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A Correspondent Asked (1999 CE)

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  • Dick.
    To KNOW ones SELF A Correspondent Asked (1999 CE) A correspondent asked as to what does one have to do to come to known one s Real (essential) Self in the
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      To KNOW ones SELF

      A Correspondent Asked (1999 CE)

      A correspondent asked as to what does one have to do to come to known
      one's Real (essential) Self in the Ground of our Being (the first
      emanation of our being; the bit that comes first; the part that is left
      when everything else is stripped away in purgation). The answer, as best
      as I can give it briefly, is as follows….

      One has to leave everything of this world of space and time behind, and
      lose everything which one has (a deep Introverted Transcendent Mystical
      Experience journey of conscious experience – the Mind and awareness
      goes there not the physical body). One has to walk naked into that
      darkness of the hitherto unknown. For the thing in there which is the
      real enduring observer (the `I AM ME' phenomenon; or Progeny)
      has to be independent of all its temporal attachments in order to know
      itself. The process has long been known as PURGATION (and those ancients
      were correct in so saying – for they KNEW too). Finding one's
      real enduring SELF, (the first part; Progeny) issued forth of the three
      parts, was known as redemption – redeeming the lost knowledge and
      remembrance of what we are in essence; or the remembrance of the Pleroma
      as they called it in some parts of the world in times past; or the
      Mystical Reunion Event.

      Think of it this way. Purgation is a process of stripping things away
      from a system which are not the real essential nature of that thing;
      much like distilling water to get the bits out which are not the real
      water; it is the journey across the River Styx to the far shore of
      BEING. Or, as in another physical operation, the annihilation of part
      and anti-part which results in the termination of symmetry; (as it is
      with Matter then so too is it with Consciousness) and then the coming
      back here of that unified energy re-establishes the Symmetry of Part and
      Anti-Part again. As it is on the outer then so too is it on the inner.
      Now, YOU are not your arms or legs. You are not your personality; nor
      your memories. The real YOU (the I AM part; Progeny) is deeper and at
      the root of all these temporal attachments to the system of Emanation
      into time and space; ones life force in fact; and thus your real
      enduring SELF; Progeny; I AM; the spark of cognitive LIFE.

      In order to know this world for what it really IS; AS IS, one first has
      to leave it behind yet again; just as in order to know ones SELF (in the
      real birth of being) one also has to first leave that behind; and
      momentarily lose it – conscious DEATH from this world. The very
      last act of Purgation is Annihilation (and one is fully aware of being
      annihilated at that time in the second of the white lights – not a
      lot of fun at the time). But we transcend death and Time, and thence
      exist back at home – in Eternity Paradesium mode of Being in that
      Eternal NOW. And I am what I am; and I am the first and the last to be
      brought forth from no created thing. I AM the beginning and the End, and
      the light and understanding of Eternity and LIFE.

      Walk with me and I will give you that which no physical eye has seen and
      which no hand has touched, and which has never occurred the temporal
      aspect of the mind, and that which no imagination could imagine. But I
      can only give it to you in words, it is for you to find the thing
      itself, and your SELF in Eternity. It is there to find and know. But
      hearing of it is not knowing it; for that is only hearing of it;
      hearsay. But it is hearsay of that WHICH IS.

      After annihilation (the blackout in the second white light at the end of
      that dark inward journey) there is a total void of existence – dead,
      gone, switched off, non extant, absolute conscious death, the flow of
      consciousness is no more. However, after that void of existence there
      comes a resurrection or resumption of conscious being; and once again I
      AM, and I AM eternal. But that resurrection is not back here on earth
      but back into the primordial mode of cosmic BEING; Primordial
      Consciousness. Unified Primordial Cognition. The Essential Nature of
      the Life Force itself. And it is there, and ONLY there, that one learns
      (comes back into remembrance, redeems that perennial wisdom) the
      knowledge and understanding of what one truly IS essentially.

