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Re: [existlist] Re: [TheBecoming] Fw: The soul,re;latest missive.

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  • eduardathome
    Or perhaps you only think so. eduard ... From: devindersingh gulati Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2013 12:05 AM To: TheBecoming@yahoogroups.com ;
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      Or perhaps you only think so.


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      Subject: [existlist] Re: [TheBecoming] Fw: The soul,re;latest missive.

      All physical life has the vital as its origin. The vital has the mental
      reality as its origin. The mental itself has another origin. And so on.
      Nothing can be manifested upon earth physically unless it has at its origin
      a higher truth. Otherwise the world would not exist. If it were something
      flat, having its origin in itself, it would very soon cease to exist. It is
      because there is a force, an energy that drives, behind the manifestation
      that life continues to exist. Otherwise it would soon exhaust itself.
      There is only one Origin. This Origin is the Truth at its perfection, for it
      is the only thing that truly exists. It has exteriorised itself, projected
      itself, scattered itself, and by so doing has produced what we see, a mass
      of very fine, very brilliant brains in search of that which they have not
      yet found and which they find at last; for what they are in search of is
      within them.
      There is what we call the Truth, the foundation of all things, because if
      that was not there nothing would be. There is nothing which does not carry
      within it an eternal Truth, otherwise it would not be. The universe would
      not exist for one thousandth part of a second if it did not contain in
      itself a Truth.
      You represent a little mass of agglomerate substance that forms your self.
      Enter into that and find the key. You cannot say: "That is beyond me, that
      is too great for me." Go within the little person and you will find the key
      that opens all the doors.

      > JACOB: These higher souls are,of course,dependent on higher forms of
      > matter-basedentities.
      The highest truth of curse is not matter based.


      From: Bhanu Padmo <greenbhanu@...>
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      Subject: [TheBecoming] Fw: The soul,re;latest missive.

      --- On Thu, 1/24/13, jacob@... <jacob@...> wrote:

      >From: jacob@... <jacob@...>
      >Subject: The soul,re;latest missive.
      >To: "bhanu padmo" <greenbhanu@...>
      >Date: Thursday, January 24, 2013, 5:53 AM
      >Yes Bhanu,
      >Thank you for your email.
      >I have not the time and space(account Mbytes getting critical)to answer in
      >Immortality from humanity's perspective cannot,philosophically
      >speaking,amount to eternity,even if we are speaking about soul in the
      >universal context,unless we believe that the Universe is without
      >We are part of the whole.Our souls are part of the whole.Our
      >is part of the whole.Our journey is to fall into our role as human being
      >to become aware of who we are,what we are and where we are at.As our
      >identification with the larger whole deepens and widens,our personal soul
      >does likewise,one would think.Since there are any number of archetypes
      >serving humanity,and in turn being served by humanity,it stands to reason
      >that evolving souls identify and merge with higher,not necessarily
      >physically embodied,souls.
      >These higher souls are,of course,dependent on higher forms of matter-based
      >entities.Ultimately,the proposition with regard to human bodies and their
      >souls applies to larger,less dense entities just the same.The Universe as
      >a whole is also a body/entity.If humans are able to think and feel,and
      >surmise that they have a soul,they are only able to do so because the
      >reality in principle is there,and was there from the beginning-If there
      >was a beginning.If
      there was no beginning,there will be no end,but that is
      >no proof that we will,as human beings,have a personal immortal soul.
      >All is flux.Unless we become enlightened to the extent that we are able to
      >escape this universe and become/start a new one(unlikely,but who
      >knows,maybe nothing is impossible)we become individuated individuals on
      >the way to merge with higher and higher entities until such time as we
      >disappear as separate and become one with the One,the universe as a Whole.
      >We may surmise that some living examples of human being are evolved to
      >such an extent that they in fact constitute a very high soul at a level
      >which will allow the so embodied human to join with the universal Whole
      >directly upon the demise of the physical human body in question-Thereby
      >by-passing all the other archetypes which,from a human perspective,are
      >already,currently,from our perspective,dis-embodied.
      >You are welcome to
      forward my little snippet of wisdom.I'll also check out
      >the blog.
      >Cheers. Jacob.

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