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Re: [Wisdom-l] Bhanu: Kishore Mahbubani ?

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  • Bhanu Padmo
    My Dear Pat, Namaste.   (The Story of Second Titanic)   I am reminded of a joke when one talks about Kishore Mahbubani*s recognition of western worth in such
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2013
      My Dear Pat, Namaste.


      (The Story of Second Titanic)


      am reminded of a joke when one talks about Kishore Mahbubani*s recognition of
      western worth in such terms as *Seven Pillars of Western Wisdom* (viz.
      Free-market economics, Science and Technology, Meritocracy, Pragmatism, Culture
      of Peace, Rule of Law, Education).


      joke is this. You (a woman) meet somebody (another woman) for whom you develop
      soon a liking for reasons unknown to you and inquire of her some personal
      details. Your fondness for this person ascends as you listen to attractive
      self-descriptions whose plausibility you have already assumed. How nice it was
      to know that this potential friend was an artist, a singer, an engineer, a
      social worker and so on! However, she would like to whisper the last point about
      her into your ear, feeling a bit coy over the fact that you wouldn*t probably
      like the last characteristic. And she finally tells you that she is in the grip
      of the habit of lying!!


      you would now be ashamed of your altruism of believing the woman as this moral
      retrogression was enough to annul all of her purported positive features. The
      last personal feature whispered into your ears is indeed the *absolute retrograde*.


      what if one or more Kishorean Pillars of purported Western Wisdom happens to be
      a socio-culture retrograde? An absolute socio-cultural retrograde?


      you take a close look at these seven pillars of wisdom, you find each one of them
      to be a composite agent of civilization, not a singular/ elementary one. These
      composites could be riddled with deficiency and redundancy.


      example, free market economics can not be deemed to be benign at all if it is
      to implicitly acknowledge the in-built vice of encouraging unlimited
      superfluity of choices about the most redundant material requirement - at the
      cost of longevity of our planet (that is being deemed to cradle the peak
      evolution of universe).


      and technology isn*t a lay option available unconditionally without a
      socio-cultural prelude and moral-instinctive pre-condition.


      inadequately conceived meritocracy runs the risk of being overwhelmed by
      snobbish vagary of education.


      contaminated with conceit could, if not rectified in time, turn into virtual
      cannibalism at some stage.


      of law could turn into a piece of deceptive rhetoric if promulgation of law as
      an integral part of national sovereignty was to be devoid of the concern of
      nationalizing wisdom and jurisprudence.


      of peace could be a redundantly altruist notion if it doesn*t consider any
      objective higher than mere peaceful coexistence.


      seven composite agents of civilization need to be resolved into their
      elementary components firstly and then, the retrograde components must be
      isolated and quarantined as germs of apocalypse. The identities of individual
      agents need to be expressed as permutation-combination of their elements and
      any agent with in-built retrograde element is to be stricken off.  


      many of these purported pillars of western wisdom will survive this ingenious
      intellectual operation to assign a semblance of dignity and ascribe a semblance
      of superiority to US/ West? In other words, Kishore needs to brace up to clear
      own vision. Because this intellectual exercise will also clarify if Kishore-perceived
      American-Western wisdom and image is indeed positive or is mostly mistaken. He
      could have mistaken imposed dignity and brute superiority for proof of wisdom


      Kishore*s  perception of the East is also equally
      indiscriminate and lopsided. Take the two prominent corners of Eastern
      Hemisphere viz. China and India. He appears to have reckoned both equal with
      respect to respective march to modernity, weltanschauug (worldview), actual
      self-worth, implementation of personal freedom, capacity to embrace the West
      and multitude of aspects of civilization Kishore Mahbubani so ornately spells.
      He couldn*t be more wrong.


      can he be expected to be even marginally right in this comparative study if he
      doesn*t have and doesn*t look for the cardinal/ absolute index of society/
      culture/ civilization? The easiest and the best one probably is the index of
      crime/ immorality. Has he ever put India on crime/ immorality scale? Has he
      ever witnessed/ imagined the ghastliness of the actual Indian social scenario?
      Or, has he again made the mistake of seeing through the warped American eye
      that may discount million socio-cultural deaths of another country (third-word
      country) to capitalize on few conducive/ selected politicizable cases of
      purported/ fictitious *human right violation* underscoring a lopsided sense of morality
      and justice?


