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Re: brain drain

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  • Mary
    ... True enough but I was addressing the focus of existentialism proper. Neuroscience isn t a concern of this philosophy nor is self-help per se. How
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      > M: Self-help methods to alleviate or eliminate anxiety simply refocus our limitations onto the individual instead of toward the socio-economic conditions which give rise to anxiety. We've suffered enough at the hands of psychological warfare which encourages individualism merely as a ploy for exploitation. As someone recently told me, "It's quite impressive" how the public has been duped so well for so long.
      > ===Well, there's a self-help industry with money running it that's probably good to avoid if possible. There's no stopping learning and personal growth, though, since change seems ubiquitous to existence.

      True enough but I was addressing the focus of existentialism proper. Neuroscience isn't a concern of this philosophy nor is self-help per se. How thoroughly psychology has been directed at the 'individual' for marketing, military, and political exploitation is quite amazing. You can watch "The Century of the Self" free online. And certainly how we change for the better may have positive effects while those in positions of power continue to manipulate rather than change themselves and society stagnates. I think existentialism generally encourages political involvement from a secular humanist perspective.


      > M: Yes, existentialism places responsibility on the individual to "be the change you want to be" and other such dreadful cliches but the purpose of such responsibility is for a better society, not for the comfort of personal anxiety relief. The self-help approach is no different than religious and New-Age fantasies that place the burden for health and wealth on the attitude of the individual rather than shared with social institutions. Taken as a whole, existentialism is about creating conditions for everyone's freedom. Philosophy examines reason and thought as worthy of study in themselves. A system which unfolds these in and among us may include scientific knowledge but such is uncovered by thought and reason. Reason is the reason for philosophy. Neurons can't study themselves.
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      > > Mary
      > ===The individual is what society is made up of. Once I really grasp wholeness or nonduality, I realize that there's no pushing the river, no need to fix the world--participation, as it naturally unfolds, but with no agenda.
      > I just received Bohm's book and will get it read soon. For some reason, I am working on about four books all at once while listening to the bird chatter, what a pleasant June.

      Society and people are mutually implicating, but this wholeness doesn't preclude activism with its setbacks and victories which engender such unfolding. I think ideals are what drive progress. I'm not a fan of withdrawal, but to each his own. If we are implicated, withdrawal also affects the unfolding. As Sartre said, even not choosing is a choice with consequences. Camus reminded us of limits and suggested adopting an absurd logic toward change. The causal loop between individual and society indicates to me that we have both the freedom and the responsibility to act. So what this means, pace Eduard, is that I study the philosophy of thought rather than the science of neurons.

      I've been reading Hegel's "Science of Logic" and Charles Dickens "Little Dorrit" both demanding because of terminology and language respectively. Since opening my windows and walking outdoors, I've been enjoying robins, cardinals, chickadees, and those bossy house finches. The latter I've affectionately named 'binches' a combination of bossy and finch. June has been exceptionally cool.


      > h.
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