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  • devindersingh gulati
    Previous: One may very well imagine that the universe is only an entity in something which is still vaster, as the individual is only an entity in  a much
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      Previous: One may very well imagine that the universe is only an entity in something which is still vaster, as the individual is only an entity in  a much vaster totality. Now, each unit has its consciousness and its own spirit which contains all the others, as a group consciousness is made up of all the individual consciousnesses which constitute it and as a national consciousness is made up of all the individual consciousnesses which constitute it, and something more.  Just like you: you have lots of cells in your body; each cell has its own consciousness and you have a consciousness which is the consciousness of your total individuality, though made up of all these small cellulary consciousnesses.

      Roger Lass: My suggestion is that if something is transmitted from one conscious being to another, the medium is only a medium and possesses no features that belong to the conscious beings.

      RKS: But what if my words are relayed by you to someone else? At what point does my response to a particular question that you or someone else asks become a non-conscious representation of my consciousness? http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/MindBrain/message/45829

      Human beings function as invisible conduits for the exchange of anger, sex and depression, as Sri Aurobindo and the Mother repeatedly pointed out, and it is only when our inner being opens up that we discover the rich and voluminous nature of this commerce.  This exchange occurs through the higher vital (pranamaya kosha) and mental sheaths (manomaya kosha) in the human consciousness. It is not only talk that creates a turmoil – disturbing forces can come in by contact also. There may be restlessness or confusion of consciousness in the person who talks with you to which he does not give expression or is not even aware that he is like that, or he may bring forces from others. Again it may be that you met or contacted in your sleep the vital of others or some vital forces in the atmosphere. Turmoil may come in many ways.  Whenever one mixes with others, things are passing from one to the other. If I talk with a number of people, I bring away
      with me in my atmosphere many forces that were around them; they may affect me or not, but they remain for a time at least. If in that time I speak with another man, he may receive them from me. It is like a man carrying germs with him from a person he has visited; he may not fall ill himself (or he may), but, even if he does not, he can pass them on to another man he visits afterwards – who falls ill. It is the same thing here in the supraphysical parts. 

      Nagin: Why does even a slight casual talk create a disturbance in my work?
      Sri Aurobindo: It is because by talking one passes into another consciousness. That is so long as the inner being has not attained a constant and even calm poise.  It is no use giving up talking altogether – the proper course is to speak usefully to people but not to talk for the sake of talking.
      So next time you find yourself getting depressed or angry for no legitimate reason, ask yourself whether
      1. it is because you were recently chatting with a person who was a conduit for these aberrant movements.
      2. OR it is a cyclical rhythm which is triggered within your consciousness every once in a while, as explained in an earlier post. http://auromere.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/the-exchange-of-vital-forces-during-social-interactions/#more-9285


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