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Re: The Essence of Original Paganism

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  • devindersingh
    THE psychic is like an electric wire that connects the generator with the lamp; the lamp being the body, the visible form. Its function is likewise, that is to
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      THE psychic is like an electric wire that connects the generator with the lamp; the lamp being the body, the visible form. Its function is likewise, that is to say, if the psychic were not there in Matter, it could have no direct contact with the Divine. It is because of the psychic presence that there can be a direct contact between Matter and the Divine. And every human being can be told: "You carry the Divine within you, you have only to enter within yourself and you will find Him." It is a direct, special transmuting infusion into the most inconscient and obscure Matter to awaken it once more step by step to the Divine Consciousness, the Divine Presence and finally the Divine Himself.
      It is a thing characteristic of earthly creatures. It is a speciality of the earth. But only in the human being does the psychic become more conscious, more formed and also more independent; it is there individualised. It is the presence of the psychic that makes of man an exceptional being, so much so that beings of other domains in the universe, those, for example, belonging to what Sri Aurobindo calls the Overmind, the demi-gods and even the gods are very eager to take a physical body upon earth so that they can have the experience of the psychic. These beings possess certainly many qualities which men have not, but they lack this direct Divine Presence which is quite exceptional, which is a fact of the earth and is found nowhere else. All these inhabitants of the higher worlds, of Higher Mind and Overmind and other regions do not possess a psychic being.
      Naturally, the beings of the vital world do not have it either. They do not regret it, they do not want it. In their origin, of course, they descended directly from the Divine, but that was only in their origin and it is so long ago. Now they have no direct contact with the Divine within them, they do not have the psychic being.
      Also watch this Video from minute 45.30. Pay particular attention from minute 49.00: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcrsC3ExkVQ
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      > The Essence of Original Paganism.

      > Dick Richardson
      > West Somerset. UK. 2006 CE
      > http://www.psychognosis.net
      > When human beings lived in caves thousands of years ago some of them
      > discovered that some caves had a quality of sound resonance (no doubt
      > early forms of music effecting the mind by way of echoing resonance
      > – the Power of Sound). This caused (and still causes) the mind to
      > let go of daily affairs and discursive rational thought patterns and
      > journey into itself. This inner journey resulted initially in
      > experiences much like modern day accounts of Near Death Experiences,
      > (and of which there are thousands documented). An inner journey through
      > the realms of the subconscious mind, and through and beyond the levels
      > of Archetypes and visual constructions (image emanations – and as in
      > near death experiences) which are considered spiritual or metaphysical.
      > However, if this inner journey continued without interruption then it
      > resulted in an event way beyond anything known by most people then or
      > even now. This event has no doubt been called many things throughout
      > time and by way of all nations and cultures. Probably the best of the
      > ancient accounts of this particular mystical cognitive event arose in
      > ancient Greece, and wherein they called it the mystical Gnosis. Not,
      > one hastens to add, to be confused with the religion called Gnosticism
      > – which was but one distortion of all this due to ignorance of it
      > – believing it was not knowing it by experience.
      > The event culminates in the mind returning into its primordial self
      > – a reunion of the mind with the essence it itself in its ground of
      > being – beyond space and moving time. Hence, the Eternal Gnosis, and
      > the Perennial Philosophy. The gnosis however, is not the event or the
      > journey to it but rather as to what is learned and understood whilst in
      > the mind at the level of being. It has had many other named attributes
      > such as the peace which passes all understanding; the wisdom of the
      > spheres, the undivided divine order of BEING; the grail of eternal life;
      > and other such terms.
      > It would seem that Stonehenge was the first constructed out-door sound
      > amplifier for this purpose of the mystical reunion – the inner faces
      > of the stones were cut to reflect sound back into the centre – and
      > which has been tested in a reconstruction and it works. This is why so
      > many people have some level of mystical experience whilst listening to
      > music. But there are of course other triggers too – such as deep
      > feelings of beauty and passion, and which make the mind let go of daily
      > affairs and travel inward to some degree. It is odd as to how some
      > latter folk came to call such events as `higher levels of Being'
      > as opposed to deeper levels of being, and resulting back into the
      > implicate order of things. But it seems most things do get distorted
      > when the mob gets hold of them.
