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  • Dick.
    WOW? [ wow....you write so amazingly well! you have so much to share! take care Dick! have a lovely weekend!! much love. susee Susee Rajaram Media Consultant
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2013

      [ wow....you write so amazingly well! you have so much to share! take care Dick! have a lovely weekend!! much love.


      Susee Rajaram

      Media Consultant

      Mainstream Mediacomm Sdn Bhd

      1st Floor Menara Avon Block B

      No: 13A Jalan 219

      46100 Petaling Jaya

      Selangor Darul Ehsan ]

      Thank you ma'am, it was a pleasure knowing you for a couple of days. I was never aware of having a talent. But if that is the case then maybe that is why I have been hounded, ridiculed and barred from places for so long and treated like a pig. But I am just me and just doing what I have to do because nobody else is doing it. I have something to say and I make a point of saying it; and that IS IT. I guess they don't like it. Maybe I will take a couple of years off in solitude and write another book and put it in a place where folks will not find it.

      But you take care ma'am and don't let the mob drag you down. Maybe it is best for such folks to live in solitude after all. Anyway, much love and very best wishes.

      Dick Richardson

      Exmoor, UK.



      [ I did a search on FB for the sight you just put up there today but it was nowhere to be found. There was the sight with the picture of you as a kid still on there. I don't know why they would have blocked you for just writing and posting music and pictures. A lot of people do that. Some people write a whole lot more than you did today! Don't blame you for being angry at FB though!!!! I would say "fuck them" also if it happened to me. I don't get on there as much as I used to for it can be boring and trivial. But every once in awhile there is something really good posted which makes up for the rest of the trivia. Sleep well!!! Love, DeLana ]

      So they have dumped what I put on there on facebook eh. Why doesn't it surprise me? I lasted one whole day there :- )) Unfortuately that is not a record. I did not last one hour in some place. Many thanks DeLana, I did indeed sleep well, like a baby. And thanks for all your assistance in the past, it was appreciated. Much Love.



      [What a disappointment, Dick. After all the time spent connecting with friends and uploading pictures, how frustrating! If memory serves me right, this is not the first go-around you've had with Facebook, correct?

      By the way, I did as you requested and sent an email to the people you named with your apologies. I DO have a sneaky suspicion it was some ONE and not Facebook. If you were uploading several pdf's or dropping links all over Facebook … MAYBE, but I've dropped links on people's pages, uploaded pictures and had days where I shared things like crazy (with me it's always feast or famine) and I've NEVER been blocked. I HAVE had a few people UNFRIEND me when the elections were going on. Some are still a bit FRIGID with me, even though I've made it clear that I am NOT discussing politics on FB any longer. It just got to be a huge WASTE of time – and it wasn't what I joined FB FOR.

      The people who know YOU and know ME know I think the world of you and might consider me one of your "disciples" … Hell, you might as well be Jesus because I think you walk on water! =P WHEN I was engaged in all the Yahoo groups (the Gnostic ones, specifically), you wreaked a lot of havoc there, Mr. Richardson! LOL I got to hear quite a bit. YOU KNOW who your friends are. There are some who might be nice to your face, but who honestly can't handle the way you call them out. Whether they think you are being rude or not is just an excuse IMO. And it only showcases the chains they're still wearing to *whatever belief system they are still clinging TO and unable to free themselves FROM.

      Aristotle once said that it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. An educated mind should also be able to openly discuss things in the same manner. Some people can't handle truth or having their systems of belief shaken. I get a mixed reaction from people since I've left the Church … some people think I'm strange, some have said I'm evil, my husband thinks I am "extreme" and too far out there and doesn't understand why I waste any time thinking about such things … a good deal of my family (extended family) thinks I'm plain nuts. Between you and me … I've looked at some of the people we've connected with in those groups and I wonder if THEY are playing with a full deck .. not ALL, but there are a few of them that have seriously made me take a few steps back. It is why I don't befriend them all! And to think that *I* was worried about making a good impression on some of *these* people!!!!! I don't mean to judge … I think I've just learned to be a little cautious.

      The Gnostics … well, my friend, I will tell you something. Tom is a rare breed of Gnostic .. I think because he studied so many different traditions. He is more well rounded. Otherwise, the majority of them seem very stuffy, don't you think? More concerned with who wrote what. And there is no ONE unified framework of thought under Gnosticism. There are many theories and beliefs and they say it's ALL alright and everyone has their own brand of truth. It also gets very intellectual in the discussion groups about ancient books and myth and authors …. BLEH! ENOUGH! How does it relate to YOU is what I want to know! I was drawn to THE IDEA of Gnosticism …. GNOSIS … Knowledge based on direct individual experience. The story of the Mystical Marriage fascinated me ---- making the 2 into 1, the Gospel of Thomas, the hidden scriptures of the Nag Hammadi … but to get stuck there … I don't know. I'm no scholar and I am well aware of that fact, but no prophet on earth was a scholar, either! And what has always stuck with me was a bit in the Gospel of Mary which depicted the Mind as the gateway between the Soul and the Spirit. But to get stuck in the mind is to get stuck in ILLUSION … as the Budddhists say "The mind is MAYA". Maya is illusion. The mind (EGO) is the illusion that can cause DELUSION!

