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Ref The Question of what is Real?

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  • Dick.
    Ref The Question of what is Real? [ You hit another nail on the head! Is it not remarkable that this kind of nonsense proliferates that the world is an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2013
      Ref The Question of what is Real?

      [ You hit another nail on the head! Is it not remarkable that this kind
      of nonsense proliferates that the world is an illusion and does not
      exist (according to the 'mystics' who have given this word such a bad
      reputation (be they Eastern/Sufi/NewAge...)) or the absurdities of some
      branches of current speculations on physics (is Abdus Salam turning in
      his grave, I wonder?) that we generate reality.

      I always like to ask someone who says this to stand in front of a
      railway track so that the illusory train can pass through him. So far no
      one has taken the challenge! There was one person who was from a (kind
      of ) Muslim background - a young guy - who started to believe these
      things because he was getting heavily involved into certain aspects of
      Hindu mysticism and in fact went to India to meet his guru! This was
      many years ago - no amount of convincing on a rational basis on my part,
      or that of M. Musim convinced him! Each of us make our own choices and
      are free to do so but I think it is a waste of potential - we are only
      here, in this (heavy particled) system once. It is true that this
      universe is not all there is; reality is much vaster (and has a plenum
      from whence we originate )as you found out too. But that does not mean
      that the universe is an illusion according to how they are defining it.

      This kind of thinking is also used by 'gurus' to break down the rational
      and critical mind. Once the mind becomes like putty then it can be
      used/moulded by such 'luminaries' for their own selfish ends. In fact in
      one of these 'mystical' groups they say that you must be like a dead
      body under your master, who is responsible for washing the dead body.
      I.e. just shut up and accept everything the order says! Nadeem]

      This has been a part of my own agenda – to give mysticism its name
      back. In writing about his many come to you not having read it, all
      types, including those who call themselves `mystics', and when they do
      they do not know what has hit them :- ) They think that I am going to be
      an ally of what they are calling `mysticism', and I am not. Hence all
      the hassle that arises from that. But I learned to live with it long
      before the days of the internet :- )

      Obviously on internet groups many do not know me at all, or anything
      about mystical experience, and quite naturally they say `what the ****
      are you talking about' :- ) But that is understandable enough. And
      when you mention mysticism they jump to conclusions about what it is.
      But that too is understandable enough. Unlike gurus I have never ever
      once tried to persuade anybody about this, I simply talk to those who
      are ready to listen; and they can make their own minds up about all
      this; if and when they have something to judge by. But in my time I
      have encountered so many guru's and when I have then the sparks really
      fly, and as they say, it gets hot in the kitchen :- ) I hope others take
      this job on in time to come; for it is truly needed. Good luck in your
      own efforts.

      Talking of being in front of a train I was there once :- ) I was about
      ten or twelve and we were on the Tube station at Blackfriars Bridge. My
      mate dropped his ticket on the line, and he had bad eyesight, so I
      jumped down for it. Just as I got a hold of it the train was coming
      into the station. There it was right in front of me. He grabbed my arm
      and pulled like he had never pulled before. I missed the train by just a
      few inches. Had he not pulled me up I would not be writing this now :-
      ) Never got quite so close in front of a moving train again. Life here
      is too short anyway.

      Dick Richardson

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