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Not for Sale

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  • Dick.
    Not for Sale [ I m getting all female and emotional! Ha!** OH, I wanted to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Miguel. You know, I only know of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2013
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      Not for Sale

      [ I'm getting all female and emotional! Ha!** OH, I wanted to tell you
      I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with Miguel. You know, I only know
      of your book being available online. Was it ever picked up by a
      publisher? Have you ever thought of making it available through Kindle?
      I just think it deserves more attention is all. And for those of us who
      have had exceptional experiences in life – be it psychic or mystic
      – I feel we owe people like YOU a debt of gratitude. Knowing that we
      are not alone … hell, knowing that we're not CRAZY for having had
      these experiences which are NOT of the mainstream and DEFINITELY not
      understood by the Church is worth its weight in gold, not to mention
      helping people to understand WHAT these experiences are and WHERE they
      come from. I remember seeking counsel within the Church and being told I
      had evil in me and my experiences were from the devil, so YOU were a
      godsend, Dick. Thank you. And it's why I'll NEVER set foot in another
      church EVER again. Tracey. ]

      No Tracey, none of my books or poems are for sale. Not even the fiction
      book. No publishers are getting their grubby mitts on them and altering
      them and making a profit out of it. They are NOT for sale. If they DO
      get distributed then it will be by word of mouth. If not then too bad.

      Yes, folks thinking they were crazy because they had wonderful
      experiences was one of the top five reasons for my writing it all in the
      first place. I know it works for them, so many have said so over the
      years, and still they come saying thanks. It is only on the internet
      that one gets a lot of cannon flack :- ) But I don't care.

      Getting all female? GOOD, I like it. I like females. I think they are
      by far the best part of the species, and yes I know well enough that
      there are a few nasty ones and some wonderful blokes etc etc. The first
      four things I always looked at in a woman (I don't look now; too old
      and warn out :- ) Was HAIR. Then Face. Then legs. Then what the voice
      was like. And if all that was PURR-fect then I checked out their
      personality :- )) My favourite type voice is that like Shelby Flint the
      American singer, You can check her out here –

      That was among my top five favourite movies too. Guess it reminded me of
      something from my past :- )) I might watch it tomorrow on uTube if it is
      raining here. I saw it on TV in the early nineties, but it had been out
      for a long time by then.

      Oh, by the way, my life has been full of females anyway; grandmother,
      mother, her sisters, two wives, four daughters, two granddaughters, one
      foster child, and a few girl friends once upon a time. So I am well used
      to them, and the nagging too :- ))) But the highlights, well mind your
      own business :- ))))

      Merlin on high octane mood :- ))))

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