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Re: [existlist] Stranger than Fiction?

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  • eduardathome
    The better world will never come as long as we reproduce and consume in an exponential manner. If you were strip away all the human identifiers and told a
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      The better world will never come as long as we reproduce and consume in an
      exponential manner. If you were strip away all the human identifiers and
      told a scientist [or anyone for that matter] that there is this colony of
      whatever that is increasing at a rate as for humans, they would not have
      nice things to say about it. When I was born the world population was
      something like 2 billion. Today it is near 7 billion.

      It is apparent that the world population will eventually level off at some
      point, or perhaps decline, but what will the world be like when 10 or 15
      billion people compete for resources?? The oceans are dying as it is and we
      face further climate change. I see that China has something like 363 new
      coal plants in design. India has 455. I don't think that we are handing
      over the prospect of a better world to the next generation. That is

      I suppose what is even more worrying is that most politician speak in terms
      of increasing production. Governments fall when they can't improve upon the
      gross national product.


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      Stranger than Fiction?

      [ I'm going to tell you something else, Dick … I've met a
      few of these people in person and chatted with others outside of these
      groups. Surprising revelations …… not everyone is what they
      appear, they don't all speak in fancy dress the way some of them
      type! Let's put it this way …. The contents don't always
      match the pretty wrapping. Know what I mean? ;) I think that's
      what I have ALWAYS liked and respected about you – there's no
      bull about you, Merlin. You are yourself, 24 hours a day, 365 days a
      year, no put ons, no show, no bull, you're the real deal.
      You've been around longer than I have, I've only been on this
      little black box since about 97, but in that time, I've met a lot of
      people, some really good ones, and some really scary ones, and some real
      charlatans. I'll tell you, it's provided more entertainment
      than the boob tube ….. the old adage really holds true that truth
      … or real life … is stranger, or at least more entertaining
      … than fiction! T. ]

      Yes Ma'am, life IS stranger than anything people could invent as
      fiction. It IS indeed. That is partly why I chose to talk about it. Yes,
      I know that we meet all kinds on this world, some nice, some OK, and
      some downright horrible. It is a fact of life here, so we have to live
      with it for the time being what it is. As for myself I always saw me as
      nothing more than a delivery person, a reporter. I just told it as I
      found it and as I lived it. Nothing complicated about that. But they
      don't like that. It is folk who wear a mask and folks who lie for
      which life gets complicated. I wonder how many honest people we meet.
      But in the final analysis you will find that most of these things which
      people do and say are simply down to fear of one kind or another. And
      the thing which they fear most is just being themselves, and being seen
      as being themselves.

      As for me then I am old and this world is for the young. So I will not
      be doing any more communication in the new year. I have told the truth
      of what I found and what I lived through, and if at any time anybody
      might be interested, which I doubt, then it is all there for them to

      Yes I can indeed envisage a better world. But will that world ever come?
      I doubt it. But it could at least be better than it is now. But it will
      only be that way if they want it that way and then do something about
      making it be that way. But will they? Do they have what it takes –
      courage and stamina? It is a crazy backward world Ma'am. I will not
      be sorry to leave it. Maybe we can learn too much for the time at hand.

      Dick Richardson

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