      commits the double-fault of overestimating classical West/ US and Modern India,
      the two chameleons. This makes his international perspective deficient.


      do appreciate his surmises about the foreseeable fall of American
      pseudo-modernism and rise of Asia. But the story that will unfold to vindicate
      Kishore*s surmises is different from the details he conjures up. It is the story
      of the great triangle whose vertices represent centers of global civilization
      of past, present and future.


      past had witnessed the greatest socio-cultural polarization in the Eastern Hemisphere,
      in India. The present age is still witnessing the highest global polarization
      in the Western Hemisphere, in US/ West. This flight of global center from East
      to West depicted the rise of the West and the decline of the East.


      East-to-West flight of global socio-cultural center is about to be reversed in
      near future. Kishore*s words seems to be prophetic up to this point. But what
      he has to see further is that the West-to-East flight of global socio-cultural polarity
      would be consummated in China. And the credit for this historic phenomenon
      would go exclusively to China.


      is not all. The saddest part of the futuristic story is that the Titanic will
      sink prior to this stretch of evolution of history, if an averting magic
      doesn*t occur. The doomed ship is India, the second Titanic. And this Titanic,
      even as she arrives at the bottom of the ocean, will still have in her coffers
      the heart (the metaphor to mean genes) of the planet.


      would India be so doomed? - That is because of its neo-Indian navigators who still
      think the clean-and-crystalline heaven (iceberg) visible ahead is the


      would China be rewarded with such a global glory? - That is because she is the heir
      apparent to pan-Indian socio-cultural legacy, erstwhile global essence, because
      she is thus the inheritor of feline human genes. To realize this, you have to
      look into the transcendental theory of evolution that puts civilization as function
      of national genes and that puts national genes as function of metaphysical
      movements. The time-bomb of Buddhist metaphysics have been ticking to
      conflagrate as the winner genes later in China.


      is that actual tipping national characteristic that would give China an edge
      over US/ West. It is progressive incorporation of higher democracy into
      national constitution. Protraction of disproportionate/ unlimited econo-social
      security is taking epidemic form to gnaw away Western Democracy, the iceberg
      that India wishes to harvest a destination from.


      Chinese success really so succinct? - No. It isn*t. It is about to be on the
      crossroad where it will meet the fatal contingency of choosing between the
      Kishore Mahbubani-spelt sevel pillars of western wisdom with in-built
      retrogrades and civil democracy projected by the theory of absolute polity.

      (Bhanu Padmo)


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      --- On Mon, 2/18/13, Pat Louise Davies <pld@...> wrote:

      From: Pat Louise Davies <pld@...>
      Subject: [Wisdom-l] Bhanu: Kishore Mahbubani ?
      To: Wisdom-l@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, February 18, 2013, 7:01 PM


      Hello Bhanu & Friends,
      Since you and others have some interest in
      political philosopy, Bhanu, I am wondering if you are familiar with the writings
      of Kishore Mahbubani?  If so, what are your opinions of his ideas?  As
      you may know, he was the President of the UN Security Council 2001-02, and UN
      Ambassador from Singapore.  He was
      born of Indian parents in an impoverished area of Singapore 64 yrs
      I heard Kishore speak recently @ Cornell and found
      his ideas about the need for world collaboration interesting; I am currently
      reading 4 of his books.  In his view, the USA's tendency to stay
      stuck focusing on world leadership instead
      of supporting world organizations and other means of world collaboration is very
      problematic & unfortunate for the USA now, and going forward.
      Kishore's message at the outset of his Cornell
      talk was that there is much pessimism in the West, including Europe,
      whereas many Eastern countries are enjoying much rapid successful
      economic/cultural development as a result of being influenced by " The 7 Pillars
      of Western Wisdom" (his term which includes free market, rule of law, etc...)
      and are optimistic;  In his view, the West is currenty moving away from the
      7 pillars. 
      Many points of his Cornell talk are laid out in his
      most recent book published in Feb/13.  He discussed the 7 pillars in his 2008 book: The New Asian
      Your thoughts?
      Thanks ~ Namaste,  Pat Louise
                  May our efforts benefit

                 all beings and the

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