trying to shoot myself in the foot!
      > Rose
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