      Anyway … they all just seemed to get into this egotistical debate about dating and authorship and myth and it reminded me of men with a measuring stick saying "mine is bigger than yours". (*sorry*) I wanted meat and potatoes … what have you EXPERIENCED? What do you GNOW? How do you GNOW it? Of course, there's the other extreme to those intellectual types … the lightworkers. Now, okay, I do energy work and healing and love my crystals … but some of these people go WAY overboard, too and are like hippies on acid that never made it out of the 60's! (*sorry again*) And I can say that because I have been to a few meditation "meet-ups" and energy classes and met people and of the many, MANY people I've met … only a small handful are "like me". I don't walk around with bells and whistles or chanting or saying "blessed be" to everyone I come into contact with. And I don't act like I live in another dimension. I don't eat dirt or believe that Reiki cures everything. These people are COMPLETELY out of touch with reality. And some of them HAVE NO EXPERIENCE, you can just tell they WANT to believe it SO BADLY … like the Christians and their blind faith. It's sad. There HAS to be a happy medium. You can have a life and pierce the veil, experience things beyond this density and still have a grip on reality. BALANCE …. Gotta find that balance.

      Do we live in a crazy world OR WHAT?

      You know … there was an old email you'd written about returning to Love … to what we are … I started to respond weeks ago and somehow never finished. I wish I could find this article I came across so I could properly quote it but it's another something that reminded me of your writings and what we're to do "whilst we're here". WE ARE LOVE … PURE LOVE. Selfless, Divine, BLISS on tap. That is what we ARE and that is what WE WILL return TO. It isn't necessary for us to remember while we're here – because while we're here, it's ours to experience imperfect love, personal, down and dirty love, selfish love. To fall in love, get hurt, get mad, forgive, forget and pick ourselves up and do it again … it's life …. This is ours to experience. Because when we are through with this incarnation, that experience stays HERE …. It will not come with us. We'll leave it with our bodies. Or like diving into the ocean … you'll only feel the ocean while you're in the water. Enjoy it while it lasts. J You know, the Bible mentions no marriage in heaven and most people don't understand what that means. But I think YOU DO. J

      Well, I didn't intend for this email to get this long and my family is home and HUNGRY, so I'd better jump off this thing! I've been on the computer so much over the past 2 days, I had to get my glasses! LOL I probably won't be back on until Monday … sooooo

      Have a good weekend! And I'm taking a chance and hitting that *SEND* button without proofreading … so hopefully there are not too many typos! J Don't hold it against me if there are, please!

      ((( Love & Hugs )))

      Trace ]

      You are somebody I will always remember ma'am. And remember with great affection. You have my deepest sympathies living where you do. I am doing a compendium of the four emails I found here when I got up this morning and I will put it on the Psychognosis Archive group. I intended the Epilogue to be the last email, but I will send this one there for the record :- ) Glad that I met you ma'am.

      Dick Richardson


      [ Just FYI. On April 5th and 6th I`ve been invited to Harvard University where I will present a talk concerning Animal Rights - it is a conference organized by Harvard`s Islamic Studies program. I`ve already prepared a draft of my speech/presentation; at the end, I am going to use your term 'Homo Ensophicus'- it fits perfectly with my paper, and I will mention you by name. I think this will be surprising (ending a talk on Islamic/Quranic concepts) that way. In any case, the whole talk will be something very different than anyone would have heard anyway. It will be interesting to see the reactions. And I see you have been - like the last man standing - sucked into the vortex of Facebook - make good use of it to extend your ideas.
      Take care. Nadeem ]

      You are doing an excellent job Nadeem. I lasted one whole day on facebook and got booted off. Reports say that they have dumped what I put there. I wish you all the very best with your efforts sir. I think there are three or four people who are now using the term Homo Ensophicus. It would be a pity for it to arrive here with no name. But the idea of the phenomenon of PERSONAL evolution does not go down well on this planet :- ) I shall be glad to see the back of it, for it ain't fit for purpose here. Music combined with the beauty of this place I chose to live makes a nice temporary consolation. Take care and best wishes.

      Dick Richardson
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