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  • Rajiv Pande
    Dear all, Randy you said If you disagree then I ll tell you I m going to pray to Santa Claus on my deathbed just for kicks. As long as you PRAY it doesn t
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 16, 2000
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      Dear all,
      Randy you said' If you
      disagree then I'll tell you I'm going to pray to Santa Claus on my deathbed
      just for kicks.
      As long as you PRAY it doesn't matter to whom, its that you agree there is a force- may be only in our minds, that's so powerful, diffusive and all encompassing that you could let go every thing to it. God may or may not be present but the concept on its own is so powerful that the human race could not have found its present structure with out it. When I think about God I don't have a image, but feel that death itself is a step ahead in evolution and the more spiritually advanced a human gets the more akin to God he becomes.
      Its like in a story, I heard about a man who walked on water, when asked how he could perform the feat he said he chanted his guru's name. The guru on hearing this thought if someone could do it by just chanting his name why not he? So he tried walking and sank!
      That is the power of belief in our lives and on our minds, if we feel there is a force to guide us our work here gets easier, so frankly the real presence or absence of God doesn't make a difference its His belief [no matter how we deny it] that keeps us going.
      Best wishes

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