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And What Now?

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  • Dick.
    And What Now? [ Merlin, I m so sorry about the hacking and the potential virus. I m on FB, too, and there s been a round there, too, of SOMEONE (or possibly a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2013
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      And What Now?

      [ Merlin, I'm so sorry about the hacking and the potential virus.
      I'm on FB, too, and there's been a round there, too, of SOMEONE
      (or possibly a GROUP?) creating duplicate accounts, requesting friends
      on these accounts, setting up groups and basically wreaking havoc.
      Don't these people have anything better to do?

      You've talked about going into full time retirement for some time.
      I can't say that I blame you. I'm surprised you held on this
      long! J (especially with the yo-yos out there … or would that be
      "yahoos"? *grin*) I didn't join up with the Yahoo Groups
      until 2007 and crossed your path a little further down the line, but for
      what it's worth, THANK YOU. You have helped ME PERSONALLY more than
      you know and I am very grateful for having crossed your path and for you
      taking the time to answer my incessant questioning – especially in
      the beginning. I know what a pest I can be. I still share your book,
      by the way, I still get caught up in discussions wherein mystic vs
      psychic need to be addressed and where people need to be shaken out of
      their brainwashed systems of *belief* in its many forms. I can't
      help, in these discussions, but come back to many of the posts and
      discussions I've been privy to since I've known you. In a
      nutshell, I've learned so much since I've known you. You've
      also been a good guide for weeding out the BS. ;) …. Also, for
      finding the BALANCE and for appreciating LIFE … AS IT IS. I could
      probably write a book of our endless petty obsessions, screwed up
      priorities, delusional beliefs or how we have a tendency to
      overcomplicate matters. I will just say that through our conversations,
      you helped restore balance, sense, appreciation and simplicity to my
      life. **better stop here, I'm getting all female and emotional!

      OH, I wanted to tell you I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with
      Miguel. You know, I only know of your book being available online. Was
      it ever picked up by a publisher? Have you ever thought of making it
      available through Kindle? I just think it deserves more attention is
      all. And for those of us who have had exceptional experiences in life
      – be it psychic or mystic – I feel we owe people like YOU a debt
      of gratitude. Knowing that we are not alone … hell, knowing that
      we're not CRAZY for having had these experiences which are NOT of
      the mainstream and DEFINITELY not understood by the Church is worth its
      weight in gold, not to mention helping people to understand WHAT these
      experiences are and WHERE they come from. I remember seeking counsel
      within the Church and being told I had evil in me and my experiences
      were from the devil, so YOU were a godsend, Dick. Thank you. And
      it's why I'll NEVER set foot in another church EVER again.

      I'm yammering again, aren't I? O.o I'm sorry. I'm
      going to be sad not to see your emails in my inbox. I hope you're
      feeling well, ENJOY your retirement, your family, and that picturesque
      landscape. Boys here are all good … #2 is graduating this year and
      we are waiting to hear if he's made the Air Force Academy. He wants
      to major in Aerospace Engineering and has the brain for it. Already
      takes college level physics and calculus and loves it. Should he NOT
      make it, he'll be going to college closer to home and we'll be
      taking a 3rd mortgage out on the house! J LOL We're so proud, but
      the whole process is enough to make my hair fall out! #3 son is 5 years
      behind him, so I've got some time to save for that car, graduation
      and college.

      If you feel so inclined, drop me a line sometime. And if you ever have
      any computer questions and no one close to help out, that's our
      business and we'd be happy to help you in whatever way we can.
      (you'd be amazed at what we can do remotely). You Behave, Merlin
      … and if you can't behave … Be Good. ;) ((( Love & Hugs
      ))) Tracey Below

      And now I am going to ramble on a bit (good job we don't live next
      door to each other eh ) I have always really enjoyed all your emails,
      they are always interesting and have something to say. So say it and be
      damned :- )))) Yes I am feeling well in my `retirement' thanks.
      I don't get many group emails these days anyway, it is all mainly
      private stuff now, as this one is. But I will share it with a few groups
      too because it is an interesting one.

      But I am going to tell you something funny now – so laugh for
      Ker-Riced sake. You will NEVER guess what I did today. I have gotten so
      bloody fed-up getting emails from facebook that today I JOINED IT :- )
      But I joined it with an old email address that I ever hardly use :- )
      In the HOPE that my main email does not get any more of this stuff
      coming through. Guess how many friends I have got. ONE. :- ) Actually
      I had three and they are all DEAD long ago. Well, I thought that would
      make you laugh.

      Be good? Well I wasn't good when I was working so there is even
      less chance of it now :- ) But I have found that doing things which you
      ain't supposed to do ARE GOOD. I wonder who said that we ain't
      supposed to do them? :- ) When I told the driving instructors that I was
      going off with a young pupil it blew their minds and they were dead
      jealous :- ) Oh wicked Merlin. But it was a love which could not be
      denied. It worked quite well for nearly forty years though. Not bad eh.

      It sounds like your boys are doing well, say hi to them from me, and the
      old man of course. Oh you liked my interview on the Gnostic Radio did
      you :- ) I don't think the Gnostics liked it, I was never asked to
      go back :- )))) But he is a sweet young man. 2007 wow, I was doing email
      groups long before yahoo groups came on the scene. But that did make it
      much easier to do, so I have no grouse with yahoo groups, I think it is
      quite well done and very useful. So 9 out of 10 for them. Just had
      enough of it though. No, the spam/hacker person has not hurt the
      computer at all, everything is fine thanks. Just think, if they put all
      computers out of business then they too would be out of business. I
      wonder what they would do then poor things :- ) I knew life long before
      computers came out but I find it even better with them. Glad I did not
      have one for sixty years though. I would never have got anything done.
      It doesn't matter now at this age :- ) My favourite thing on the
      computer is music; and access to it. Music has always been one of my big
      loves. At the moment it is blasting out the Toccata and Fugue in D

      OK there on sharing the book. Good Lady, get it well advertised. Glad
      that it did you some assistance. That is what it was for. Weeding out
      bullshit? :- ) Oh that is SO EASY ma'am. Third mortgage eh, well
      slap me bloody vitals :- ) I ain't ever had a mortgage ma'am. I
      spent the money as it came in. Kept taking my wife out for nice days
      – and the kids when they came along - silly boy eh :- ) But the
      memories are SUPER GREAT. Like vintage wine from the grapes of the gods
      :- ))) Just as matter of interest what is your voice like. I am really
      fascinated by women's voices.

      Anyway I had better bugger orf now before I take root to this chair :- )
      Hey did you ever read my novel by the way. Your kids might like it. I
      liked it and I am a kid :- ))

      Hugs and wet sloppy watsits.

      Young Merlin retired

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