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Re: significant difference

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  • devindersingh
    GOD you do not find? No God – not at all? But why should He be found? And to own Him, what right have you? How much of yourself have you offered to Him?
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 12, 2013
      GOD you do not find? No God – not at all? But why should He be found? And to own Him, what right have you? How much of yourself have you offered to Him? Every moment, every limb of yours, how far have you consecrated?
      Your call is merely lip-deep. You have called on Him in a slight difficulty or out of sheer curiosity, and forthwith is He to appear before you in person?
      Perhaps He does come down. But where is your eye to see?
      Seated in an abysmal, pitch-dark cave, tightly closing your eyes in addition, you cry out in a fit of restive passion and with a stupendous laugh of disdain "Where is the Sun, where is the lamp of Phoebus? No Sun, none."
      No question of freedom for one who is subdued and trampled under the feet of others. If one really wants to have a glimpse of freedom, it is not possible through mere ire, spite, disbelief, despair or at easy ease. Fitness for freedom has to be acquired. The essential requisite is yoga, arduous yoga.
      Fear not – the first step towards freedom is the consciousness of and revolt against subjection. If the ordinary life of the world is felt as the domain of a Non-God – if there be a God He cannot remain inside the wheel of this creation – if there be a Lord of this world-machine, then He must be a satanic god, a crippled god – this is the first realisation.
      Whenever you say, "Where is God? Where is He? Nowhere," that shows the commencement of your soul's awakening, however insignificant it may be. For you feel a sense of want and dissatisfaction in everything including God.
      Your denial of God is the first step towards God-realisation. One who finds fulfilment in the ordinary life and is content with and enamoured of it, one who needs nothing over and above life, is no better than a tree, a stone, an animal, a gorilla or a chimpanzee.
      Sulking, spite, denial, disrespect, constitute the first step. The second step is a calm expectation, a persistent faith, one-pointed love and devotion and a complete reliance.
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > [... to establish the Divine in the human frame, to incarnate the
      > spirit-life in the manifest form of the earthly body.]
      > I have no doubt that humans will evolve further .... largely of their own
      > making. But I seriously doubt that one could say it is a matter of putting
      > the divine into the human body.
      > What is this "divine"?? Are you saying that humans would evolve to become
      > gods. I should think that there would be big trouble with an earth full of
      > say 10 billion gods.
      > eduard

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      > From: devindersingh
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      > Subject: [existlist] Re: significant difference
      > What came out existed already there essentially within what was. It is
      > nothing but the quickening of the seed, the growth of the embryo and the
      > birth out of the womb: Life was imbedded in Matter, Mind was imbedded in
      > Life and therefore in Matter. Thus evolution is merely self-manifestation,
      > the urge to bring out step by step all the degrees of potency involved in
      > the being. The force of evolution is selective and directive, as has been
      > pointed out by Julian Huxley.
      > With man came also the sense of what is beyond man, the superman, the divine
      > man, the Divine. That is the true meaning of his appearance, that is the
      > characteristic turn of consciousness which he brought with him. This
      > self-consciousness, an inner perception and aspiration that he is to be
      > something else, something other and greater than what he is, means the
      > emergence of a spiritual soul in the world of matter. This prophetic or
      > forward-looking consciousness is absent in the sub-human creation, although,
      > as I have said, a secret blind unknowing forward urge has always been there
      > as the original motive of all functioning in things and creatures upon
      > earth.
      > [Existentialists]assert even now that to be ignorant is human: to be born,
      > to live and to decay and die â€" sasyam iva pacyate sasyam iva jayate punah â€"
      > that is the inevitable course of earthly life. If you want to be superhuman,
      > you must get beyond the human frame altogether, 'not here, not here, but
      > elsewhere'. That has been the burden more or less of all religions, all
      > spiritual attempts and achievements so far.
      > We, have said that this does not seen to lead to the right solution of the
      > riddle, for it means merely a by-passing, an escape. The true solution must
      > concern itself with here and now. And we have also said that the earth and
      > human life are inevitably moving towards that solution, for it is that
      > solution which the evolutionary urge is carrying within itself to offer to
      > earth and human life, viz., to establish the Divine in the human frame, to
      > incarnate the spirit-life in the manifest form of the earthly body.
      > ...the red seed of the French Revolution was planted the very day when the
      > Valois autocrat declared his divine right of kingship. In Russia, Lenin's
      > antithesis was posited along with Peter the Great's thesis.
      > ...the New Being, the Superman, will be born, whether breaking the mould
      > that humanity is or reshaping it into the new pattern.
      > [http://sriaurobindoashram.com/Content.aspx?ContentURL=_StaticContent/SriAurobindoAshram/-09%20E-Library/-03%20Disciples/Nolini%20Kanta%20Gupta/Volume-7/-46_The%20Evolutionary%20Imperative.htm]
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > >
      > > [First one must become a conscious, well-knit, individualised being, who
      > > exists in himself, by himself, independently of all his surroundings,
      > > who can hear anything, read anything, see anything without changing. He
      > > receives from outside only what he wants to receive; he automatically
      > > refuses all that is not in conformity with his plan and nothing can
      > > leave an imprint on him unless he agrees to receive the imprint. Then
      > > one begins to become an individuality!]
      > >
      > > Nothing new there. That is what a mature person does ... avoids being
      > > carrying away by distractions ... and focusing on what is important.
      > >
      > > However, it is also a recipe for a self-indulged isolated hermit, which is
      > > not a good path to undertake.
      > >
      > > eduard
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