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Re: [existlist] what we cling to

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  • eduardathome
    Mary, I think that Sartre would be much better understood if he had spoken of mental scripts. Authenticity then becomes one s choice or behaviour that is in
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      I think that Sartre would be much better understood if he had spoken of
      mental scripts. Authenticity then becomes one's choice or behaviour that is
      in line with your own scripts. You are not authentic if you behave in a
      fashion that is against your own script. One's Essence is then the complex
      of one's scripts that define "you" in your choices and behaviour [which is a
      kind of a choice ... you choose to act].

      We often speak of "winning hearts and minds" which can be reduced to
      "winning brains" since the "heart" is associated with emotion that is
      expressed by the brain and of course the
      "mind" is just another word for "brain" although we tend to use the term
      "mind" to relate to rational thinking.

      The gun issue is all about what people think. Obama wants to win the hearts
      and minds of that portion of the population which wants to arm itself to the
      teeth. The NRA is in there with their commercials to prevent this from
      happening. We used to say that we were in Vietnam to win the hearts and
      minds of the Vietnamese. Now of course we say it about the Iraqis and
      Afghans. It is no different in relation to the US gun totting public. The
      issue of guns in America ... even reduction of guns ... is a brain issue.


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      You are soundly in existential territory when talking about decision making,
      and psychology is currently studying scripts and other similar ideas
      alongside the nature-nurture debate. According to Sartre, at least, a person
      chooses, but what is a responsible choice? He proposed that one chooses from
      their authenticity, but if you don't know or like who you are, your choices
      are incoherent. If you see yourself as isolated from others and your
      environment, your choices will be different than if you view yourself as
      part of a community, nation, or even the planet. The battle of ideas is
      waged not only in our brains but in the world as a consequence. Choosing
      better scripts seem like essence making.

      My interest in phenomenology and philosophy definitely intersects with
      existentialism not faith, but thinking one's brain can change itself
      requires a type of belief, a belief that what we presently understand about
      the brain is sufficient in solving all our problems. But as with the gun
      issue, the matter at hand is reducing problems, not the false hope of
      completely eradicating them. I think some people need to believe they can
      change how they think and feel and then do it; others will try and give up
      and perhaps try again; others will never think they need to change. I doubt
      philosophy and phenomenology offer any practical solutions, but I didn't
      know that was a requirement for participation here.


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome wrote:

      but the basic point is that we actually think with our brains. However, as I
      said in the beginning, there is a huge reluctance in the general population
      to accept the fact. There is this feeling that we can't possibly think with
      our brains ... for everything such as our spirituality, our perception of
      the world, our behaviour, etc., etc.. I think that one of the reasons is
      because we don't want to own up to the realisation that our choices are our
      own making. It is better and more mentally comforting to say that our
      choices come from
      somewhere else.


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