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Re: A Paper on Consciousness, Time, and Pre-Spacetime

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  • devindersingh
    ... to earth, what I call either The Reciprocal Convergence or the Consummatum on Earth Event, one found the same `stuff and essence OUT THERE and one fond in
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 14, 2013
      > Dick: In the second major event of my life which brought it all back
      to earth, what I
      call either The Reciprocal Convergence or the Consummatum on Earth
      Event, one found the same `stuff and essence' OUT THERE and one fond in
      the timeless domain IN THERE, in Eternity. The same thing. And not only
      was it in my own physical frame but in every phenomena found to
      be out there in space and time. It was in ALL the things, all the forms.
      This experience is described at minutes 40-48 of this
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." wrote:
      > A Paper on Consciousness, Time, and Pre-Spacetime
      > as Consciousness finds it to be.

      > by

      > Dick Richardson
      > West Somerset, UK.
      > Jan 2010

      > for
      > (1) Journal of Consciousness Exploration & Research.
      > (2) Prespacetime Journal
      > (3) Scientific GOD Institute

      > Introductory Preface.

      > My own field of analysis is that of Consciousness Studies, and the
      > of self. This really kicked off into a private passion back in 1941/42
      > at the mere age of three owing to spontaneous exceptional conscious
      > experiences at that age. But one hardly had the wherewithal to get
      > far with it at that age. However, that line of personal (not academic)
      > study intermingled with a great interest in Physics by the age of
      > four when encountering a three hour spontaneous exceptional experience
      > in which time and change did not feature. It went beyond time; beyond
      > the personality and beyond the power to think or remember anything of
      > this life here. It was then that I first wrote the sentence: `Once
      > upon a Time there was a Time when there was no Time, and I was
      > there'. This of course was all simply noted down as in a private
      > diary of events, and never with any intentions of it being seen by
      > anybody.

      > The experiences were all so charged with a passion and delight, and to
      > say nothing of revealing and life enhancing, that some time later I
      > found myself writing poems of all these events from the age of three
      > onwards. As if it was a kind of psychological regurgitation or
      > which would not let me drop it. One day however, the poems (99 of
      > were found by somebody and distributed by him (a member of MENSA)
      > without my permission or knowing of it. That resulted in my receiving
      > telegram from The International Centre for Theoretical Physics in
      > Trieste asking me to contact them and give them my telephone number
      > home address. On doing this the founder and director of it, the Noble
      > Prize winner in Physics, Professor Abdus Salam, requested a private
      > day-long meeting in Oxford. Which we did. This culminated in him being
      > the first to insist that I write all these things out again in prose
      > books; because he himself knew some degree of this himself but knew
      > there was more than he had found. I was very reluctant to do this,
      > saw no point in doing it. But over the months there came much pressure
      > and persuasion from a number of sources, including himself still. So I
      > did.

      > The Understanding from Hindsight.

      > As a little boy I asked myself many question, such as: Given that
      > consciousness exists and is axiomatic and unarguable, then what exists
      > for consciousness to become conscious of. Also; What is the real
      > relationship between the Observer and the Observed. Even at the age of
      > three I found myself asking the questions: What am I; Why am I here:
      > am I me: Where do I come from and Why. I was not even aware then that
      > Man had been asking these same questions ever since we existed in
      > I could not even read at that age. The questions just came to me
      > naturally, and I assumed every child asked them.

      > However, with the then culmination of the timeless conscious
      > which I came to call, The Mystic Death and Resurrection Event, which
      > itself was a reunion of two parts of myself, and via a third part of
      > myself (the subconscious mind) and thus revealing Three parts of our
      > emanation. A Trinity of our being. So I discovered that we were
      > constructed in a trinity of being, and that we were the link and the
      > conduit between Time and Eternity. I use the word Eternity to mean not
      > the sum of all time but the total lack of moving time and changing
      > events. Hence Primordial Time and Primordial Consciousness – The I
      > AM which exists in Eternity. Before Time and Space was, I was there.
      > Hence I also came to write the sentence: The Mind and Consciousness of
      > Man is ever tied to the cross of Time and Eternity. All due to
      > experience, not theory or beliefs, or an idea, but by direct
      > of those realms of BEING. None of it can be proved other than by way
      > living it. That is all the proof one needs. They were all axiomatic
      > and unarguable, for one was THERE in them. And one existed in them and
      > saw them all in a three dimensions each of a three dimensional
      > of width breadth depth (and colour). So, all this stuff exists for
      > consciousness to become conscious of. So I think of that Eternity as
      > like the analogy of a Well, or a Spring, and from which Time and
      > extended space emanate as like a flowing river from the inner dead
      > central core of being, the spring of eternity. However, this was not
      > of it; but only one half of it. Thus, at this point there was still an
      > alienation and gap in comprehension.

