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Equal and Self Evident?

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  • Dick.
    Equal and Self Evident? [ Indeed, these were the words of a great man of the 1780`s. Long time ago. Jefferson was a gentleman farmer on the far brink of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2013
      Equal and Self Evident?

      [ Indeed, these were the words of a great man of the 1780`s. Long time
      ago. Jefferson was a gentleman farmer on the far brink of civilisation.
      hundred years later the president learned to write by scraping charcoal
      on a shovel. There was no base and the native americans were still in
      the stone age. The word equil is a hard concept to grasp and I agree it
      has little to do with complicated beings like humans. Jefferson was
      trying to justify a revolution against the greatest power on earth.
      First he had to break with England and then he needed to build a system
      of laws. What we have done in North America is spectacular and some
      inacuracy in the hope of survival seems trivial. Bill Grim William.]

      You sound like a quintessential flag waver Sweat Pea. But IF you are
      going to address my email then stick to the point of what was said in
      it. Equal means the same as, identical to. Self evident to all means
      obvious to all. Is it obvious to all that all men are the same and that
      they were created by some `godo'? I thought you decried all
      that idiotic bullshit.

      If all men are born the same then why bother to elect one, why not draw
      a name out of a hat, for they are all the same. If it is self evident
      that all men are created by a `godo' then why the need to say
      it? All men breath – big cheers go up :- ) That all men breath
      (and women and kids by the way) is obvious (self evident) to all people.
      Is it self evident that some godo created people? Which godo and how and
      when did this godo do it? If it is self evident then why do people (not
      just men) ask and search for reasons for our existence? If the
      `native' Americans were in the stone age then how come they rode
      horses had bows and arrows and portable houses? And why did they have
      so much trouble eliminating these people who were not equal? How about
      the black people; were they equal too? Did they choose to go to North
      America? Were they made by the same godo? Does America elect the person
      with the best speech? Would you elect a person who said that Men were
      made by godo and that it was self evident to all people? Do you not find
      that to be a LIE and hypocrisy; and to say nothing of bloody stupid? How
      about if the school teacher said it to the kids?

      So what was this greatest powerful nation which the USA escaped from?
      Do you mean that tiny little island in the North Atlantic? Both France
      and Spain were much bigger, and to say nothing of Russia and China. I
      wonder if any other nation on earth elects people who claim that all men
      are the same and that it is self evident to everybody that a godo
      created them all. I grant you that the present incumbent of that job in
      the USA remembers a speech well and puts it over well, they are the
      qualities which a good actor needs. Does a president run a nation and
      make all the decisions? Are they free to do so? Do all Americans have
      equal rights to everything? Is it the best place on earth to live and
      raise children safely? Hard to gets ones head around the `fact'
      that all men are born the same when some kids die just after birth and
      some don't. Anyway, three cheers for `honesty' ehhh. Oh, by
      the way sweat pea, do you trust all Americans equally? If so why carry a

      I heard on an America movie that there is a night club in which
      everybody has a gun or a knife and that if you do not have one then you
      are given one at the front door as you go in :- )))) But if everybody is
      the same then why bother to test them for having a gun? Is it really
      one nation under `godo'? And if so then is it the christians
      godo? And when and where did he make them? How did he do that? I take
      it that you do not require evidence for such a claim, because it is self
      evident. Obvious to everybody. Yup, that little island in the North
      Atlantic sure must be a place to escape from :- ) I wonder why so many
      keep coming here. There is hardly room to move on the island now.
      Civilisation? A sane world? Honesty? Integrity? Trustworthy? Sincere?
      Does it matter what those words mean? If words do not have a meaning
      then what is the point of them? And why bother to make long silly
      speeches? Do human beings have emotions which can be stirred up? Do
      they have an intellect that can be stimulated? Do they all have the same
      goal; and do they all agree on what it is? Is man made in the image of
      their godo? If so then why the need to look for a `higher
      power'? It is self evident (obvious) to me that this planet is in
      need of a few things. And to say nothing of the education system. But
      then again I never had one, they did not give me one, so who am I to say
      anything. I am no mathematician either but it is plain to me that if two
      people put two apples into one basket there are then four apples in that
      basket providing that there were none in it to start with. That is not
      hard to grasp. But a googolplex raised to a googolplex plus one is a bit
      hard to grasp. Maybe this godo can grasp it :- )))) And given that it
      created everything then it must be able to grasp it :- ) Oh shit, it is
      raining again. They tell me that all the reservoirs are full up here
      now. Guess they will be having a hose-pipe ban. Did you know that a
      prime minister here not long back wanted to make peace with the Nazi
      regime? The next one sure didn't. All men are the same eh :- ))))

      Hey sweet pea, somebody told me once that women were created from a
      man's rib so therefore a part of Man is missing? It seems to me that
      the bit that is missing is in the head not the rib cage. Oh what a
      clever old godo eh. Maybe he fucked it up when he got around to creating
      men six thousand years ago. Strange that people were living on this
      little island long before that. Perhaps he annihilated them in the flood
      ;- ) Ahh, vengeance is mine !!! But watch out for Beelzebub and other
      fallen angels for they are shit stirrers :- ) Holy books? Holy crap!
      One nation under godo. Yikes! Heaven help us :- ))))) Tis no wonder
      that they need saving eh :- )))) But don't come to this godforsaken
      nasty little England whatever you do. I wonder why the USA does not
      speak French or Spanish or German or Russian or Chinese or Dutch. But
      then again I guess they do speak double dutch. Tell them what they want
      to hear me bucko. That will keep them happy and contented. As the
      actress said to the bishop.


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