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Prepared for Revelation?

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  • Dick.
    Prepared for Revelation? [ Merlin!!!! You are probably sleeping …. And I m supposed to be finishing this bloody online traffic school course (my punishment
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      Prepared for Revelation?

      [ Merlin!!!! You are probably sleeping …. And I'm supposed to
      be finishing this bloody online traffic school course (my punishment for
      speeding down the Boulevard) …

      But I had to say …. This tops my list now as one of my favorite
      emails of yours ….. ever. Brilliant list. And I love the new
      perspective you gave to "initiation" … it made me consider
      this in an entirely new light – NOT as some worldy, priestly, or
      occult rite of passage, but as a mystical event. I am really grateful
      for your communications! Thank you …. And sweet dreams! ]

      Speeding? Oh naughty girl :- ) No, didn't have any dreams last
      night from what I can recall. Slept like a baby, and no pains in the
      night either. I often wonder what dogs dream about when they do all that
      twitching and groaning :- ))

      Yes, we all have to be prepared and initiated into the mysteries. That
      journey across the Styx IS the preparation. There is no grater
      initiation than being bloody annihilated is there :- )))))) Some have
      told me that they found some of those experiences terrifying. But I did
      not find them to be so; I found them to be fascinating. Sure, a little
      bit creepy in parts, especial the LIMBO mode. But no big deal really.

      But even so there is far more to all of this than just that kind of
      initiation, for keep in mind that one was already a budding mystic from
      childhood. It is all one very long preparation for the More that we ARE.
      Some say thousands of years. Well, I don't know about that, but
      maybe so. One lifetime at a time is enough for me. But the thing is that
      people can only know that they were a budding mystic from hindsight
      – not at the time of budding.

      Moreover, from years of hindsight it became clear to me that ALL
      experience is a revelation. For a good many years now I have found
      everyday experience to be MORE mystical than a mystical experience is.
      For me, the transcendent mode of being in Ground of Being is normal and
      easy to understand, but walking over the hills on a sunny day is bloody
      mysterious. Hence they do not see what is all around them every day.

      As far as I can work out those ancient secret mystery schools must
      originally have been based on people who had known the transcendent
      experience. In some respects it must have been easier to attain
      mystical experience in the far distant past because they did not have
      all these amusement distractions which we have today. That is why I keep
      saying that people ought to relax more and have those moments of SILENCE
      in solitude. It always came natural to me to chill out a few times each

      But the really strange thing you know, and I don't understand it too
      well, is that prior to that journey across the Styx to the other side,
      or right near the beginning of it after I had LET GO of the world, I had
      a choice whether to go on further or not. I chose to go on further.
      Why? That is a good question isn't it. Nobody has ever asked me
      why. I was always dead curious and ready for an adventure; no matter how
      weird it was. BUT had I been prepared for this? Was my choosing to go
      on further a foregone conclusion owing to things past? From hindsight
      it seems to me that one never gets an experience which one is not ready

      I will never forget an email I had from a Lady in Texas years ago who
      wrote to me after reading the Exegesis and she said – "Fuck
      that"! :- ))))) Oh well, we do have fun don't we. Do you know it
      was more interesting listening to people live, and by way of the
      internet, than ever it was reading all these books about so called
      ancient mystics. I have two full spare hard drives full of emails from
      people :- )

      But, you know, I am a very EARTHY person really and I have loved it here
      for seventy four years, life has been an amazing experience. And the
      very best part of it was on those two occasions when somebody walks
      into your life and WHAM, you are instantly in LOVE. Do you remember that
      song – The first time ever I saw your face? How true that is eh.
      And you never forget that feeling. Well, you never forget it that is
      until ANNIHILATION, and then everything is gone. And the resurrection
      out of annihilation back into the Ground of Being is like starting again
      from new. Yup, it takes a mystic to recognise a mystic, and that is for
      sure. Strange isn't it as to how small Man is and yet they come into
      all the best of it. Yup, love and life are a mystery.

      Dick Richardson

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