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  • Randy Zeitman
    ... I guess I want to distinguish between the creative process and how we gauge whether the creative process has occured or is complete . I think this is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2000
      >Hey Randy,
      >I like this post and tend to agree with the definition. The only thing I
      >could add is having the right balance of patience and discipline - easier
      >said than done.

      I guess I want to distinguish between 'the creative process' and 'how
      we gauge whether the creative process has occured or is complete'. I
      think this is like chemistry where the formula gives the result if
      the conditions are right, but "did it work" isn't part of the formula.

      Maybe this is picky but to me this is all about trying to demystify
      an otherwise mysterious process! That's why Ontology is so cool!

      >Meaning, the patience to understand that there is a
      >process, and there is a gestation period when things can't be forced and
      >then there is a time of inspiration, as you wrote, that requires discipline
      >to act upon.

      I agree that's there, the reaction to the process?...is it
      attachment? gestation? honor (the process)? (another analogy to
      chemistry...formulas say what, not when - unless the when is known
      upfront as in a half-life).

      So could it be:
      ation->Detachment? (eh, forget the I's, this is important!)

      But let me ask you a sidebar question...is patience required to know?
      (that there is a process?)

      I found another 'I" word to add at the end...iKarumba!

      "In the best relationships sex is the booby prize."
      - Zeitman
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