      > Needless to say that over millennia, and probably for mob cultural
      > indoctrination, these events became symbolised by way of stories and
      > myths which the mob could grasp in their minds eye. The most common of
      > which was that of a god-man who comes to earth to save people from their
      > acts of stupidity by giving them knowledge which saves them from the
      > stupid antics of greed and hedonism, and offers them paradise in
      > eternity (which the experience itself is) but as a reward for being
      > good. But the mob laugh at him and kill him, for they like their way of
      > life better, tis more fun as they see it. Throughout time many such
      > god-men were constructed – and people believed them to be real. Even
      > unto this day.
      > Eventually the reality become lost in the symbolisms and cultural myths.
      > But a few in each generation come to spontaneously undergo the same
      > experiential event, and they all say the same things – albeit in
      > their own words of course; and just as people do today who come to know
      > it. Thus, this event and this gnosis rears it head in each generation,
      > and never to be forgotten completely on earth.
      > But the biggest ever catalyst to push it underground was the political
      > power of Rome in the early centuries of the common era. When they knew
      > their Empire was collapsing and that it could not be held together with
      > the sword, they lit upon an idea. They would rule the world with another
      > idea and put themselves in charge of it and become the key holders to
      > the paradise of eternity. Thus they destroyed all the pagan temples,
      > documents, books, records (even the Library of Alexandria); killed all
      > the mystics (and scientists too) and anybody who ridiculed their silly
      > contrived religion – and with so little ingenuity that they even
      > created another god-man to replace all the other symbolisms and
      > metaphors. One could say Christianity, but one should really say Rome,
      > is the worst virus ever to plague the human mind.
      > However, and be all that is it was, and still is to a degree today, the
      > truth of things will always out. People will always continue to have
      > this deepest of all known mystical experiences, the gnosis event, the
      > mystical reunion; Re-Legio; and which addresses the perennial questions
      > of what we are, where we come from, why we exist, and why anything
      > exists. Tis the mind returning to its primordial mode of being. This
      > event happens, and no constructed religions or myths, or laws of man,
      > will ever stop it. We will become on earth as we are in essence in that
      > mystical ground of our eternal being when the implicate order becomes
      > more predominant on earth in the mind of man.
      > And this is why the wiser amongst the ancient Greeks said `Know Thy
      > Self'. For the great beauty of knowing ones essential SELF is in
      > that one simultaneously understands all that is not ones SELF, and the
      > self then lives (as it does in that realm too) as the lover of the
      > loved. And the self lives for everything which is not the self- but in
      > that dignity of what that self is. And thus the Dignity of Man, and from
      > whence we come and to whither we return on occasions. The ground of all
      > Being. Home. We are all the same stuff at root. And time does not last
      > for ever – so enjoy it whilst it does, for it is all from the same
      > place – a leaf, a tree, a mountain, and the incarnate mind of Man.
      > There is no gap, no differentiation, in the mono-pole ground of all
      > being. But all manifest things in time and space are products of its
      > essential nature – see the beauty, feel the passion, and know the
      > wonder. It is all there for you.
      > How best can Man give thanks or respect to all this (it needs no thanks
      > by the way), but the answer is easy – laugh and sing, enjoy being,
      > and grab the day; and lend a helping hand to any who may need it –
      > for you have been given more than enough. The best that any man can do
      > is live in the respect of the dignity and integrity of what we are in
      > essence. And we are the stuff that dreams are made on. And we are the
      > stuff that can make this word a better place for children to be born
      > into and live on. For it is only here that we can share BEING with
      > others. Nothing else is going to do it for us – the job is yours.
      > And everything you need for the job is within you now – and even
      > before time tore asunder the repose of the divine unity of all being.
      > But time is good, use it well and wisely.
      > Gnothi Seauton.
      > Dick Richardson.
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