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  • William
    Message 1 of 26 , Feb 3, 2013
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > Although there is no grand purpose in it all, and you do what you can, it is
      > also possible to conceive of some objective of your own that makes the
      > living years more interesting.
      > eduard
      > Eduard, I have kept it interesting but as to attaching some importance to it I have not. The whole Map exercise aimed at seeing our tenure here as fleeting and forgetable. To puff it up and demand importance and notation is just a false stance, the stance of a fool. Johnson ,after all his trials and combats, knew it was just all wiped away with the next snow. I have made choices and made them stick. That is what FN saw as the triumph of will. It is not a moral judgment it is a personal judgment and the will to power to accomplish some goal is the pinnacle of human endeavour. Once it is done it is gone and is better forgotten. I am beginning to have comfort in the fading of past matters. That is what should happen . The old times are not my home . Only the prior moment was my home and even that is now gone. The native american in me hates to be photographed. They thought the camera took your spirit. I think it sucks you into the past where you cannot truthfully live. I`m forgetting so I can make room for today. If you watch the bloody spectacle have a good Super Bowl. Bill
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      > From: William
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      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:
      > >
      > > [What else can I do? ]
      > >
      > > Nothing. You are flowing with time and as much as a bubble forms out of
      > > hot
      > > water.
      > >
      > > Time is the fire in which we burn.
      > >
      > > eduard
      > > Eduard, a bubble, indeed. In a sense we are the fuel that stokes the fire
      > > but not much more. So here I begin to have agreement with Dick when he
      > > says just enjoy what you can. He likes to see us as endless worriers so
      > > that is why I posted MAP. Once you have it figured out to your stisfaction
      > > you can be light as that bubble you speak of. If you pop you don`t have to
      > > care at all, ever again. Mary remains serious with her causes and that is
      > > why I invite her to explain why . Not that she has to, but I would be
      > > interested. I retain a sense of revenge against those who threatned and
      > > even harmed me. I still have a Liddy list and know he devised that
      > > contrivance from FN. I do not let it eat me but given a chance I would
      > > enjoy coring someones apple.I have few now that would claim this negative
      > > attention it is all fading into a homogenous past. That bit from Jerimiah
      > > Johnson was a product of such an attitude. I meant to convey his attitude
      > > of nonchalance. Alone in the cold in the
      > mountains who knows what happned or how long ago. It is just in your
      > neurons as the tracks in the snow are all obliterated by wind and ice and
      > more snow. If you can like your bubble then good for you . I feel a bit old
      > to begin a new life quest but I had one and I answered mine. Bill
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      > > From: William
      > > Sent: Friday, February 01, 2013 12:01 PM
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      > > Subject: [existlist] Map
      > >
      > > Now I want to talk about where we are going.This is like the moment in the
      > > Hunchback of Notre Dame when Quasimodo appears,the audience gasps.For you
      > > flat earth devotees and terra centrics let us examine where we are going
      > > in
      > > terms of where we are.No one wants to accept a relative view but what
      > > is
      > > your static point?
      > > The earth is rotating at 25000 mph around its own axis. We travel more
      > > than
      > > a billion years per annum in our race around the sun .The sun is moving at
      > > huge angular velocity around the center of the galaxy and the galaxys are
      > > flying away from each other fast enough to cause their light to red
      > > shift.Even though we move in all these various directions and speeds they
      > > add up to only a change of day to night to us as observers.
      > > In our old earth centered view of the universe man ,the only rational
      > > animal,was the big deal.The infallible ideas of popes and the power
      > > driven
      > > will of kings consigned the individual to wrote learning and obedience.
      > > When we place ourselves in the world that science reveals to us, we see
      > > that
      > > thought can lead us to extinction as well as prominance.Jeffersons
      > > brillient
      > > idea of democratic consensus promoting peace and progress must operate in
      > > the clear light of reality.WW 2 was our first look at the wildly
      > > destructive side of high science. Hiroshima was shocking . Bikini atoll
      > > awe
      > > inspiring and Schumacher Levi`s date with Jupiter left no doubt that
      > > massive
      > > forces can decimate us all.We are in a big show and can ill afford an
      > > innorant, superstitous leadership.
      > > Now for quasimodo. Where am I going? I am going to die. What will I know
      > > then, I will know nothing.After centuries of priestly hand holding ,
      > > mankind
      > > was presented the truth by the phenominologists,existentialists and yes,
      > > the
      > > nihilists. The shock killed many of tham by suicide drugs and
      > > alcohol.Raised
      > > catholic I was taught I was a child of god and an heir to heaven. It took
      > > me
      > > years of excuse making to accept my personal mortality. For a time I
      > > thought of Chardins hyperpersonalisation as an escape, Bullshit. Then I
      > > postulated that thought goes on forever into space to be followed back by
      > > a
      > > superior species who would reincarnate me.Why should they give a damn if
      > > they are that superior. I even decided I could put my mind into a
      > > computer
      > > and clone my body and then download my brillience into a new and viril
      > > self. I think all this sort of foolishness derives from our survival
      > > instinct and who knows we may learn to survive for a very long time.
      > > Earth,however will die when the sun
      > > goes Nova. What a fine word,Nova, from the latin for "New". The atoms of
      > > our ashes will be blasted into intersteller space to reform into something
      > > or someone post nova. I can now live with that. What else can I do?
      > >
      > >
      > >
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