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Re: The Essence of Being

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  • clickhereforinsignificance
    James, The story is not about language (or nihilism) but I m curious what you saw to think that? J.Aiden ... explain ... with the ... other ... the ... So ...
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 23, 2002
      The story is not about language (or nihilism) but I'm curious what
      you saw to think that?



      --- In existlist@y..., "james tan" <tyjfk@h...> wrote:
      > the master have yet to study saussure's theory of language, which
      > his difficulty with the signifier and the signified. his problem
      with the
      > 'rose' is really quite stupid.
      > james.
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      > Subject: [existlist] The Essence of Being
      > Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 23:16:21 -0000
      > As I lumbered through the arboretum my eye caught sight of a
      > striking rose. Sadness came over me as I realized that this rose
      > would one day soon be no more. A sober reminder of my own fragile
      > state. Dread, fear and unhappiness overcame me. I thought to myself,
      > perhaps if could capture the essence of the rose I could preserve it
      > so that it might live forever. Perhaps this process might even
      > somehow be used to preserve me?
      > I stared at its ruby red colour.... .its not there.... many
      > flowers are red.
      > I smelled it fragrance.... its still not there. I can spray
      > perfumes with the same scent.
      > I looked at it's shape..... I can sculpt a marble that shares
      > same shadow.
      > I felt the softness of its petals.... its soft but I could not
      > tell its touch from Lilies.
      > Try as I might I could not find anything unique about the rose.
      > then why is rose a rose? I resolved to ask the master. Perhaps in
      > answering my red friend's plight, I too might answer my own secret
      > selfish desires.
      > "Where might I find the essence of a rose." I boldly yelled
      > .................
      > The master's unmerciful answer. "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A
      > SO".
      > ..................
      > I was doubtful, frustrated and very confused. "But master", I
      > murmured, "I can still see and touch the rose? How such words be?"
      > ..................
      > Quietly the master continued. "The object you think of a rose
      > a seedling before, and before that... dirt and water. And before
      > that.... who knows? The rose will one again become dirt and water
      > after that perhaps part of an orchid. And after that.... who knows?"
      > "Time for you humans is very short. Your imagination is very
      > limited. The distant past and future only seem like a foggy dream.
      > You cannot see the eras, ages and epochs go by. For if you could,
      > would see the physical is transient and always in motion. Objects
      > an illusion caused when certain properties come together for a very
      > brief moment in time and space. Entropy and rebirth are the dominant
      > and inherent laws of the cosmos. The universe is like a cloud
      > overhead, that looks like a rose for a moment... then disappears in
      > haze of nothing. Only to have another shape reappear as
      > something 'new' a short while later"
      > "Do not be possessed by the foolishness of the idea of things.
      > Outside strive for world, but inside expect nothing. The harder your
      > emotions try to grasp on..... like a fog... the easier all will slip
      > between your fingers. There is only one place beauty and
      > really exist. One place free of the myths and desires of the unhappy
      > seekers-of-nothingness. The rare place where beauty can live
      > that's home to the true essence of the rose and of everything
      > ... an open mind"
      > ..................
      > The next day as I strolled through the arboretum I reflected on
      > these thoughts. . All appeared the same.... except that as I leaned
      > over to inhale the rose's scent, a quiet warm bliss enveloped me.
      > J.Aiden
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