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Re: [existlist] Just an animal

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  • eduardathome
    To be extreme about it, we are no different from a worm .... only in degree. The worm likely has a few neurons that keep it going in the earth ... we have a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2013
      To be extreme about it, we are no different from a worm .... only in degree.
      The worm likely has a few neurons that keep it going in the earth ... we
      have a few more neurons to keep us going on the earth. Nooism discounts
      spirit and soul, only in that these are also the results of brain function.
      We think and because we cannot monitor our thinking, we create a fantasy
      motor which is the spirit and a fantasy being inside our being which we term
      the soul.

      Think of it this way ...

      You have a friend you go to see each day. One day you go visit and he is
      lying on the floor - dead. But he looks exactly the same except he isn't
      moving. So where did the animating force go to?? It was there yesterday!!
      Since we did not know how the body/brain works, our own brain concludes that
      he had a soul which has escaped the body. Depending upon what sort of
      person he was, we conclude that this soul has gone to a heaven or to a hell
      ... or is transitioned to some other human or life form. It all depends
      upon your belief system.

      In that we may have identified a possible heaven, we now think of our own
      possibilities. Will we go to a heaven ourselves?? Thus in comes the church
      to sell you tickets to heaven. You get mental comfort and the church gets
      very very rich.


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      From: William
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      All the talk of spirit comes from religion. Eduards idea that we are our
      brain discounts spirit or soul and that is fine with me. I have alway seen
      man as an animal with a more highly developed brain. It is an organ not a
      spirit or soul. The desire to get outside the cranium is a common strategy
      of theists. They want god to rule all. They speak of man being created in
      the mind of god and in his image. They are just wrong. Study comparative
      anatomy or embryology and you will see how closely we resemble animals, not
      a god.
      The fear of death has caused a desire for an afterlife . Theists
      capitalise on this fear and place a soul in the equation. To live on as a
      spirit is comforting until you read Dante. In his attempt to enforce
      morality he interjected terror to the soul. It has been a control game and
      Fn turned the big brained animal loose. At least now we live in a cosmos
      of empirical truth but an asteroid will miss us inside the moons orbit very
      soon. Fourteen thousand miles is close and a hit could wipe out a good deal
      of the entire biosphere. The evolving animals are targets for big rocks and
      their brains bones and blood are puny evolutions in the face of the huge
      forces around us. Bill


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