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Love Exciting?

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  • Dick.
    Love Exciting? [ You say that love is exciting? Many people say that they avoid it because it hurts. ] Well, if so then that is up to them isn t it. But it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2013
      Love Exciting?

      [ You say that love is exciting? Many people say that they avoid it
      because it hurts. ]

      Well, if so then that is up to them isn't it. But it isn't my problem
      is it. But most people seem to be looking for it or wanting it; and look
      at all the love stories they buy in books and watch in movies. Love is
      still the big thing and it always will be. Of all the things which I
      found in life, and I found many different things, then the most exciting
      and moving thing by far was being in love. I found it here and I also
      found it in transcendence, or what some call DEATH. When Time moves no
      more. Eternity. Elysium. Home. The Ground of Being. In fact it was love
      which dragged me away into annihlation and then into Eternity. So, love
      also runs deep in Time and in Eternity. But if they want to run from it
      then so be it.


      But yes, losing that which you love most certainly brings a big
      emptiness and sadness for a while; life without love in it is an empty
      vessel ....


      But Time is also a great healer and there are many things to love here;
      so you just get on with life. But even in loss you still have the memory
      of that love and carry it with you to the grave. So it goes on going
      on. No big problem; even though it might seem like it at the time for a

      But life here really does work perfectly well you know, and it leads
      somewhere. The trick is to go along with it, swim with it, rather than
      opposing it all the time like trying to swim against the flow of the
      river by being scared of it. Relax and let it take you along with it.
      The whole of life, transcendent and immanent, is about revelation don't
      you know. You exist, you learn and you become aware of more and more,
      and you can then use it. It isn't all for nothing. Life and death,
      coming and going, the hardships and the joys, is all a part of the same

      Anyway, I must be getting back into retirement now. Imaginations run
      riot when folks don't know the answer to something and then they argue,
      argue, argue, that is all they seem to want to do here. Guess they are
      in love with arguing with each other. And when they ask you to tell them
      something and you do tell them then they just argue about it and tell
      you that you are wrong. Tell them your name and they will tell you that
      you are wrong. But young mystics can keep the work going. There must
      be a wiser and better world somewhere. Or some when. I would like to see
      that one. Maybe it will be here in time to come. But not yet. We have to
      make it that way first.


      Hope you enjoyed the music. I did. If anyone can enjoy music and beauty
      then they can enjoy love and life.

      Best wishes.

      Dick Richardson

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