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Zero dark thirty

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  • William
    I have just seen the movie and if you want to learn recent history this show is a must. A female CIA agent changed the world. The girl joined CIA out of high
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2013
      I have just seen the movie and if you want to learn recent history this show is a must. A female CIA agent changed the world. The girl joined CIA out of high school and worked solely on Ben Laden. She got him because she would not quit. The enemy tried to kill her, she was in on the Enhansed interrogation measures and pieced togeather the highly blocked trail to Ben Laden.I found little exposure of western methods ,we broke the terroriss with many techniques some of which are probably ,now ,illegal. If we need them again I know we will use them. It took years to break some of these enemy and the guile of our interrogators was matched by the hard will of the terrorists. The first part of the show reveals the dead end , stop /start nature of the proceedings. It is cruel and negative psychological methods include lying , sleep deprovation ,starvation, thirst,time distortion, threats,sub lethal beatings and short term rewards. The lesson was that with enough time anyone can be broken and will give up their secrets. It is not a pretty story but the movie intersperses scenes of terrorist bombings and killings that drove our agents to force information out of the enemy. This is a look at modern warfare and compaired to Iwo Jima or D-Day is no where as violent. One thing about this non preportional warfare is it is closely personal. These combatants see each other day after day.
      In the military action part of the film you see the high tech abilities of modern spec warriors. The breaching techniques are spectacular and the night vision and firearms allowed us to take out the worlds greatest threat without losing a man.
      I see this film as a deterrent even to fanitical adversaries. This show says you heve no way to win if you attack us. The intelligence we derived from the raid will continue to expose the radicals for years to come. That thousands of very talented analysists are pouring over it as we speak is certain. As one agent says they are all smart it is just how much you care. This shows how one woman would not quit and she gave all, risked her life . They do not show the political side of the war this is about the operational side of the story. No one but the feamle agent thought the chances of success better than sixty percent. One of the SEALS asked her why they should risk their lives on her theory. She sais she would rather drop a bomb on the place but to break the back of the fanatics we needed the body. Blowing him to bits would never convince anyone we got him. A veterin behind me in line ask me what this show was about when I told him he said he could not go to shows like that as they kick back in his post traumatic stress. I thanked him for his service and highly advised him to avoid the show. I would give the same advise to anyone who is hurt by hard tactics and methods. This is the real world of modern war and it is not what you might think. Bill
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