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Re: [existlist] Loss of Topic - For JrLyons.

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  • Bill Harris
    Yulian, Well said, Bill ... From: Yulian K. Gaard To: Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 6:17 AM Subject:
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      Yulian, Well said, Bill
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      From: "Yulian K. Gaard" <ccc61261@...>
      To: <existlist@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 6:17 AM
      Subject: [existlist] Loss of Topic - For JrLyons.

      > Dear JrLyons.
      > This answer will only address your letter "addressed" to me, concerning
      the "loss of topic" - something that I hope that all do not agree with you
      > True enough that this is a list intented for the discussing of
      Existentialist Philosophy, however the list is also what we make of it, and
      I hope that I am true when I doubt that alot here mind other philosophical
      topics. If others do find my postings irrelevant and uninteresting, I much
      hope that they will state that like you did.
      > Existentialism is not a clearly defined size, it is ever changing and
      evolving, and so it should be. Why would you want a 100 year old philosophy
      at current time, and think that it holds completeley true to society as is ?
      > Now, I really do not have any reason to justify my post - but please, look
      at the last post you made, mentioning "Albert Camus and Christianity by Jean
      Onimus". Christianety is a religion, much like religions you often see magic
      in connection with. The question is if you find it a waste of time to find
      and use new ideas, created for society as is and for improoving life now, or
      do you just feel like discussing old and other peoples ideas ?
      > Alot of the questions concerning Existentialism have alot to do with the
      influence and workings of a divine force; Kierkegaards ideas difer alot from
      Satres in part because he believed in a specific working of the divine -
      christianety. All of Sartres existentialism "stands or fall" with the truth
      value of his proof that god dosent exist - I could easally start yelling up
      that it dosent hold true and that it is just his own constructed idea about
      god that he disproove, in a way where most christians would say that both
      his proof and his idea about god is wrong. I can state that criticism.
      > However, that is not who I am, nor is it who I want to be. Rather than
      critisise a bunch of old ideas till I turn blue, I'll be presenting new and
      creative ideas. You might and might not see the existentialistic value in it
      all - I am sorry to hear that you see no connection between the two, and I
      dont plan on stressing the connections out. The ideas will not be neither
      more nor less interesting nomatter if they are connected with old ideas or
      > I can only tell you; please do feel free to start discussions about the
      topics that you wish to hear and talk about - if others agree with you, that
      it is interesting topics, the debating will start running there. So start
      something new yourself, instead of just stating what others present is wrong
      and bad.
      > Feel free not to consider me serious, feel free to delete every post that
      you see from me and feel free to critisise my choosing of what to send as
      you please - I dont mind at all, on the contrary, it will present an
      opportunity for all who agree with you to say so. It takes strenght to
      change things and to create something - I can only encourage you to do that,
      and compliment you on that.
      > Blessings
      > Yulian
      > Respectfully submitted.
      > " Magic is a way of life. "
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