      > The Later Unfolding of Awareness.

      > None of the findings thus far answered a thing about our relationship
      > with objectivity and the world around us and the physical universe.
      > all that first twenty years of experience and inner learning was about
      > ME, us, the human mind and what we are and what we are made of and
      > whence we come. But none of it was about the stuff `out there'.
      > Neither was I ever expecting to find any such a connection. But I did,
      > twenty years later; and also spontaneously. This could be said to be
      > the most profound event of all of it, and to my knowledge it has never
      > ever been written about. The most profound in the sense that it knits
      > all together, the outer with the inner; the observer with the
      > And there is no gap and there is no alienation of the parts. Thus a
      > union (not a reunion) with the Observer and the Observed, or
      > subjectivity and Objectivity, or I and Thou. It all became one whole
      > vortex of energy extending from a point of no duration and extension
      > encompass all space and time – like a dance or music. And even
      > though the one wholeness was constructed into a duality of the
      > and the observed. Consciousness has to have a content.

      > When writing this out in books as requested to do I received a number
      > death threats. And not a jot in the way of thanks at that time. Not
      > I was looking for any thanks and the death threats did not bother me
      > anyway for I was expecting hostility anyway. One is ridiculed by all
      > people; by religions, by science and by psychology. So one is really
      > alone with this stuff. What I never came to write out was The Double
      > Vortex Theory of Emanation. For if they could not even accept that
      > they would not even read this, so I never bothered to write it out.
      > However, these things are not simply about the experience of them, nor
      > about anything which one writes about them, they are plainly a living
      > part in the shift of conscious awareness toward a new understanding
      > paradigm regard to the nature of our being. A new way of being in the
      > world. A primordial innate drive which is an implicate order and a
      > of the unfolding in Time of what the principle and essence of it is in
      > Eternity – in Prespacetime or Proto-Physics and
      > and LIFE. Life is not just about BEING it is also about BECOMING, and
      > are central to that process, because we are life, and consciousness
      > flows through our being; both in Time and in Eternity. The purpose
      > as being that of our own mind being central to the fulfilment of LIFE
      > itself, not just us. Ab Aeterno Ad Hoc. Don't ask what life can do
      > for you; ask yourself what you can do for it. The Mind and
      > of Man is the meeting ground of inner and outer dimensions. And only
      > through I can it be known. The observer is central to all that exists.

      > You will not be loved for saying these things. Yet they are there to
      > find, to live, to know and to understand. So whilst the abuse and the
      > death threats role on, one is living that new way of being in the
      > And they cannot touch one and they cannot even find me for I am
      > intangible unto the detection powers of the five external senses and
      > tools brought forth to enhance them. Thus it is the case that when
      > Physicists and Mystics get together then all mayhem is let loose and
      > boats rock on the ruffled waves of convention :- ) And so it does.
      > that is why they get us to write it instead of them; for we are not
      > important :- ) We can take it.

      > Scientific Proofs?

      > At present, to the best of my knowledge, the scientific methodology
      > its tools cannot even find this, let alone prove it in some kind of
      > repeatable experiment. What kind of science and potentials for
      > phenomena will exist in a thousand years time? I have no idea and it
      > a waste of time guessing, guessing games are of no interest to me. But
      > even now science has many axioms which it cannot prove, yet it fully
      > accepts them. Added to which science looks `out there', not
      > `in here'. They will not find me and consciousness out there.
      > Personally I am a great fan and advocate of the scientific
      > and all its investigations which it can get at; and one day they will
      > get us out there among the stars. But not yet.

