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  • devindersingh gulati
    ... If one admits and accepts the evolutionary character of human nature and consciousness, human civilisation is seen as moving through progressive stages:
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      > BHANU:  Enhancement of physical existence is evolution. 

      If one admits and accepts the evolutionary character of human nature and consciousness, human civilisation is seen as moving through progressive stages: man at the outset was centrally lodged in and occupied with his body consciousness, he was an annamaya purusa; then he raised himself and centred in the vital consciousness and so became fundamentally apranamaya purusa; next he climbed into the mental consciousness and became a manomaya purusa; from that level again he has been attempting to go further beyond. On each plane the normal life is planned according to the central character, the law—dharma—of that plane. One can have the religious or spiritual experience on each of these planes, representing various degrees of growth and evolution according to the plane to which it is attached. It is therefore that the Tantra refers to three gradations of spiritual seekers and accordingly three types or lines of spiritual discipline: the animal (pasu
      bhava), the heroic (vira bhava) and the godly or divine {deva bhava). The classification is not merely typal but also hierarchical and evolutionary in character.
           The Divine or the spiritual consciousness, instead of being a simple unitary entity, is a vast, complex, stratified reality. "There are many chambers in my Father's mansion", says the Bible: many chambers on many stories, one may add. Also there are different levels or approaches that serve different seekers each with his own starting-point, his point de repaire. When one speaks of union with the Divine or of entering into the spiritual consciousness, one does not refer to the same
      identical truth or reality as any other. There is a physical Divine, a vital Divine, a mental Divine; and beyond the mind , —from where one may consider that the region of true spirit begins—there are other innumerable modes, aspects, manifestations of the Divine.
      The spiritual consciousness has been rising to higher and higher peaks and possessing them one after another. At the present moment we are at a crisis, at a crucial crossing. 

      A progressive revelation of higher .and higher and more integral states of the spiritual consciousness in and through the realisations of mystics and sages and seers—divine men— —of all ages, such is the process of evolution that marks the life of man upon earth. This spiritual evolution, however, may not be obviously visible in the external life and character of man: it has been a phenomenon more in his inner being and consciousness, an occult phenomenon. Hence there has intervened a veil, wall of separation between the two. The veil has not been rent precisely because the very highest spiritual potential has not been reached and brought into play. The call of the present age is just to do away with this veil, make of human nature a unified, a streamlined entity, a complete incarnation of the spiritual consciousness in the fullness of its own nature at its source and origin. 


       Enhancement of physical existence is adaptation. It is a necessary adaptation. It is a consequence of evolution.  

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      Subject: [TheBecoming] Re: definition of goodness

      Beyond Semantic Theft
      : Good, Emotion and Evolution. 
      and goodness are not synonyms; these are mutual indices. How?
      of all, let us settle an entirely different issue to resume on the above
      conundrum. Recently, the nice literary term *gay* is being identified quite
      exclusively with a newly proposed phrase *libertine and acceptable homosexual*,
      so much so that we are constrained against use of the excellent phrase *gay
      birds* in our poems. This is the phenomenon of semantic theft.
      can*t sacrifice the nice term *gay* to promote another superimposed secondary
      phenomenon. It is understood that this instance of semantic theft was committed
      quite consciously by the contenders to be pulled out of a psycho-social
      similar thing happened when this age, purportedly the modern age, accepted
      Darwin*s Theory of Adaptation as Theory of Evolution. When adaptation came to
      be mistaken for evolution, the problem your finger has just pointed at cropped
      up. Yes, adaptation as described by the purportedly modern theory is devoid of
      the question of emotion and hence may be deemed as merciless.
      also the semantic theft, done consciously or fortuitously, has been helping an
      insufficient theory to refurbish own image. Can we sacrifice the term
      *evolution* to refurbish the image of a secondary superimposed phenomenon
      called *adaptation*? Don*t budge insofar as mercilessness can not be promoted
      in the name of evolution. So you have to differentiate evolution from
      also this perspective to further help settle this subtle issue. Do you think
      good doesn*t have any lasting aftereffect? Aftereffect would certainly mean *physical
      aftereffect*, not an invisible one. Well, some are apt to contend that the
      emotional aftereffect of good viz. the good feeling is invisible and so
      aftermath of good is only non-corporeal/ ethereal divinity. So the next query
      is : Doesn*t emotion have a lasting aftereffect, a physical aftereffect?
      to allow the naive people to vacillate on this matter for long, let us put the
      record straight. Emotion as latent and far-reaching inference (personal truth)
      precipitate as instinctive but physical genes to be preserved deep inside body
      and are perpetuated until they mutate under the spell of a higher emotion. So
      emotion has exclusive aftereffect.
      the daughter of good, emotion raises the status of good to promoter (enhancer)
      of existence. Enhancement of physical existence is evolution. What else
      evolution could be?
      could then good be not the cause of evolution? Good, emotion and evolution are
      mutual indices, most appropriate mutual indices.
      beyond the social phenomenon of semantic theft.
      (Bhanu Padmo)
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      as well
      or consign a copy to greenlogic@...   for extended discussions.

      The query :

      >Evolution and goodness are not synonyms.  Evolution is a merciless force.  Perhaps goodness is a glimmer of a force BEYOND evolution.

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