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  • Mary
    I ve also resisted acquiring a Facebook account, but lately it seems a great tool for activism. Not everything in life is quantifiable. Thank you for the
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      I've also resisted acquiring a Facebook account, but lately it seems a great tool for activism.

      Not everything in life is quantifiable. Thank you for the courage to speak about love.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." wrote:
      > Epilogue
      > Epilogue
      > I have given you that which no physical eye can see and which no ear has
      > heard; that which no hand has touched and which has never occurred to
      > the rational incarnate discursive mind. Thus there are to be found such
      > treasures in life. To an extent such things are defiled by the very act
      > of our talking of them: but it matters not that we are unworthy in our
      > individual affirmation in dialogue as yet; for that which IS in the
      > Ground of Being does not talk. What is befitting however, is that that
      > which IS learns to sing the song; for Love is resonance within a system
      > which is devoid of harmonics, in which all movement and understanding is
      > of one frequency and accord with the fundamental foundation of all
      > movement and being in the Ground of Being. And Wisdom is knowing it.
      > Prepare yourself therefore for that which is, and always has been, and
      > always will be so. The end is as the beginning, and the beginning as the
      > end; the circle is only breached by a gap of no duration; the gap
      > through which one Universe of perception joins the other beyond the veil
      > of Time and changing events. And thus it is found to be and affirmed to
      > BE SO. Therefore Know Thy SELF. The Essence of yourself. The bit that
      > never changes and will never be found on earth or in time. These things
      > are NOT for believing, they are for KNOWING.
      > Prepare yourself therefore lest these things be made known unto you this
      > day. Prepare yourself lest they should not: for YOU ARE The Watcher at
      > the Gates of Dawn; the first judge of existence, and with that eternal
      > timeless understanding and primordial passion which is found at the dead
      > centre of our being where all things meet in the Essence of the SELF
      > beyond the boundary of Time; in Eternity. There are many things which
      > we each need in this temporal existence other than love, that passion
      > for being; but without that passion, they amount to nothing; and we
      > would all walk empty of purpose. It matters not as to whether you
      > attain to finding that dimension of existence during this lifetime or
      > not if that passion and caring which is within you is utilised now; for
      > you are it anyway, whether you know it or not, remember it or not. For
      > what could be even more important than knowing it? Using it is. And in
      > using it you are preparing yourself. And that is the message which the
      > mystics offer you throughout all time; that you may arrive before them.
      > So may the power of Love be with you now and always.
      > The Mind and Conscious of Man is ever tied to the cross of Time and
      > Eternity, and it encompasses BOTH. A great wonder, my friend, is YOU.
      > RWR
      > * * *
      > Dick Richardson
      > Exmoor, West Somerset, UK.
      > http://www.psychognosis.net
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