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Re: Sorting the Real from the Dross

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  • William
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 30, 2012
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      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Dick." <somerset_2@...> wrote:
      > Sorting the Real from the Dross
      > [ Dick`s mysticism is too big a stretch for me but much of his writing
      > outside the mystical is very empirical and I enjoy reading his ideas on
      > life and history. With hard drives of written material he has paid his
      > dues in the thinking business. Grim William ]
      > Sweet Pea, If you had any real interest in mystics, which I very much
      > doubt, then you must do some real hard work and sort out the real
      > mystics from the vast plethora of the DROSS of great pretenders. I grant
      > you that it is not an easy job and could be a lifetimes work for
      > somebody in your position. But that IS what you would have to do if you
      > had any real interest. Personally at your age and this stage of the work
      > I would simply advise you to forget it all and concentrate on clearing
      > the snow away from your drive. But IF you were to undertake this task as
      > a hobby, and IF you lived for about another thirty years, you could make
      > some headway.
      > I had two great advantages to assist me. One was that I was born a
      > mystic and the other was that I started investigating when I was three
      > or four. Given that I am now in the 75th year I have a seventy year head
      > start. But in whatever you choose to do with the remains of your days
      > then I wish you well and I wish you luck. Oh, by the way, you will find
      > nothing but morbid rubbish in Existentialism. Oh by the way, I have
      > spent 99 percent of my time thinking. Mystical experiences do not take
      > up much time. The longest one I ever knew was only three hours. I can
      > sure spare some time out for this stuff. Always did.
      > Dick Richardson
      > Dick, I have a very plebian brain. It was molded by dentists and we are a bone headed lot. I am looking at my set of teeth built in my freshman year in dental school. We spent a year building this set of teeth to two tenths of a MM acuracy. We started with dross metal casts and used a bastard file to clean the casts then we polished them with a strop and after weeks began to build the teeth,one by one to the above mentioned specks. Half an arch,upper and lowers were completed in a years time. Then they were articulated in wax and graded by the professor. My case was given a "B'. Hundreds of hours of filing and measuring with a guage taught our hands to do very small work ,to do it at length and to do it to high standards. It was all hand/eye work and had no inspiration,just application and perspiration ad nausiam. It made a brain that is extremely mission oriented . Asking me to delve into mysticism is like asking me to learn to fly. If you asked me to file and measure for years I could do it until I croak. Could you do that dross drugdery? Bill
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