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A Hobbit Hole Story for Dark Lady

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  • Dick.
    A Hobbit Hole Story for Dark Lady When my second wife and I first lived together (1977) we took a basement flat in a four story Victorian building in Newport
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2013
      A Hobbit Hole Story for Dark Lady

      When my second wife and I first lived together (1977) we took a basement
      flat in a four story Victorian building in Newport Road, Barnstaple. She
      called it the Hobbit Hole. It was like a hole in the ground and very
      damp too :- ))) I left everything I had with my first wife, so I took
      nothing with me. Just a few photographs and some of the records. So we
      had nothing. Just four cushions, four cats, and some pots and pans which
      belonged to what would some years later become my second wife.

      The first thing I did was to buy the most expensive cooking stove we
      could find and also the most expensive Hi-Fi system with a huge
      tap-to-tape tape recorder with a mixer and equalizer gizmo. There was
      already a bed there. We also brought a beer making kit and some barrels,
      and also a wine making kit. My eldest daughter also came to live with us
      and she of course had her own bedroom. She was three years younger than
      my wife and they got on so well. They still do a thousand years later :-
      ) Two of the cats had kittens so we had thirteen cats.

      Anyway, she brought all her Stone's records and other psychedelic drop
      outs pop groups and also all her Pink Floyd albums. I detested all that
      crap :- ) I made a really good recording of that Donna Summer song, I
      feel love. I made a two hour tape of it and put four layers of Echo on
      it. I had stereo speakers so large and powerful (still have them) which
      would have blown a tank away. When I stuck this one it would drive her
      crazy and she would get wild and come brandishing a rolling pin in one
      hand and spatula in the other and chase me all over the basement flat. I
      loved it when she got wild and annoyed. And when she caught me the good
      bit started. Ahh, they were the days my friend. The Hobbit Hole had
      never seen such times.

      I got it all painted out and got some new furniture and all her friends
      would come around and all the driving instructors would come around and
      all the Communists in the area would come around and all my daughter's
      boy friend and his mates would come around, and also all the nurses in
      the area. There was beer and LOUD music and you know what every evening.
      There was no need to go out for it was all happening here. The place
      used to get packed until about four in the morning. And on top of which
      I had my own business which I was running. I don't know how I kept the
      pace up. And then we had a baby on top of all that :- ) Yup, my dear
      Dark Lady, they were the days. I have put that original Donna Summer
      tune on my home page at


      So, enjoy your childhood years and enjoy your middle years, and enjoy
      your old age years. This Mystic did. Not like your average `mystic' am

      Dick Richardson

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