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Re: Base viewpoints.

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  • Dick.
    Give up on people of the USA? Who me? I never give up on anyone, you know that. I stayed with you lot long enough didn t I, despite all the dross and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 17, 2013
      Give up on people of the USA? Who me? I never give up on anyone, you
      know that. I stayed with you lot long enough didn't I, despite all
      the dross and despite being banned. I think you are the only one here
      who still talks to me : - ) Anyway, most of my friends are from
      America. Gathered quite a few from Asia and Africa too. Not too many
      from England however :- )))) Guess I am too brash and too way out for
      them here :- ) But thanks for the good wishes for what remains of my
      future here, Yup, I always try to enjoy it and there is always much to
      do. Man, how times have changed from the 1930's eh :- ))) Keep

      Dick Richardson

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" wrote:
      > The US is in a time of great change. The move from our longest war to
      peace is taking place. Bushes faith based neocons are pretty well
      exposed and more people trust Obamas brand of center left government.
      The obstructionist right wing is completely dug in and are on the
      verge of Hari Kari in their bitterness and anger. It is sad to be so
      devided so much is wasted and any social cohesion is very hard to come
      > If you noticed they cut Jamie Diamonds compensation in half. I find
      that significant as a big money man has been santioned. It was
      certainly overdue and not enough but it did happen. The capitalists
      were nearly unapposed by the end of Bush and Obamas getting us out of
      two wars and beginning a return back to honest government is
      monumental. Kasim Reed says Obama is positioned for basic fairness.
      When Bush came in the Democrats asked for fairness and the big
      response was, who said it would be fair. I think we are over that sad
      cynacism with the pendulum moving back to basic justice within the
      society. As to paying for our meds Obama care is making progress on
      that front.
      > Dick, dont count us out, there is huge flux here and most of the
      movement is in a better direction. In your position I would not give a
      damn about world affairs but would be looking forward to those weddings.
      I know you are a deeply civilised man and are bound to kin and country.
      I hope you find a way to enjoy and be comfortable with whatever remains.

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