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  • Randy Zeitman
    ... It s more than a feeling - Boston Our matter of matter is based on waves and waves extend infinitely thus literally connecting everything to everything
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2000
      >I am currently reading "The Myth of Sisysphus" by Camus and I am
      >having a great deal of pleasure in doing it...However, I would like
      >to place the following question for this group:
      >I think that human life, belongs like any other form of life, to a
      >global ecosystem and we may even extend it to the whole physical

      "It's more than a feeling"
      - Boston

      Our matter of matter is based on waves and waves extend infinitely
      thus literally 'connecting' everything to everything else in a
      'sympathetic' manner. But because the strength of waves decreases by
      the square of the distance the macro effect is super small but is
      proported by money-driven (or gullable) folks esposing there is an
      'energy that effects us all and we should learn (spend) to master it'.

      I very much dislike that human behavior (attitude) has been rebranded
      as energy.

      >So if this is indeed the case, does the universe contain
      >some operating principles from which we may derive some values by
      >which we may judge whether life has a meaning?

      Ignoring my statement above for a second, lets say things are really
      very intimately connected for the sake of argument. If you say the
      "universe contains some operating principles" then you're telling me
      you beleive in god and if so I say if god exists god knows the

      But regardless of even that suppose I say to you the principle of the
      universe (for the sake of discussion) is "exist". Suppose I said that
      the reason for being is being. If I said that what principle could
      you invent that is more basic? Part of the point is that no matter
      if there is some other 'grand principle' humans can't know it because
      the realm of human understanding is a subset of what is 'all

      It's kinda like asking 'what can I know that isn't knowable' in which
      case I would refer to you The Inner Light by George Harrison.


      "In the best relationships sex is the booby prize."
      - Zeitman
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