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Re: Nooism

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  • William
    ... I like the way you have advanced Nooism and look forward to learning of further advances. It is the brain doing the thinking and it is just an organ not a
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 30, 2012
      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome <yeoman@...> wrote:
      > How do you clear your driveway, Bill?? I have a 14hp blower with a 28" cut.
      > Its needed as my driveway is something like 80ft by 20ft. We had another
      > 5cm today.
      > "Nooism" follows on Teilhard de Chardin's "Noosphere". It is all about the
      > mind/brain. The word "nous" or "noos" means "mind" in Greek. Chardin was
      > looking towards the global mind which we are achieving with the internet.
      > Consider for a moment that Psy's Gangnam Style has now been viewed almost
      > 1,080,000,000 times.
      > Nooism is primarily directed to the individual. It basically says that all
      > we think, do, behave, whatever is of the brain ... it's your neural
      > scripts/connections. It's only a tool and not a full blown philosophy or as
      > some have suggested .. a religion. It just states the obvious and gets past
      > all this transcendental stuff. There is no magic in the world or miracles,
      > just our interpretations. Our brain workings.
      > You can go to corollary subjects such as that the human brain is designed to
      > make interpretations. That is all it does. A neuron obtains an input from
      > this neuron and another from that neuron and spits out a conclusion to
      > another neuron that is the thought product. The thing about the brain is
      > that it does not need a "right" answer, but only an answer. If it cannot
      > produce an answer that reflects reality [who is to say what is reality?] it
      > will create its own answer which are our fantasies. That is the reason why
      > we have magic and miracles. They are conclusions/answers that the brain
      > makes up in order to have an answer. I would go so far as to say that
      > people will die [their brain causes them to die] because of the lack of an
      > acceptable answer.
      > Another corollary is the brain sometimes doesn't care what the inputs are
      > ... whether they are true or not. The process is known as illogical
      > thinking, but in the end it IS thinking. Not only can the brain make up its
      > own answers, but it may not question the validity of the inputs that lead to
      > an output. Again, that is said to be illogical thinking, but that is the
      > way we often think. A good example is the 2nd amendment which people think
      > gives the individual the right to have a weapon, whereas it is hugely in
      > black and white at the start of the amendment that it applies to state
      > militias. If an input is not to our desires, the brain will simply ignore
      > it.
      > I remember when I was a kid, my father was selecting a painter for the
      > house. This guy comes over and shows my father a brick with one side
      > painted white. He taps on the brick and says ... "Look at this, the paint
      > is so good it is as hard as a rock when dried". I still kick myself for not
      > interjecting ... "of course it is as hard as a rock; it's painted on a rock,
      > you twit". But then my bad neural script for reacting to authority kept me
      > silent.
      > What is amazing is that there is a lot of resistance to the principles of
      > Nooism. People just don't want to accept that it is their brains that are
      > doing the thinking.
      > eduardathome
      > Eduard, I use a shovel it is my job and can take hours of physical exercise. That is retiree brain at work. I had forgotten Nooism as you originated it from Chardin. Linking Nooism with the internet is more recent and I agree it is connecting us in remarkable ways. I have lost my fear of doing business on the net. Social Security, medicare and the census are recent groups I have worked with to a good conclusion. The built in security systems are clever and work. I am presently using a lap top networked with a cable provider. Soon I will begin installing my office computer in the network. It will be liberated on friday. I like Dell and the new computer will make three units in my home. I have not gone to the small units and do not plan to get a tablet.
      I like the way you have advanced Nooism and look forward to learning of further advances. It is the brain doing the thinking and it is just an organ not a mystical being or a spirtual entity. The concept of brains networking on the net opens areas for growth that might bring on a better species envisioned by Dick.
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      > From: William
      > Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 3:01 PM
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      > Subject: [existlist] Working philosophy
      > I like Eduards idea that a machine may not be ideal for a task but if it
      > works use it as long as it lasts. The post modernist ,deconstructionist
      > ideas just do not work. I have never tried to use them as they make you
      > try to build on vapors.
      > I consider modernism to be empirical at its base. It comes out of sense
      > knowledge not out of abstract thinking. It is grounded in the reality of
      > sense knowledge and that knowledges adherance to the real world.
      > That Eduard has a philosophy that has served him from teen age to
      > retirement seems a good operation for him. I can say the same for mine as I
      > have been a modernist for nearly fifty years.
      > Now Mary has been an existentialist and an artist and a postmodernist. I
      > think she still exhibits post modernist ideas and for her they work. Who am
      > I to try to inhibit her freedom to exist as she wishes. Certainly post
      > modernism runs parallel to modernism and cross referencing between the
      > ideas is interesting and often constructive.
      > Dick`s mystacism is too big a stretch for me but much of his writing outside
      > the mystical is very empirical and I enjoy reading his ideas on life and
      > history.With hard drives of written material he has paid his dues in the
      > thinking business.
      > Eduards Nooism just escaped me. I thought he might come back to it and I
      > wonder if he can explain it again. Is it still a part of his operating
      > philosophy? I have come to the realisation I have served my last dental
      > patient. I must say I feel a bit lost. The final patient was a goalie who I
      > played hockey with more than forty years ago. I could not stand to hang
      > around after he left and I just left without much fanfare. The staff just
      > kept crying whenever they looked at me and there just didnt seem much to
      > be said. There are many ends to be tied up but for the time being I need to
      > forget about the office that no longer is operating. Right now I will go
      > shovel some snow and get physical and avoid any more thinking about it.
      > Talking about modernism seems a safe persuit, dealing with the list people
      > is usually rewarding. I will find out how my long used philosophy deals with
      > this life change. It is only two inches of snow but it should fill in an
      > hour. The rest of my life needs to be planned. I`ll start after the drive is
      > cleared. Bill
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