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More about your vision?

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  • Dick.
    More about your vision? [ .... so I would like to learn more about your vision. Anon ] It is a strange thing, or perhaps not really, but right now I don t have
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      More about your vision?

      [ .... so I would like to learn more about your vision. Anon ]

      It is a strange thing, or perhaps not really, but right now I don't have
      much more to add to what I have already told and written about. The
      strange thing is this...

      Imagine this. If one takes the two BIG experiences in life (one at 24
      and one at 40) then there are THREE gaps between those TWO big
      experiences. The gap between being born here and the first big
      experience; and then the gap between the first and second big
      experience, and then the gap after the second big experience up to

      It can often seem that there is nothing much going on during these GAPS.
      But I learned that that was not so, and during those gaps we are still
      learning and growing and becoming a bit different. So when the BIG
      experiences come it is as if they are the result of all that learning
      during the last period or gap when not much seemed to be going on. A new
      Synthesis in an unfolding Dialectical process of Becoming the more that
      we can become. So give some thought to these GAP periods for they too
      are very important. They are like calms before the storm :- )

      I remember well the days between two years old and 24, and I remember
      the gap years between 24 and 40. And I can remember well the days
      between 40 and 75 obviously. But what have I learned since the days when
      the books were written? I have learned a lot and about many things. Even
      a bit of spelling :- ) But what have I learned about BEING and Becoming
      since that time. It is hard to say. For it has been more of a time of
      quiet change due to these things; and the effects are still unfolding.
      These are things which the `gurus of wisdom' do not talk about do they.
      And when you ask them questions (and I know what to ask) they don't
      answer and they ban your emails. Such is the state of the art here.

      I think I have got a bit better at writing since I wrote the books. On
      occasions I also get more angry than I once did when younger. Angry
      with the way things are on this planet, the social set up and all that.
      But the anger has no effect on me, and a few minutes with some good
      music and it has all gone and the steam has blown off :- )

      I think I have also become slightly less optimistic than I was for most
      of my life. Albeit that I am still optimistic for humanity. One did
      hope that talking, explaining, and writing it, would help to some
      extent. But they don't even want to listen. They will when they get hit
      by a BIG one :- )) Seen it all before, and so many times over all these
      years. But, I still do spend time wondering as to WHAT NEXT. I like
      listening to good music while I do that too. But I suppose for me at
      least the next BIG one will be buggering off from this place and not
      coming back :- )))) I look forward to it. I have no idea what will come
      next however. We will see when the time comes. I often wonder as to
      how well mystics of the future will do here. My ideal would be a time
      when these things do not even need to be mentioned. But I cannot see
      that happening for a long long time yet to come. Oh well. And evolution
      keeps on rolling on like old man river. But very slow. What is it they
      say – slow but sure :- )

      Very best wishes.

      Dick Richardson

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    • devindersingh
      A mystic is one to whom another dimension was opened briefly.This does not make him all knowing or all wise as Dick
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        A mystic is one to whom another dimension was opened briefly.This does
        not make him all knowing or all wise as Dick

        Now this Dick here asserts that he has got hold of a truth that is THE
        TRUTH. All other mystics are shymstics or pretenders.This he avers even
        while admitting that his life has been three long gaps punctuated by two
        brief events at ages 24 and 40.He sets himself up as a guru even while
        admitting that he is still progressing in his understanding of the two
        events that were given to him. He wants you to discount all other gurus
        and religions as sham even while uncritically accepting all he says.
        He is repeating the story in a micro setting, of all religions. My truth
        is the ONLY Truth. Reject all other truths.He would happily set up his
        own religion if only he can find the followers.
        He has found some truth [my vision] as all religions have. All religions
        have incomplete truth.Dick has found that in these gaps there is still
        learning and growing and become.Only he believes, as all religious
        teachers do, that their becoming is complete.But they don't want to
        listen he says; when I say, don't listen to the other gurus.Isn't that
        what the religions say.Religions are incomplete. They must learn from
        each other.
        And this guru, who chafes at restrictions placed on him; what does he do
        with my post to his site?
        "As for democracy, it was dealt with

