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Upon which to Judge?

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  • Dick.
    Upon which to Judge? [ But when talking about humanity you cannot just judge by your own experience in life.] There are two aspects to this question. (1) is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2013
      Upon which to Judge?

      [ But when talking about humanity you cannot just judge by your own
      experience in life.]

      There are two aspects to this question. (1) is yes I could. And (2) is
      that I did not and do not. Perhaps if you had read it and also the
      emails supplied on the archive group and the files which are also there,
      then you would know that. So best read it before you comment on it. Your
      comments are based on nothing at all, except your opinions. Opinions are

      (1) In actual fact I could judge just by my own experiences, for my
      question was What exists for a human being to experience. I am a human
      being. End of part (1).

      (2) Did I not recently say that for the first ten years I read all the
      books which I could find and found nothing which mentioned these two
      major mystical events; not even the first one for that matter.

      However from my mid thirties up to now ( 40 years) I communicated with
      thousands of people and from all over the globe. I have also mentioned
      the academic organisations which I belonged to which studied anomalous
      experiences. Many thousands of them. So, all in all this is 50 years of
      research into human experience. How much have you done? I might well
      have been doing it longer than you have been born. So I do NOT just use
      my own experience upon which to judge. Even though I could.

      It is true enough that I have a very precise definition of both Mystical
      and Psychic. Perhaps not many are as fussy as I am. But one NEEDS to be;
      otherwise one is just talking mumbo-jumbo. Most human beings have known
      at least one or two Psychic experience. They are extremely COMMON. So
      too are minor Mystical experiences. SO do your judging AFTER much
      research not before it. And preferably after some experience too. Also
      people like yourself who have never even undergone a psychic experience
      are now in a minority throughout the world. Also, many people who have a
      psychic experience or even a minor mystical experience often jump on to
      a religion because of it, even if they had never had one before. So all
      the quackery talk of religions dying out soon is BOLLOCKS. Albeit I wish
      that they would. And yes I have met many people who have had minor
      mystical experiences and some who have had the major ones. But they
      don't call them minor ones. So be it. I Know how they feel. And have
      know for over seventy years. So, just my own experience???

      So, sir, before telling me that I am wrong and going about it all wrong.
      Try fifty years of research yourself. And then come back and tell me
      that I am wrong. But I will not be here in fifty years time so forget
      it. There is nothing like Ignorance for being right all the time is
      there. A little learning CAN be a dangerous thing in the hands of a
      fool; although it need not be if you use your brain and common sense and
      also keep learning. And learning from experience IS the important bit.
      Consciousness does not exist for fun.

      Dick Richardson

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