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Questions for Merlin?

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  • Dick.
    Questions for Merlin? [ Good Morning …. Or, um, AFTERNOON where you are. J You have been VERY BUSY this weekend! It appears I have some catching up to do!
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2013
      Questions for Merlin?

      [ Good Morning …. Or, um, AFTERNOON where you are. J

      You have been VERY BUSY this weekend! It appears I have some catching up
      to do! First off, I wanted to thank you for your response to my
      rambling. I appreciated it very much and even though we haven't met
      face to face, I feel like I know you, nonetheless, and though it sounds
      strange, I consider you a friend. ( Godo help you! Ha! ) I hope
      I've put a smile on your face a time or 10. J Sometimes these
      discussions get so entrenched in seriousness, I feel a bit of humor is

      Secondly, since enough of us seem to have kept you from going
      "gently (or quietly) into that good night", I would like to like
      to pick your brain about an array of subject matter inter-related to the
      mystical experience. I'd like to take these discussions to the next
      level and see what you think about a few things. But, I would first
      like to go over the posts you have been busily working on over the last
      few days to make sure I don't ask questions that may have already
      been answered. We've already discussed belief, thought, religion
      …. What is truth, what you ARE, what you are NOT and dissected the
      various groups of people who claim to have all the answers. But what if
      each little category holds a piece … a key … to Gnosis, and to
      being able to ACCESS that Gnosis AT WILL? Have you ever considered that
      possibility? Like being able to use more than the average 15% of
      one's brain. And between the realms of Science, religion, and
      psychology, I believe may lie the answers to unlocking our full
      potential. What do you think about that? What if these mystical
      experiences are NOT spontaneous … or don't HAVE to be? What if
      one could prepare themselves and gain more control over such events?
      Not unlike tuning a radio into a certain frequency or station or picking
      up a certain television channel. Even talking on the telephone requires
      a certain signal.

      And isn't that what WE are at our very core …. ENERGY? Our
      brains emit a measurable amount of energy (frequency). What if, when we
      have these exceptional experiences, we are simply tuning into the right
      frequency and/or tuning our own vessel (body/mind) in to be able to pick
      up that frequency? I know this can't be the first time you've
      heard this. These myths that were left behind as breadcrumbs to allude
      to deeper mysteries of our Being ---- such as our minds being
      "gateways" ---- gateways to WHAT AND WHERE? What exactly did
      our ancestors "Gnow"? I suppose after 42 years of unusual
      experiences, visions and dreams, I would like to have more control over
      them, find a way to develop them, develop WITH them, understand them on
      a deeper level. I've had dreams foretelling future events that no
      neurologist can explain. I could tell you of my experiences with those
      neurologists over the last few years --- it's been an interesting
      journey, that's for certain. And I've learned a good deal about
      the human brain in the process, but my "condition", for the most
      part, remains an anomaly, though they are quick to want to label me
      DESPITE the fact that their tests came out INCONCLUSIVE. (that's
      another story – and off topic, but does go to my motivation in this

      This article came out September of 2011. Science is experimenting with
      the possibility of being able to replay your memories like watching a
      home video. Wouldn't that be amazing? I couldn't find the
      original piece my son sent me, but I did come across this bit. Now,
      Merlin, could you imagine if YOUR mystical gnosis experience could be
      viewed AS IT HAPPENED? If others could SEE WHAT YOU SAW?


      Hope you had a nice weekend. I will catch up with your posts. You are
      one very busy man! Do you sleep with that computer? ;) *teasing*

      ((( Hugs )))

      Tracey ]

      Top of the evening to you Ma'am in sunny California. Just a few
      quick answers for now. NO I do not sleep with the computer; the computer
      is not even in the house, it is in the cave at the quarry face, half an
      hour walk away from the house (for a snail). Tis a cosy cave however.
      Candles and everything.

      Yes, I have heard ALL the questions before, and long before home
      computers were invented. Each generation asks them (I am OLD). All these
      different things contains bits of the gnosis you ask? No, none of them
      do. Anyway, the mystical gnosis does not come in BITS, it is all or
      nothing. Folks either have it or they don't have it, And those
      `gnostics' which you hung out with DONT have it. And I told them

      Suppose we could find ways of having that particular mystical experience
      you say. Fine, go find a way. But tell me this – How would you get
      yourself out of annihilation? That would be a good trick. But one does
      not need to find a way for it finds ways to get to us. QED. Plus I am
      not into messing with my head. And I don't allow anybody else to
      mess with it either :- )

      Yes, I was a bit busy for the last couple of days, also got a
      granddaughter here for a few days. I have put a few bits and links on
      the facebook page, you can check them out. But I am not there to collect
      `friends' :- )

      Tis best when asking questions about mystical experiences and the mystic
      life and non mystical life to ask ONE question at a time. Then one can
      concentrate on that one question. Otherwise it is a waste of time.