      > However, what one has to keep in mind here is two things. One is that
      > scientists are human beings and the other is that these things of
      > I speak are axiomatic and need no objective proof. So even a scientist
      > on finding these things would neither need or require objective proof.
      > They all seem to overlook that fact as yet. But be that as it is what
      > will science be able to get at in millennia to come? Who knows. I fell
      > that they will come to realize the same as I did, and which brings us
      > one more topic – The Essence of No Created Thing.

      > The Untouchable Frontier.

      > This is an aspect of all this which I steer clear of, because in large
      > part it is irrelevant even mentioning it. Thinking about it privately
      > can help however. Bu keeping in mind that this is THINK stuff, not
      > direct experience stuff. Although in other ways it is partly
      > experiential stuff, by way of FEEL. However, it would be so far out of
      > the existing paradigm that it is not worth mentioning. But, let us
      > a go at it anyway.

      > In the books (see The Mystical Gnosis Event and the Human Situation,
      > free download from www.psychognosis.net .
      > ) there is a whole chapter devoted to Essences; and I cannot write all
      > that again here. But this is also central to latent sensory
      > of awareness and external sensory data or perception input – being
      > aware of more both within us and all around us. I mentioned back when
      > writing the initial exegesis that there was `something' about
      > that eternal dimension of being which `was not there', yet could
      > be known OF there and in a strange way FELT. So, whatever that
      > `whatever' of NO THING would be independent of all things which
      > exist is not only a silly question but it is an irrelevant one. It
      > could never be answered or got at. And yet in a way it CAN be got at.
      > Not in form but in Essence and in understanding, comprehension. In the
      > second major event of my life which brought it all back to earth, what
      > call either The Reciprocal Convergence or the Consummatum on Earth
      > Event, one found the same `stuff and essence' OUT THERE and one
      > fond in the timeless domain IN THERE, in Eternity. The same thing. And
      > not only was it in my own physical frame but in every phenomena found
      > be out there in space and time. It was in ALL the things, all the
      > But at its centre there was this totally intangible Essential Quality
      > and Principle. Could science ever possibly tap into that? I don't
      > know. Maybe, maybe not.

      > I mentioned in the books that everything communicate with us, a blade
      > grass, a tree, a river, a star, it all communicates with us. But folks
      > seem to expect verbal communication. It is where their thinking and
      > understanding is at. Bu that form of communication would be useless
      > we would not be experiencing it. But this way we are not only
      > experiencing it but we are also FEELING it directly. That FEELING it
      > our communication with NO THING made. It has been said by others, and
      > found it to be true; that only things in time and space which were not
      > made in time and space can go back beyond time and space where they
      > from. They are thongs both of Time and Eternity, just as Consciousness
      > is and just as Life is.

      > Will scientists ever come to know this? Yes, definitely, because the
      > LIFE. Will it be proved to them? Yes definitely because they are Life.
      > Will they be able to prove it to anybody else by way of some kind of
      > experiment and objective proof? I do not think so; but in a million
      > years time who knows. But I doubt it. And if they cannot then it
      > not make a jot of difference anyway. Even today they cannot prove that
      > consciousness exists, yet that is all they ever know anything by way
      > and they accept it because it is axiomatic and uncontradictable.
      > Personally, and I may be wrong, but me thinks there will come a time
      > when science does not try to prove everything; especially that which
      > proved to them on the inside by experience, they will accept that
      > of life and being are mysterious, and leave it at that.

      > Many years ago in the early books I made the prediction that there
      > always, always always be Mystery. One will just have to wait and see
      > eons to come. If I were to bet on it then I know my money would be
      > for there are some things which can indeed be understood, but never
      > at. I cannot even get at a thought, and yet civilisations are built
      > them. Science works, so does Mystery; for with a little mystery around
      > one never ever stops wondering; and that is good. Don't just aim for
      > what you can get at, aim for the impossible, and that way the journey
      > never ends; nor the delight. And talking of essences the two best
      > triggers for instigating that journey back to beyond time are love and
      > beauty. You cannot prove they exist either; or me. Indeed, nearly all
      > the best things in life cannot be proved to exist. Yet we still get on
      > with it, and laughing as we go.

      > Dick Richardson
      > http://www.psychognosis.net/

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