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Re: [greenlogic] Reply to Kolki Poem / Poem *Eugenics*

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  • devindersingh gulati
    IN ancient times, during the Roman ascendency, there was a great rhetorician, Longinus by name. According to him the greatness of any writing lies in how far
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      IN ancient times, during the Roman ascendency, there was a great rhetorician, Longinus by name. According to him the greatness of any writing lies in how far it echoes the inner Self. The more developed is the soul of a poet the higher will be the poetic genius. An immature soul can hardly soar very high.
      A modern English critic,¹ who appreciated this view, remarked that the present-day artistic creations are mostly insignificant and futile, for the modern world is wanting in highly developed souls.            .
      Not to speak of a really great soul, we have almost forgotten in these days the meaning of creation by the inner soul. The source of inspiration nowadays is the brain or the nerves or a mixture of the two in different proportions. Intellectual curiosity and nervous excitement and hunger have enveloped the whole sphere of life, consciousness and being. Anything else of deeper significance has sunk into the abyss of oblivion. In one word, 'Art for Art's sake' has been the present-day principle in the field of artistic creation. The artist does not care for any extrinsic ideal or aim. He finds his ideal and aim in himself. He grows of himself, he establishes himself and he realises himself in his own creation. Far from seeking an ideal, even beauty is no longer the aim of art. What is art? The creation of the artist. Who is the artist? He who creates himself. Very well; but what does the word 'self' signify? There's the rub. Everything depends on
      this. In ancient times the word 'self' used to signify either the Psycqic Being, which is the delegate of the Supreme Self, or the Supreme Self Itself – "Know Thyself". In modern times 'self' signifies something exoteric, the surface consciousness acting through the brain and nerves.
      The moderns hold that the essence of art and artistic creation consists in complete expression of one's own self, but like the Virochana of the Upanishad, who took the body for the Self, they have applied the word 'self' to mean the consciousness acting through the nerves. But it must be admitted that they have exceeded Virochana by one step, going either within or above. They have discovered an intermediate link between the physical sheath and the higher supra-physical. In ancient times 'self' would always signify the Psychic Being and never the self-centered body.
      The moderns may ask: "Is it obligatory that one should have a great soul in order to be, a great poet?" In the hoary past it was almost so. Valmiki, Vyasa and Homer rightly deserve to fall into that category. In his artistic creation the poet's inner Self comes to the fore. That is why it is said that the subject-matter and the way of expressing it are nothing but the real Being in the poet. The outer manifestation of this Being is of course diverse and manifold. The inner soul of Shakespeare is wide and magnanimous. It has, as it were, the quality of water. It takes up the form of that very vessel in which it is put and assumes the colour thereof. Milton's inner Being represents height, density, weight and seriousness. Dante's inner Being represents intensity, virility and Tapasya (askesis). Kalidasa's innerBeing represents beauty, while that of the Upanishadic seers represents luminosity.
      Verily the greatness of the poet is the greatness of the inner consciousness. And the expression of his inner consciousness is the essence of his poetic creation. So long as this inner consciousness is vigilant and active in the poet, his creations and activities never suffer in manners. His creations will not be vitiated by gross touches. He alone is a great poet whose consciousness is hardly clouded, although it is said that even 'Homer nods'; to me the lesser poet is he who at times breaks through the cloud, and a non-poet is he who is ever strongly shrouded with indelible cloud. 

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      Subject: [greenlogic] Reply to Kolki Poem / Poem *Eugenics*

      Poem : Eugenics
      Until it
      did hit as inertia of conceit,
      Poetry it
      was to me.
      The inertia
      of rest.
      deceptive peace;
      for price in return;
      Price to
      comport possessive whim,
      and unlimited;
      into conceit indomitable;
      Inertia of
      rest it was.
      Poetry to me
      Until it
      did hit as inertia of conceit.
      A eugenic
      purge it soon called for.
      conceit indomitable.
      To be the
      recessive allele,
      It was
      bound to dip.
      Still in
      the garb of bravado though.
      conceit indomitable.
      But it was
      bound to dip;
      Letting the
      initiative arrive elsewhere
      In allele
      The uncanny
      instrument of natural purge.
      *Cause in
      conceit, no initiative could dwell.
      gained, Hitlers lost out.
      they were bound for,
      They, the
      images of conceit.
      selection by dream,
      They had
      Survival of
      the wisest,
      They had failed
      to appreciate.
      Still aware
      they weren*t
      Of Mendel*s
      of truth so obvious,
      They had failed
      to perceive;
      Even when it
      pervaded blood and genes.
      Still aware
      they weren*t
      Of Mendel*s
      The magic that
      could repaint flowers
      And recast
      corporeal inheritance wouldn*t deign
      to be immutable.
      In egotism
      dwelt eugenics vindicated –
      Hitlers mused
      Buddha*s magnanimity bloomed
      to thwart.
      To thwart
      this colorful gloom;
      conceit indomitable.
      And to turn
      it down as the recessive allele.
      Poetry it
      was to me then,
      Until it
      did hit as inertia terminal.
      The inertia
      of rest.
      A eugenic
      purge it did ask for soon.

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      as well
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      On Tue, 2/5/13, Global Teacher <globallistener@...> wrote:

      (Dedicated to an Egalitarian Democratic
      World – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)
      poems:  Free     Best     In
      Vain     Harmony     One
      World    Universal
      Notes     Universal
      God     Global Solidarity>
      Every time I saw a small bird nesting
      Having babies without doctors,
      nurses, and hospital bills
      Surviving and enjoying life in
      storms, snow and rain
      Without additional clothes, heating
      or cooling -
      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!
      Every time I saw/heard Canadian
      Geese flying at night
      Alone or as a team for a distant
      Navigating towards destination
      without compass or light
      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!
      Every time I watched a small spider
      creating web
      Out of nothing except own sap and
      Then resting in the centre to catch
      Enjoying own creation at its best -
      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!
      Every time a seed germinated in the
      soil or water
      Grew as plant or trees withstanding
      Shed leaves for the winter only to
      be reborn in vigour
      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!
      Every time I looked at small
      sparrows playing in the snow
      When I was feeling cozy in heated
      home among clothes
      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!
      Fittest are natural knower who
      exercise self power
      Without unlearning instincts to
      technological slave work!
      Endless dependency only makes humans
      enslaved and weaker
      As generations strive for expensive
      and competitive future!
      Birds travelling thousands of miles
      without rest
      Navigating at night over deserts and
      Even a fruit fly does everything,
      more than I crave
      Eat, meet, multiply and even fly
      without much rest!
      After I leave -
      Many animals and birds will outlive
      Shrubs and trees I planted
      Would be surviving and serving
      Without disturbing and destroying
      natural harmony -
      Of course, if they are not victim of
      modern industry!
      the slogan ‘Survival of the fittest’
      Resonates very well with Eugenic1 quest
      For aristocrative exploitation of
      the masses
      With population control whenever
      needed -
      Encouraging supremacist ideology at
      the best!
      Darwin’s theory is flawed with fundamental mistake
      Yet remains unchallenged in royal
      Discovered while travelling on Royal
      H.M.S Beagle
      Collecting samples from American and
      African Islands
      Hypothesised in “Origin of Species”
      “The Survival of The Fittest”
      realizing evolution doesn’t leave any trace!

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