      As for replaying parts of life and memories (mystic or otherwise) I have
      already got a machine for that, and I was born with it. It is called
      MEMORY. I can relive any past event in my life any time I want to –
      so long as I can remember it. I even get the smells too when replaying
      them. My memory goes back to two years old. So I don't need another
      gizmo. And DONT go to science for life experience, they cannot get at

      Unlocking our `full potential'? What is our full potential? I
      know what I can do and I know what I cannot do, and man that is enough
      for the day at hand. But evolution rumbles on slowly.

      You consider me a friend? Well that is nice thank you ma'am, I have
      not got many. I consider you a cyber friend too. I haven't got many
      of them either :- ) The more I do of this the more enemies I collect,
      and I have been doing it a LONG TIME and in many places :- )

      You want to pick my brain? I thought the vultures did that :- ) You
      want to take this to the next level? Fine. But ONE question at a time,
      no matter whether it be a long one or a short one. Go for it while I am
      still here. Dead mystics cannot talk. That is why folks tend to love
      dead mystics and not living ones :- )

      I have just watched an hour and half documentary of the life of
      Rachmaninoff on uTube, so tragic. Many people have asked me if I had a
      hero or somebody who I tried to emulate. The answer is NO, never. But
      there are two guys whom I deeply respect, they are Ralph Vaughan
      Williams and the Russian composer Rachmaninoff. Vaughan Williams was a
      mini mystic; Rachmaninoff wasn't a mystic at all.

      I was fascinated when he said that he did not write some of those
      pieces, they just CAME to him and he had to write them down. Same to
      when I wrote the poems, they just CAME to me. But it was all stuff that
      I knew and had lived though. So these things don't come from OUT
      THERE or beamed down from the sky, they bubble up from the subconscious
      inner depths of our being. I know for I have known them, many times.
      Anyway, I had better not make this one too long. Shall I put it on
      facebook Ma'am? I know by now (two days) that some of my
      `friends' do not want to be associated with me there. Charming
      eh. You sure learn who your friends are. But never mind, I do not need
      any; I can manage alone. All you need is a pen and a candle to see by.


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    • Dick.
      Questions for Merlin? [ I know you like a questions foremat so here goes. What is your comment on finding your ancient king. Was Shakespere right in painting
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 6, 2013
        Questions for Merlin?

        [ I know you like a questions foremat so here goes. What is your
        comment on finding your ancient king. Was Shakespere right in painting
        him a killer and cad? Do you have US drones in England? It has come out
        that the killer drones are stationed in Saudi. The base is remote and
        secret. With your countries general acceptance of cameras, would you be
        bothered by more intrusive methods from above. And finally ,I see you
        are about to accept same sex marriage. What do you think of that? My
        state was one of the first to accept it here and we have had few
        negative repurcussions. A British view is hard to find here unless you
        want to listen to Richard Quest and he is a bit bombastic for me.
        Thanks, Bill ]

        Now now sweet pea grim William, I don't have a king. Are you still
        living in the fiftieth century lad? It seems they dug up some ancient
        bones (they are always doing that don't you know) How would I know
        who it once was? Who cares who it was? Not me, for I still have some
        skin attached to mine. But maybe not for much longer now. Who cares!

        Cameras? They can stick a camera up my arse for all I care. I have
        nothing to hide.

        Same sex marriages? HUH! I think it is only religionists who have a
        problem with homo sexuals or queers as we call them here in Albion :- )
        I have never had ANYTHING against queers, and that is a fact. I got
        accosted by some when I was a young pretty boy, just tell them no thank
        you and go away. I thought the instution of Marriage was a public
        commitment to one person. But quite often it produces progeny. I would
        like to see two queers produce prodgeny. That'll be the day :- ))) I
        am not a queer by the way; FAR from it, I like the Ladies don't you
        know. I was in love with TWO, but not at the same time :- ))) I was
        also married twice. One was a disaster and the other was bliss. Five
        progeny in all (that I know of anyway). I like the idea of marriage for
        I am the perennial romantic. And it makes life easier for the kids. You
        know what happens when somebody does not have a father don't you? ;-
        ) Oh Ker-Riced :- )))))) Nahh, it wasn't that Roman soldier it was
        godo :- )))))))

        Drones? I could not give a shit. Now, if we all blow each other up
        there would be no more rape and murder and exploitation and rivers of
        tears and mountains of pain. Sounds like a good idea to me. As for
        Richard the turd then I was not around in those days so I did not know
        him. Did you? You don't spell Shakespeare like that by the way.
        But I am not a fan of Shakespeare and never was. I like FACT not
        Fiction, and even though I did write a fiction novel just for a laugh.

        You say I am about to accept same sex marriage. Don't you mean that
        the UK is about to accept same sex marriage? Get it right! I am not the
        UK lad, I am Dick Richardson. I don't give a monkeys fuck what the
        UK do. Nor America, nor New Zealand, nor any of them.

        Now, I know that you really love old Merlin here, but lad, I am
        accounted for. Plus I am retired now. Have a nice whatever. And give my
        regards to Thomas Paine. He was English by the way. But I am not a fan
        of his either. But I am glad that all the pilgrims fucked off to the
        USA, we don't want them here amigo.

        King Richard de Merlin of Exmoor

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