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Re: [greenlogic] Reply to Kolki Poem / Poem *Eugenics*

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  • Bhanu Padmo
    Abbey!    (Theory of Life, Theory of Happiness and Pain )   To settle the difficult issue (of incidence and alleviation of pain) you have raised, we may
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      (Theory of Life, Theory of Happiness and Pain )


      settle the difficult issue (of incidence and alleviation of pain) you have
      raised, we may have to develop a firstly a *theory of life* and then, if possible,
      a *theory of happiness and pain*. For that, we shall have to identify the
      sources, causes and consequences of life and pain and amalgamate this
      information into premises that would constitute the theories.


      painful plight of animals and human beings could thereafter be possibly explained
      to some extent. The theories could also give us some idea about the magnitude
      of your services to destitute animals (raccoons).


      objective of life (living) is exercise of personal intelligence. It constitutes
      of making of personal truths and their theme-specific implementation. Personal
      intelligence or personal truth has an evolutionary value on an absolute/
      universal scale. This absolute value is the degree of its compliance with
      universal direction of evolution.


      intelligence is exercised through wielding of wealth, the truth-implementing contrivances.
      It is enhanced through intellectual atonement (that includes moral, spiritual,
      cultural atonements). Volume of intellectual exercise (of extant intellect) by
      far exceeds the rate of intellectual atonement.


      exercise is experienced subjectively as emotion. Acquired/ cumulative
      intellect, if persistent, solidifies into instinctual genetics and has the body
      transformed commensurately. This is *corporal precipitation* in which personal
      truth/ intelligence is geneticized first and materialized/ formalized/
      incorporated next.


      is the process in which atonement of personal truth/ intelligence is translated
      into augmentation/ enhancement of genetics and body texture/ form. So, there is
      a relationship (commensurability, proportionality) between truth-content of
      intellect and existential status of genetics/ integral body.


      is a slow and rare phenomenon. Because, intellectual atonement (atonement of
      personal truth) is a rare act. Accordingly, we may theoretically differentiate
      *static life* from *dynamic life* in the following manner.


      life* may be ascribed to a definite/ finite but unchanging intellectual value
      and its non-evolving genetics/ body when *dynamic life* may be ascribed to a
      changing intellectual value and its evolving genetics/ body.


      emerge the two cardinal features of life viz. *consummation of intellect* and *atonement
      of intellect* with these two divisions of consequences viz. *corporal
      precipitation* and *corporal evolution*.


      of intellect is primarily exercise of extant intellect that would precipitate *projected
      life* reinforced by socio-cultural, psycho-moral planning. The projected life
      is pre-determined by the current intellectual magnitude.


      of intellect is the extra-terrestrial/ other-worldly act of extending existing
      intellectual frontier and conducting the ensuing socio-cultural, psycho-moral
      metamorphosis and corporal mutation (evolution).


      are in-built subjective indicators (confirmatory feelings) to identify and
      assess prospect, progression, digression or recession of life in these two
      modes viz. static mode and dynamic mode.


      the static mode, the prospect and progression and digression and recession of exercise
      of existing intellect is sensed respectively as optimism-pessimism
      (apprehension), happiness, anxiety and sorrow. In the dynamic mode, prospect
      and progression and digression and recession of existential/ corporal status is
      sensed respectively as divinity-morbidity (fear), euphoria, wait and grief.


      intellectual exercise falls sort of availing oneself with physical needs
      (causing corporal curtailment) viz. physical protection, metabolic needs etc,
      sorrow deepens into pain. When it falls short of maintaining native existential
      status, grief deepens into a shade of suicidal attitude.


      it may be noted that life is transferable. To wit, you may empathetically or
      vicariously live your own life by way of acting upon another life.


      is where your animal service (raccoon service) comes into picture. Now, you can
      assess the initial (pre-service) and final (post-service) predicament of
      raccoon in the light of above discussion and appreciate how much *life* you
      collected for yourself in terms of (raccoon*s sensing of) optimism, divinity,
      happiness, euphoria etc.



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      Subject: Re: [greenlogic] Reply to Kolki Poem / Poem *Eugenics*
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      Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013, 6:57 PM


      Hi Bhanuji!

      Once I found out what Eugenics, allele, and Mendels magic meant, this poem was really cool!  I like the Buddhas contradiction of Hitlers eugenics.

      Just a couple of points - in the poem below yours, the talk about animals in nature, enjoying wind and rain and snow - well, nature is a cruel mistress, there is often immense hardships for the animal kingdom, in nature.

