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neural scripts and reprogramming

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  • eduardathome
    Mary, Your programming is one or more neural scripts that get played out in your brain. Like a machine which has an electronic script of ... pick up next
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 29, 2012

      Your programming is one or more neural scripts that get played out in your
      brain. Like a machine which has an electronic script of ... pick up next
      piece ... position ... drill hole ... put aside ... pick up next piece.

      That's all it is.

      A neural script is strengthened by use. Those which do not lead to
      happiness but rather to worry and sadness, need to be overcome by creating
      some new neural script or a modification so that it leads to some other
      thought/emotional result. Every autumn I get depressed by the coming
      winter. The days are shorter and the cold begins to set in. I still hate
      winter, but if I can convince myself to at least once to go out to shovel
      the snow, the neural script is modified and I am more inclined to accept the
      reality of it all. Its the same neural script, but it now has a different

      A neural script is lessened by non-use. If you can avoid thinking about
      something that causes worry, the script is weakened and you can put it
      aside. You may not get rid of it, since the connections likely remain
      intact. For example, I got a ticket for speeding in September. At the
      time, the fact that I was stopped by a policeman really got to me. It's my
      view of authority which is another bad neural script I have. But I kept
      saying to myself that it would become only a memory and then less so. And
      it has, except it pops up at times and I have to play it down again.

      Yet dealing with winter and stopping myself from being bugged by the memory
      of speeding tickets is not the sort of revision of programming that you mean
      [I presume]. An important reprogramming is our view on life ... our
      philosophy ... our behaviour. I would suggest that this kind of
      reprogramming can also be done. It is first necessary to realise that it is
      only a matter of neural scripts or whatever you wish to call it. That is,
      you have a personal fault or some outlook that is not of benefit. Faults,
      outlooks and behaviours are all neural scripts. Keep in mind that neural
      scripts are strengthened by use and lessened by non-use ... and they can be

      But we know all this. Nothing new here folks. How many times have we heard
      of someone who has read a book or had an experience and this has changed
      his/her life. They are the same person physically ... it is their brain
      which has changed.

      Can you do it on your own?? I would say, yes. Firstly, be aware of the
      fault you want to change. Secondly, identify and begin some new singular
      step of thinking that will lead to a neural script or modification of a
      script. Do it again ... here you have to be able to establish some kind
      routine. The routine itself is also a script. Do it again to strengthen
      the neural script and you are on your way. The first step is the hardest
      and the second only a bit less.

      This is known in psychology as a means to treat obsessive compulsive
      disorders. You need to introduce a new thought that modifies that looped
      script making you wash your hands 20 times.

      The bottom line is that if you operate on the basis of neural scripts then
      you can reprogram to anything. I have a neural script, therefore, I am.


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      How does one revise their programming? I ask this in all seriousness. Do you
      have some resources that I can recommend to people?


      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, eduardathome <yeoman@...> wrote:
      > Teilhard de Chardin proposed more than an end point. He proposed the
      > "Noosphere" which would be like a biosphere of the global mind. Thus my
      > own
      > philosophical tool of "Nooism". Nooism posits that it is all in your
      > head.
      > There is no absolute truth, only what we chose to program in our neurons.
      > If your programing leads to success and happiness ... for you ... then you
      > have done it right and have identified your own truth. The imperative is
      > to
      > keep assessing your neural programing and self to determine if it is
      > really
      > giving you happiness. If not, then it is time to revise the programing
      > ...
      > version 2.0.
      > eduardathome


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