        You are welcome to post your take on the purpose of life at the other
        group. There are many willing to partake of you wisdom and join the
        Some further elucidation on individuality:Do you know what it means to
        be completely individualised? Capable of resisting all outer
        influences?First one must become a conscious, well-knit, individualised
        being, who exists in himself, by himself, independently of all his
        surroundings, who can hear anything, read anything, see anything without
        changing. Then one begins to become an individuality!So long as one
        does not exist, one can give nothing. To exist is to be individualised.
        That means to shake off the superficial personality of Merlin of
        Exmoor.If your body were not made in the rigid form it is for it is
        terribly rigid, isn't it? well, if all that were not so fixed, if you
        had no skin, here, like this, solid, if externally you were the
        reflection of what you are in the vital and mental fields, it would be
        worse than being a jelly-fish! Everything would fuse into everything
        else, like this... Oh, what a mess it would be! That is why it was at
        first necessary to give a very rigid form. But this was absolutely
        necessary, for without this... if you simply went out of your body (most
        of you can't do it because the vital being is hardly more individualised
        than the physical), if you came out of your body and went into the vital
        world, you would see that all things there intermingle, they are mixed,
        they divide; all kinds of vibrations, currents of forces come and go,
        struggle, try to destroy one another, take possession of each other,
        absorb each other, throw each other out... and so it goes on! But it is
        very difficult to find a real personality in all this. These are forces,
        movements, desires, vibrations. There are individualities, there are
        personalities! But these are powers. People who are individualised in
        that world are either heroes or
        From: rwr <dick.richardson@...>
        To: The_Psychognosis_Archive@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Saturday, 19 January 2013 5:23 PM
        Subject: [The_Psychognosis_Archive] Gulati says the common man is crap

        Gulati says the common man is crap... Gulati
        From: devindersingh gulati <dgulhati@...>
        To: "TheBecoming@yahoogroups.com" <TheBecoming@yahoogroups.com>
        Sent: Thursday, 17 January 2013 6:03 PM
        Subject: Re: [TheBecoming] By Trinity I suppose you mean?

        > Dick: I tell of what I found.
        Why do you talk Dick?If I tell of my own mystical findings, that would
        make me a mystic wouldn't it.There are not one in a million to be found
        you yourself say!You are a mystic, I can see that.I converse to
        learn.And you? What is the point of your conversation.Do you gather
        mystics around you?
        You set yourself up as a Guru prematurely Dick?That is what I think from
        the conversation so far.
        Did you ever read Plato and the Socratic dialogues?They were both
        mystics, Plato and Socrates, there is not an iota of doubt.
        What was Socrates doing, teaching or learning, I have not been able to
        figure out.
        You are so cock sure of yourself Dick.Do mystical experiences make one
        enlightened?Or is there scope to learn after you have had your
        experience or experiences.Are all mystics the same?
        I would be greatly pleased to have some answers.And yes! What do you
        mean by the trinity of emanation.And who is this 'me' you call 'I', the
        person in the machine.This person emanates? Gulati
        From: rwr <dick.richardson@...>
        To: TheBecoming@yahoogroups.com
        Sent: Wednesday, 16 January 2013 3:04 PM
        Subject: [TheBecoming] By Trinity I suppose you mean?

        By Trinity I suppose you mean? [ Dick,By the two parts, I suppose you
        mean matter and mind and by the trinity you mean this and what lies
        above. Besides matter and mind Sri Aurobindo introduces a third - Life.
        There is a trinity below and a trinity above. The two trinities are
        separated by what calls the Golden lid. I hadn't encountered the word
        shmystics before and discovered it to be of your coinage..... ] No, that
        is not what I mean by the Trinity of our Emanation. And no, the term
        `shmystics' is not of my coinage. It has been around in the West for a
        long time. It means people who like others to think that they are
        Mystics when they are nothing but pretenders and charlatans. I do not
        talk and write about what anybody said. I tell of what I found. Tell
        your buddy that `I' refers to me and nobody else. But it seems that
        perhaps Buddhist's choose not to believe in a person in the machine. So
        be it who cares. But such an outlook would make life very cheap would it
        not. In the West life is held with respect. I dealt with all the
        Buddhist bit years ago and I do not want to go there again. As for the
        Trinity of our emanation then I tell of it in the book. Do you remember
        my asking you to talk from your own experience? I meant it. Tell us of
        your own mystical findings. I did. You know what `personal experience'
        means – yes? Best Wishes Dick Richardson

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