      I believe that in a sane world, which we are hopefully becoming; that humans will create a world where everyone lives in ease - that is, no desperation. Wealth and atonement to dharma, will cause this. Then, it is visionary, but, humans could assist the animals in nature to obtain the same ease and happiness.  I know it is not much, but my aiding and abetting the plight of the lives of raccoons
      that live wild among humans, is a step in this direction.

      There is a window on this, in how some horses, dogs and cats, enjoy a much finer life than what is found in nature - in spite of the immense suffering that does occur to animals under the mercy of human hands. Om Shanti Om!
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      Saturday, February 16, 2013 8:09:29 AM
      Subject: [greenlogic] Reply to Kolki Poem / Poem *Eugenics*



      Poem : Eugenics


      Until it
      did hit as inertia of conceit,

      Poetry it
      was to me.

      The inertia
      of rest.


      deceptive peace;

      for price in return;

      Price to
      comport possessive whim,

      and unlimited;

      into conceit indomitable;

      Inertia of
      rest it was.

      Poetry to me

      Until it
      did hit as inertia of conceit.


      A eugenic
      purge it soon called for.

      conceit indomitable.


      To be the
      recessive allele,

      It was
      bound to dip.

      Still in
      the garb of bravado though.

      conceit indomitable.


      But it was
      bound to dip;

      Letting the
      initiative arrive elsewhere

      In allele

      The uncanny
      instrument of natural purge.


      *Cause in
      conceit, no initiative could dwell.


      gained, Hitlers lost out.

      they were bound for,


      They, the
      images of conceit.


      selection by dream,

      They had

      Survival of
      the wisest,

      They had failed
      to appreciate.

      Still aware
      they weren*t

      Of Mendel*s


      of truth so obvious,

      They had failed
      to perceive;

      Even when it
      pervaded blood and genes.


      Still aware
      they weren*t

      Of Mendel*s

      The magic that
      could repaint flowers

      And recast

      corporeal inheritance wouldn*t deign

      to be immutable.


      In egotism
      dwelt eugenics vindicated –

      Hitlers mused

      Buddha*s magnanimity bloomed

      to thwart.


      To thwart
      this colorful gloom;

      conceit indomitable.


      And to turn
      it down as the recessive allele.


      Poetry it
      was to me then,

      Until it
      did hit as inertia terminal.

      The inertia
      of rest.


      A eugenic
      purge it did ask for soon.



      may reply this thread upon http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/greenlogic/%c2%a0
      as well

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      On Tue, 2/5/13, Global Teacher <globallistener@...> wrote:


      (Dedicated to an Egalitarian Democratic
      World – Deepak Sarkar, www.kolki.com)

      poems:  Free     Best     In
      Vain     Harmony     One
      World    Universal
      Notes     Universal
      God     Global Solidarity>


      Every time I saw a small bird nesting

      Having babies without doctors,
      nurses, and hospital bills

      Surviving and enjoying life in
      storms, snow and rain

      Without additional clothes, heating
      or cooling -

      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!


      Every time I saw/heard Canadian
      Geese flying at night

      Alone or as a team for a distant

      Navigating towards destination
      without compass or light

      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!


      Every time I watched a small spider
      creating web

      Out of nothing except own sap and

      Then resting in the centre to catch

      Enjoying own creation at its best -

      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!


      Every time a seed germinated in the
      soil or water

      Grew as plant or trees withstanding

      Shed leaves for the winter only to
      be reborn in vigour

      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!


      Every time I looked at small
      sparrows playing in the snow

      When I was feeling cozy in heated
      home among clothes

      I knew humans could survive, but not
      the fittest!


      Fittest are natural knower who
      exercise self power

      Without unlearning instincts to
      technological slave work!

      Endless dependency only makes humans
      enslaved and weaker

      As generations strive for expensive
      and competitive future!


      Birds travelling thousands of miles
      without rest

      Navigating at night over deserts and

      Even a fruit fly does everything,
      more than I crave

      Eat, meet, multiply and even fly
      without much rest!


      After I leave -

      Many animals and birds will outlive

      Shrubs and trees I planted

      Would be surviving and serving

      Without disturbing and destroying
      natural harmony -

      Of course, if they are not victim of
      modern industry!


      the slogan ‘Survival of the fittest’

      Resonates very well with Eugenic1

      For aristocrative exploitation of
      the masses

      With population control whenever
      needed -

      Encouraging supremacist ideology at
      the best!


      Darwin’s theory is flawed with fundamental mistake

      Yet remains unchallenged in royal

      Discovered while travelling on Royal
      H.M.S Beagle

      Collecting samples from American and
      African Islands

      Hypothesised in “Origin of Species”

      “The Survival of The Fittest”

      realizing evolution doesn’t leave any trace!

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