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Happy New Year

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  • Dick.
    Happy New Year Face your life AS IS. Have you ever done that? You people are truly beyond the pale. You talk all this hybrid nonsense about it is only the
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 31, 2012
      Happy New Year

      Face your life AS IS. Have you ever done that? You people are truly
      beyond the pale. You talk all this hybrid nonsense about it is only the
      brain or it is only consciousness; thinking is all that there is, etc ad
      nausea. Only, only only!! But what are you LIVING? You never tell me.
      What IS your daily life? What is it like? What do you do each day? No
      matter what it is that is issuing forth your conscious existence WHAT is
      it like living it???? TELL ME! I have told you what it is like living
      life transcendent and imminent. You laugh and tell me that you know
      better. So tell me what you are living. But you never do. Ahh, the art
      of communication.

      You waffle on endlessly about philosophy and words yet what is it like
      when you wake up in the morning? What is all around you? What is it
      like living it? What do you do? How do you feel about it all? THAT IS
      YOUR LIFE! You watch movies and read books until you are puddled and
      muddled. But when you switch the movie off or put the book down then
      what are you LIVING?

      Rap up every moment of your life experience into one ball – what was
      it like? Which were the best bits and which were the worst bits? Try
      being honest and real for ONCE in your life! For Ker-Riced sake stop
      telling me what you believe, what you think, and tell me what you are
      LIVING ! Do you like it or don't you? What is it that you want?
      What is it that you don't want? By what do you judge these things.
      Is your life like a poem or piss-bin? What active part do you play in
      it? Or don't you?

      Most of you seem to have divine gods, so what are they telling you?
      Where are they? What are they like? What is your living experience of
      them? Who is living in a fantasy you or me? Or you folks who are
      simply a brain in a bone jar; what is it like in there? Can you get
      out? What is it like being trapped in there? Tell me. Be honest? Do you
      know what that means? It means tell the truth of what you are living and
      what you see around you and how you feel about it? Do you know what
      telling the truth IS?

      Forget all this wordy jargon about what you think brought you forth and
      why, just tell me what you found by living it. Can you do that? If not
      then what was the point of living it? And no matter what brought you
      forth do you feel worthy of all the stuff and energy which is invested
      in your being? You keep telling me what everything is about. Fine. What
      are you about? What is your life about? Who are you trying to fool and
      why? They tell me that another year starts tomorrow, so what are you
      going to do with it and why? That task falls upon you. So what will you
      do with it? Will it be worth doing? Some tell me that life is an
      unknowable mystery, yet you are living it. Don't you know that? Some
      tell me that there is no mystery. So you know and understand everything
      eh? Yet you do not tell me what it is like being conscious and living
      it. What is it that you are conscious of? Tell me that. Have you ever
      tried undoing all the crap and starting again? Would you like another go
      at it? If so then what would you do? You tell me of the past; you tell
      me of the future. But tell me what you are living NOW. Or have you
      done it all and seen it all? If so then how do you know that? What is
      of value to you? Do you know? Have you ever taken the time to consider
      it? Do you really study yourself? Truthfully and Sincerely? You have
      had enough time to do it.

      Happy new year; and may it be worth living it.

      Dick Richardson

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