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  • Mary
    Bill, It s ridiculous how these Eastern mystics continue to try and convince us that all Indians believe this stuff. One of co-worker friends was an electrical
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2013

      It's ridiculous how these Eastern mystics continue to try and convince us that all Indians believe this stuff. One of co-worker friends was an electrical engineer from India and traveled extensively with his father, a diplomat. He relayed to me that almost everyone he knew in India didn't believe in that system at all.

      I'm presently encouraging everyone to urge their Congressman to pass VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) soon. I have personal acquaintances who have benefited in the past, present, and hopefully in the future others will through the expanded bill to include immigrants, Same sex partners, and Native American women.


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      > > Say, what???
      > >Eduard, this the sort of gibberish that we will get from this guy. It ia about as relevant to modernism as is the news about the pope. These throwbacks to religion will just fade. Now most of the catholics are in the poor ,southern hemisphere. I think the buddists will be run over by the more agressive Islamists or the Chinese Communists. At any rate it will take centuries and we would do better to ignore them and tend to the business of northern man. Ignore is the operant word as trying to deal with religous fanatics just does not pay off. Set them against themselves and go about building a better world here in our homes. The islamists Hindus and Chinese are wildly over breed and will kill each other for food and fuel. Our populations are under control and our food and energy needs are being met. Let them deal with each other and we will deal with them only at a profit. Listening to their ancient and losing ideas is only a waste of time. Bill
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      > > The action of the Force does not exclude tapasya, concentration and the need
      > > of sadhana. Its action rather comes as an answer or a help to these things.
      > > It is true that it sometimes acts without them; it very often makes a
      > > response in those who have not prepared themselves and do not seem to be
      > > ready. But it does not always or usually act like that, nor is it a sort of
      > > magic that acts in the void or without any process. Nor is it a machine that
      > > acts in the same way on everybody or in all conditions and circumstances; it
      > > is not a physical but a spiritual Force and its action cannot be reduced to
      > > rules.
      > > About the limitation of the power of the Guru to that of a teacher who shows
      > > the way but cannot help or guide, that is the conception of certain paths of
      > > yoga such as the pure Adwaitin and the Buddhist which say that you must rely
      > > upon yourself and that no one can help you; but even the pure Adwaitin does
      > > in fact rely upon the Guru and the chief mantra of Buddhism insists on
      > > sharanam [ = refuge/shelter] to Buddha. For other paths of sadhana,
      > > especially those which, like the Gita, accept the reality of the individual
      > > soul as an "eternal portion" of the Divine or which believe that Bhagavan
      > > and the bhakta are both real, the help of the Guru has always been relied
      > > upon as an indispensable aid. http://intyoga.online.fr/gurus.htm
      > >
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      > > > Salvation or Deliverance
      > > >
      > > > These are predominantly religious terms and very common, if not central
      > > > to christianity. Neither of which are my thing. But so many times I have
      > > > been asked as to if any of this relates in any way to transcendent
      > > > mystical experience. In a way it does, yes.
      > > >
      > > > I have explained in the free books (Psychognosis and the Dignity of
      > > > Man; and also in The mystical Gnosis Event and the Human Situation ) as
      > > > to how Metaphysics must have originally come from Transcendent Mystical
      > > > experience thousands of years ago probably when humanity lived in caves.
      > > > And stories of experiences get told and passed on from one generation to
      > > > the next for aeons while sitting around the fires when the work was
      > > > done. I have also told as to how priestcraft and politics took some of
      > > > these passed on accounts and altered it and used it for their own vested
      > > > purposes and turned it into their own profit making religion which you
      > > > MUST follow if you want to go to heaven. And hence why the world and so
      > > > called education is like it is now. A LIE and a FARCE.
      > > >
      > > > So, in what way can salvation or deliverance be found in Transcendent
      > > > Mystical Experience? I have told in the books, and specifically in the
      > > > Exegesis, as to how that journey finished up in the Annihilation of
      > > > Conscious awareness. One is aware no more. Gone. Dead as a Dodo.
      > > > Extinct. IS NO MORE. But then one comes back into consciousness
      > > > awareness again. But NOT here. But back into the primordial Ground of
      > > > Conscious existence â€" Paradesium, Eternity, Elysium, the timeless
      > > > domain of existence; and where we redeem the experiences of what we ARE
      > > > at that level of Being. The Original SELF. The first `child' of
      > > > all manifest existence. The I AM at the core root of me and you and all
      > > > conscious life forms. It is there to find so see if you can find it. I
      > > > found it and there is nothing special about me. SO dump your religions
      > > > and dump all your beliefs and go in search of your SELF. Nobody can give
      > > > it to you; and when hearing words of it, as you are now, then that is
      > > > not having it and knowing it. You must find it for yourself. Then you
      > > > will KNOW it by direct experience.
      > > >
      > > > But yes, arsing again from that annihilation could indeed be called
      > > > salvation from non existence, or deliverance from annihilation. And
      > > > redemption means getting something back which is yours â€" the
      > > > Knowledge of SELF.
      > > >
      > > > Do your bishops or guru's or `mystics' or `gnostics'
      > > > or `enlightened ones' tell you these things? NO. They do not.
      > > > But I do. And I spell it all out in fine grain detail. So you can know
      > > > it before you KNOW it. Homo Ensophicus is coming. Revolution equals
      > > > Evolution. A great wonder, my friend, are YOU. And the consciousness of
      > > > Man is ever tied to the cross if Time and Eternity. (X) Don't wait
      > > > until you are gone from here to learn it. It is needed HERE, not there.
      > > >
      > > > http://www.psychognosis.net
      > > >
      > > > Dick Richardson
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