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  • Randy Zeitman
    Someone wrote... ... Survival. I don t kill because I don t want to be killed. I don t steal because I don t want to be stolen from. Part of my need to survive
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2000
      Someone wrote...

      >If not religion, then what basis is there for ethics and morality of any

      Survival. I don't kill because I don't want to be killed. I don't
      steal because I don't want to be stolen from. Part of my need to
      survive is to create and maintain an environment that allows me to.
      Therefore, to protect my own interest, I choose to behave in a manner
      that gives me 'safety'.

      >Who would teach this morality?

      Who taught it to me before...surely not church, I don't recall ever
      beleiving in a god.

      For those who say 'morals a breaking down' I say 'no
      kidding....people are compromsing their values to survive in an
      increasingly crowded world. It's hard to morally compete against
      those who choose to not be...akin to asking a police officer to not
      speed to catch a speeding car.

      >What would it be based on? Many
      >believe now in total hedonism, in satisfying the individual needs without
      >conscience. This will only lead to chaos and extreme selfishness in my
      >opinion, where everyone is right and everyone would be wrong at the same
      >time. So there is a foundation for religion to help teach the less
      >cereberal or unstructured or uneducated about the value of good and evil,
      >right and wrong.

      Athiests aren't inherently hedonistic so I can't address these points.

      I thought this was an ExistentiaList. If so, I have an alternate
      question for discussion...

      - How do Athiests create meaning in an otherwise meaningless world?
      Do they need to? How do they resolve (or not) the conflict between
      living a meaningful life when one is mortal?

      "In the best relationships sex is the booby prize."

      "I'm gotten so out of shape sittin' at the computer all day that I
      get out of breath when I have to reach for the percent key!"

      - Zeitman
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