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  • eduardathome
    But I don t limit the domain of the brain. It s everything. I find myself asking of someone ... what script is he/she running? And in a way the corollary of
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 3, 2013
      But I don't limit the domain of the brain. It's everything. I find myself
      asking of someone ... what script is he/she running? And in a way the
      corollary of where or how did they get that script? For example, I ask the
      question of politicians [of course not directly as they would not know what
      I was talking about]. It is like some say when querying why people do
      whatever ... "follow the money". That assumes a particular motive, but it
      is similar. Or we might ask ... "what's in it for them".

      The "what's in it for him" is really to ask what is the conclusion of the
      script he/she is running.

      Try it. It will give you a completely different perspective on people.

      The one I am presently working on is to ask what script was Saint Paul
      running when he choose to promote Christianity instead of persecuting the
      Christians? What did he expect to get out of it?? Of course some might say
      that one shouldn't ask such questions of a saint. The standard answer is
      that Christ chose him on the way to Damascus. But my view is that people
      are people and they do things in their own interest, even if it is running a
      charity or a religion.

      Although perhaps arguable otherwise, I don't think that the brain is
      inclined to run a script that would have a negative impact upon the person.
      Yes, there are scripts that are negative [for example, suicide] but there
      has to be a side benefit that is more positive. "I kill myself [negative]
      because this will end my suffering [positive].

      I think that Jesus prior to being arrested by the Jewish priests and praying
      in earnest, in the Gospel of Luke, is an example of someone who is trying
      to maintain their mental script against second thoughts.


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      Well argued and presented. You emphasize the brain (science) and I the
      larger system of thought (philosophy) or how to apply what we think we know
      about the brain, which falls in the domain of ethics.

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