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Why the Power and Q of Sound?

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  • Dick.
    Why the Power and Q of Sound? [ I know that you want to get away and I well understand that. But why this power and Q of sound? You mention much about the
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      Why the Power and Q of Sound?

      [ I know that you want to get away and I well understand that. But why
      this power and Q of sound? You mention much about the eternal essences
      and the Q factor of this or that experience perception, but there is no
      sound in the Ground of Being. So how come then the eternal Q factor when
      it comes to sound do you think? I know that you like this for example,
      but what does it do to you? What is its power?



      Eeeemmm. How come anything? How come I exist in the Ground of Being?
      How come that I am ? OK, you asked so have the decency to read the
      answer in full here. Three pages of it.

      First and foremost and regarding to that video clip then scrap the
      vision completely. Just close your eyes and listen to the noise. Forget
      about people and people singing. Forget about everything. DO NOT THINK.
      Don't try remembering anything or visualising anything. Forget the
      lot of it and just concentrate on the noise. Feel what it does to you,
      if anything. All you are doing is Hearing. And which is just one of
      common daily standard sense receptors. Forget that you have any other
      sense receptors.

      The best way to think of this in analogy is to imagine that you were a
      machine, but a machine which is AWARE and can FEEL. Now, imagine that
      you have BUTTONS but you cannot press these buttons. Something else has
      to press them for you. But when this or that button is pressed, and also
      this or that series of buttons are pressed, then you FEEL a whole
      variety of FEELINGS. Some of those feelings have a special Q (quality)
      effect. It is indeed like a power over you isn't it. For you cannot
      do it for yourself. Something else has to do it for you to make you
      feel like this or that. Love and Beauty are the two best examples, and
      they are BOTH eternal in the Ground of Being.

      But sound and noise isn't. So how come?

      Don't forget we are constructed of THREE parts. Not one or two
      parts. Now, ask yourself. When love is flowing through you like a herd
      of wild horses no noise is required is it. Same with beauty. You can
      perceive and feel beauty without any noise on the scene. This comes back
      to what I often say when saying `Do you see what I see', or
      `Do you hear what I hear', or `Do you feel what I feel'.
      We are talking about the Q of perceived data and its effect on us. Of
      course people cannot know what I see, or hear, or feel. But it can make
      them think about what they see, hear and feel. All life is experience of
      this or that and here or there. Without experience, the content of your
      conscious awareness, then you would not even be aware of existing at
      all. It ISNT about consciousness it is about the content of it and the
      effects of it. Consciousness is the carrier wave but the content of it
      is the EXPERIENCED thing. You cannot experience CONSCIOUSNESS, you
      experience what it carries. When you listen to a radio you are not
      hearing an electromagnetic carrier wave, you are hearing that which it
      is carrying within it. And you are the modulating equipment of it. YOU
      are the OBSERVER not the OBSERVED. What exists when nothing is observing
      it? Nothing can answer that question. Yet it is still a legitimate
      question. But nothing can know.

      This is why when I was small I asked myself what was observing all this
      STUFF. I am not the STUFF I am the observer of it. I am the receiver.
      And I can FEEL it all. That applies both here and in the other two
      parts of our manifestation. Or if you want it in jargon it is the same
      on earth as it is in paradise in eternity. I AM the receiver of
      conscious experience and the Knower of the Known and the Lover of the
      Loved. And it is always so, an eternal essence. Time and change can have
      no effect on it. But throughout our existence we can get MORE of this Q.
      Our own evolution in time and space. The BECOMING process. But how come?

      It comes from the MIDDLE PART. (the psyche) The Pandora's box of
      weird stuff. The psyche is the `Push-me-Pull-you' of our
      physical temporal incarnate existence. IPSO. Now, listen up. The
      psyche, among other things, contains ARCHETYPES and NOISE is one of the
      most profound and effective archetypes. Now, sound is NOT eternal, but
      neither is it restricted to the temporal. It is newer than eternal and
      older than time. The psychic is that which has one proverbial foot in
      eternity and one proverbial foot on earth. It connects the two together
      – TIME and ETENITY (X) THAT is how we get back there and come from
      there. There is NO GAP. No separation. Don't listen to these stupid
      bloody gurus, piss craft and religionist arse holes cheat liars and
      brain dead gits. YOU study yourself for yourself. NO books or people are
      needed. FACT ! Get your head around that.

      Now, let us say that this little incarnate machine NEEDS to know and
      remember what they are. How best to do it? What archetype can best make
      them aware of love and beauty and their SELF in the Ground of their
      Being? EASY ! NOISE – MUSIC. Hence the call of the Sirens dear
      boy. They will take you home. And at home you will not have to be told;
      for you will KNOW, for you ARE IT. NOTHING tells you these things, you
      know it because YOU ARE IT.

      So, why the frig does this little incarnate machine need to know what it
      is and where it comes from and why? In order that it can then continue
      along the next part of the road of temporal unfolding. THAT IS WHY.

      My two favourite noises in daily life here are (a) Rain on a tin roof
      and Thunder, and (B) a high soprano woman's voice floating like a
      cloud over the harmony of the choir of voices. They both press all the Q
      buttons within me at the same moment. They always have that effect, they
      still do and it will continue to here for the reminder of my days here,
      until the curtain falls to hide time gain.

      Yesterday in the hospital I pointed to this body and told them that I am
      not this. They looked aghast and did not know what to say. WHY NOT? I
      told them that it was nothing more than a spacetime machine and its time
      was up. I did not want it repaired. They could not repair it anyway. You
      cannot prevent ageism. You have to give back to TIME that which belongs
      to TIME, and keep that which is your own.

      I am that which cannot be seen, cannot be heard, cannot be touched,
      cannot be smelled and cannot be imagined. Over forty years ago I wrote
      `I will give you that which no eye can see and which no ear can hear
      and which no hand has touched and which the temporal mind can never
      imagine'. And then I did give it to them. They can do with it what
      they will. But on this world my friend, how people feel is not important
      is it. It is just emotional trash. Why feed them this? Because they
      need it more than anybody else. Change people and then they will change
      the world son. Eternity does not need looking after. But this place

      Given that you asked the question then I hope you made the effort to
      read it. And if so then give thought to it all and feel for it. Study
      yourself, for life is wasted if that is not done. I cannot give you
      UNDERSTANDING. I can only give you the data of information. A rose or a
      mountain or a river communicates with you. I can only do it with words.
      But they can work too if there is an ear and a mind and a will.

      Dick Richardson.

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