      In that realm time does not move: there is no thinking; no personality;
      no time or space as we know it here; no opposites; no contradictions; no
      questions, just non ending peace and understanding; and the knowledge of
      SELF (the mystical gnosis or wisdom) and also that which is NOT ones
      SELF – the THOU of the I-THOU equation. There is nothing there which
      is made on earth, or in time and space; and there is no memory of ever
      having existed on earth or elsewhere whilst there – for this is the
      Beginning and the End of BEING (same thing). It is basic primordial
      consciousness in its ground of being, and the peace which passes all
      understanding; and the Love and Wisdom of creation and what it is TO BE.
      It is good – but there are things to do and we cannot hang around
      there for long; for we have to journey out into all the darkness and
      make it light. From Eternity I came – ad hoc. Coming back here into
      the same lifetime that one left behind is the Second Coming here.

      It is like undergoing a near death experience which does not stop –
      and goes all the way home to the ground of BEING. Some call it Paradise,
      some call it Elysium, Eternity, and other such names. But it is home,
      from whence all life forms come and cognition comes; and to whither they
      return on occasions. Or as the ancients said (but few understood) –
      I AM the beginning and the end. Nothing is issued forth before me or
      after me; and I AM the judge of time and changing events; and I AM the
      judge of Eternity and Earth. Very mysterious stuff you think; yes it is
      – but it is NOT for the feint hearted, for it a long dark lonely
      journey through nothing erstwhile known to the human rational discursive
      mind; and one has to go there alone. ALONE! All alone as ever was. The
      Mind is the meeting ground of inner and outer dimensions, and
      consciousness permeates them all. Know you SELF.

      You cannot do this for yourself simply by choice, it has to be done to
      you; for you are even switched off in a part of it. So best forget it
      until the time comes for that `call' for the journey home. Many
      are called but few make the trip. Why and how does it happen? One
      cannot be sure. But it does happen, and spontaneously. But, somehow or
      other one must have been doing something right over the years to put one
      in the path of that happening. A way of living and questioning things
      probably. But when one is ready then it comes. To return there and then
      come back into the same life that you left behind, the Second Coming,
      is called the Mystic Death and Resurrection – by some; a good and
      fitting name for it. But one takes what life throws at one, and simply
      gets on with it whilst time lasts; and laughs – for crying will
      achieve nothing but rivers of tears and mountains of pain.

      It is mind blowing, but there is nothing which you can do about it all
      once the process and the journey across the Styx is underway. All you
      can do is to put yourself in the possible path of it happening during a
      lifetime and have the guts to go with the flow if it starts to happen;
      and to be in no fear of letting go of the known. Nobody can stay on
      this world for ever can they ;- ) Wait and see – and enjoy the trip
      through the darkness of nothing when the time comes to go. And the
      ferry-man does not need two pennies. Remember me, for I am as you are.
      And `I' will always be with you unto the end of time and beyond.

      But whether you know it yet or not, experienced it yet or not during
      this lifetime, is not really that important right now, for you are what
      you are anyway; and the bits are working within one without being
      conscious of them - know it or not. The trick is to be true to yourself
      at all times – and then no problem. But knowing this, even second
      hand, can and does help.

      But for those who ask the question as to what is the point of knowing
      your SELF (the bit in Eternity), then the simple answer is this….
      When you KNOW your SELF then you automatically KNOW that there is that
      which is NOT your SELF (you learn that there) – and THAT is the
      important bit – and love is unconditional; and you live not for
      yourself; but instead for all that which is not your self. But one has
      to come back here to LIVE WITH that which is NOT your Self, and you have
      to find that which is NOT YOU. The one lives for the other. A
      dualistic dance of the lover and the loved, the knower and the known.
      The I and the Thou. The me and all of it out there which is not me. I
      AM for YOU! In the meantime try to feel every experience which you have
      to the deepest depths of your being. FEEL it all. And question
      EVERYTHING. Both the inner and the outer. Take nothing on faith. KNOW

      The Consciousness, or Spirit, of Man is ever tied to cross of Time and
      Eternity; and the Mind of Man is the meeting ground of those inner and
      outer dimensions – And a great miracle, dear Asclepios, is Man.
      Know Thy Self. Gnothi Seauton. For you too exist in Eternity and are a
      divine wonder and you are here Ab Aeterno Ad Hoc. Fact of living

      R.W. Richardson.

      Psychognosis and the Dignity of Man. And The Mystical Gnosis Event and
      the Human Situation. Free downloads at…..

      http://www.psychognosis.net <http://www.psychognosis.net/>

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