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If Dick can communicate?

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  • Dick.
    If Dick can communicate? [ In existlist@yahoogroups.com, Mary wrote: If Dick is able to communicate through the web after he passes, will he have proved the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2013
      If Dick can communicate?

      [ In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary" wrote:

      If Dick is able to communicate through the web after he passes, will he

      proved the power of love and intelligence as the defining attributes of
      the new

      human? That doesn't seem to be his mission. He seems to be saying these

      are here already, that only here and now matter. Similar to shock
      therapy, he

      experienced the annihilation of his memory but 'returned' to remember
      that he

      forgot everything. He perceived anew and seemed to take nothing for

      except the experience and what it meant to him. Perhaps to think
      differently, if

      we so desire, requires this kind of attitude. Assume nothing; every
      moment is



      > Mary

      > Mary, How we will know if Dick passes I have no idea. He can do the
      ide in a

      cave for a few days and then become resurected with all his hard drives.

      supposed conversations may or may not be completely one sided. If he
      answers us

      directly then I would suppose he is still alive. He is a great gamesman
      and may

      be running a new scheme. If he starts posting wonderful new and powerful

      ideas then great. We will have communicated with a great being. I will
      not hold

      my breath and go plugging along with existentialism . Bill

      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "William" wrote:

      > >

      > > Dick says he going to stop posting on the net. I would miss him but
      we have

      heard this before. I am going to take this one big step further. What if
      Dick is

      something extremely different than the rest of us? What if he is the
      being he

      and Eduard postulate, a post Homo Sapiens existance that is part machine

      part human. This is the droid that Eduard envisions as taking over

      Merlin thinks himself different and calls it mysticism. He senses
      another mode

      of being and says he has been there . Could Dick only exist on the net
      and sap

      his life from those who are normal Homo sapiens but contribute to

      existance by continuing to communicate with him on the communication

      Dick may have not figured out how he fits in but he has tried like hell

      explain himself. It would be interesting to have known a member of the

      advanced, next link. Now there is a stretch for this plebian sod

      mind. It is as close as I can come to thinking outside the box. Happy
      New Year,

      Bill ]

      When I am no longer alive on this world then I will NOT be able to
      communicate with it. Nor will anybody else. But prove me wrong if you
      can. IF you were to READ what I lived through and wrote then you would
      not have to invent it. But I don't expect you or anybody else to do

      William; at times you make an excellent advert for birth control. As do
      Buddhists and Gnostics. As for the others who have communicated on this
      group over the years, then alas, I feel sorry for them. But they never
      did say what went wrong in the life to make it so horrible for them.
      But it happens. Guess I was a lucky one.

      For your information then all I care about is LIFE EXPERIENCE, not
      philosophy, not religions, not beliefs, not opinions, not thoughts, not
      ideas, not academia, not science speculation. Do you know what LIFE
      EXPERINCE IS? It is what you get when you wake up in the morning and
      LIVE. And that INCLUDES the modes of conscious existence which I have
      known and written about.

      But you will not find this stuff written anywhere else. I know, for I
      looked for fifty years, and it isn't there. So, I am the ONLY one
      talking about Psychognosis, Homo Ensophicus, and the Ground of Being.
      THE ONLY ONE. But I know what I lived through.

      Also, when I talk about the love and admiration of LIFE then that
      includes all life. No matter whether is a spider, a horse, a bird, a
      fish, a cat or a dog, they are all LIFE. Those things that are ALIVE
      here on earth. Maybe I am the only one. If so then I don't mind. I
      also love the inanimate world, the sky, the sea, the hills and the
      forests. This is a wonderful place. But all things are in movement and
      repose, movement at various wave lengths, and repose again.

      So, don't write about me anymore; for that will get you nowhere. It
      will not do me much good either. Forget you ever knew me. The remains
      of my days here will be spent with music; for there is nobody for me to
      communicate with. And there is nothing worth reading. Here are three
      nice one's for you -




      But you folks don't like real life and beauty and love do you, and
      they are a part of real life. Maybe you did not notice. Nor did you
      notice the few Homo Ensophicus which are here NOW. But will there be
      more of them here or are they a dying species? Maybe sad miserable
      people like you lot will take over the world. I hope not. But I will
      not know will I, for I will not be here, nor in communication with it.
      But somewhere, sometime, there will be a place for us.


      So, I write no more. No more books, no more poems, no more articles, no
      more emails. Forget that I was ever here. I will. I did last time I went
      home. So will you. But life isn't about going home, it is about
      coming out. I wish you well.

      Dick Richardson ( aka Dick the Guru Buster, aka Merlin of Exmoor. Aka
      The Cockney Git. ) The English Mystic.

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