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Re: [existlist] The most importa nt event in somebody’s life?

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  • eduardathome
    So you found an event that you think is important .... to you ... whatever this Mystical Reunion might be. The issue [in case you have forgotten] is the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2013
      So you found an event that you think is important .... to you ... whatever
      this Mystical Reunion might be.

      The issue [in case you have forgotten] is the relative importance of knowing
      where you come from .... as in evolution from what species of primate. I
      would bet that when people get up in the morning, trying to find out what
      species they come from is well at the bottom of the list of things to do
      that day. Most people get up and try to plan out what they will do to get
      on with life and improve their living.

      Knowing how to conduct your life towards happiness ... in whatever fashion
      you wish to define "happiness" ... is MORE important than where we come

      But then you are not even speaking to the issue. What you are doing is to
      just come out with a lot of insults wrapped around some odd event that has
      attracted your attention. It would appear that your sole purpose here is to
      insult other people. There is always someone of that type in a Yahoo
      discussion group. You are not unique. I suppose it makes you happy.


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      Subject: [existlist] The most important event in somebody’s life?

      The most important event in somebody's life?

      [ My point was that knowing how to live towards happiness or as you say,
      without being miserable is more important than knowing where we come
      from ... this, you seemed to object to. Where we come from/what we are
      may have an importance but less so on a scale of needful things. In any
      case, where we come from is already answered. You might put perhaps 2
      seconds on the question and then focus on on the more important question
      of how to not be miserable. eduard ]

      You do talk such utter rubbish about something which you do not know. If
      you do not know something then it is wise to keep off the subject and
      SHUT UP. Let me tell you something sunshine.

      Let us forget the event which I call the Consummatum Incarnate and make
      believe that it did not exist. That leaves us with the Mystical Reunion
      event as the one big experience in life. Let us take the RE out of it so
      that it just leaves the UNION event. This UNION event is more important
      than all the other experiences in life put together. FACT. And you say
      that knowing what we are and where we come from is not important. You
      are an IDIOT. And you say knowing how to be happy is MORE important. So
      how can you say that it is more important if you dont know it? And you
      think you are so smart don't you. Ppphhhttt:>!

      I have said that I never went on any quest. But strictly speaking I did
      go on one quest for well over twenty years. And that quest was to see
      if I could find others who had known that event. I found a deadly lack
      of them. Just found a few. If this thing were commonly known then it
      would fill nearly all the books and halls of literature throughout all
      human existence here. It is THAT important.

      Let me give you an analogy. Suppose there were such a thing as the
      christians godo or the buddhists `enlightenment', then this
      would be the ONE big thing in anybody's and everybody's life
      EVER. Bigger than anything else and all the other stuff put together.
      But where is all this real talk of a real union with such? It would not
      be something different for everybody, it would one event which everybody
      had known.

      As for your really STUPID question, how not to be unhappy, then if
      anyone had known this UNION event they could never be miserable. But as
      for myself I was never miserable before knowing it. And as for most
      religionists then they don't say that they know it they say that
      they believe in it. So they are not the shit shooters that you
      existentialists are. Know what you are laddy and it will smarten you up
      and you will not get time to be miserable. By knowing where we come from
      you seem to think that means Tottenham or New York. MORON !!! You would
      be better off saying that it is an illusion. Nobody can prove that they
      have known it. But you can soon work out who has not known it. But they
      need no proof that they have known it, for it is axiomatic and by far
      the most important experience in ALL LIFE. Apart from the Consummatum
      Incarnate which is equally as important. So OBJECT to it? YES I do damn
      well OBJECT to it.

      Dick Richardson

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