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Love is what we are?

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  • Dick.
    Love is what we are? [ In the experiencing of the Consummatum Incarnate there is an overwhelming outpouring of Love throughout one s being extending outward to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2012
      Love is what we are?

      [ In the experiencing of the Consummatum Incarnate there is an
      overwhelming outpouring of Love throughout one's being extending
      outward to all humanity and all creation. The beauty and perfection of
      this experience is the next stage in the evolution of mankind. When
      more and more of mankind begins to evolve and to experience the truth of
      eternal beauty and love, the union of the Observer and the Observed,
      there will begin to be peace indeed and less violence in this world.
      Unfortunately, I won't live to see this but it would be a joy to behold
      to see Homo Ensophicus upon this earth. It may take thousands of years
      for this to happen. I just hope it happens more quickly than that many
      years! As a result of having this union with the Observer and Observed,
      empathy is magnified to the extreme. Love is what we are!


      DeLana ]

      Of all the things which I have found to be invested in our being (and
      there is much) then as far as I am concerned the love is the best part
      of it. It is that which has kept me going for many decades, through
      thick and thin. Some call it love and some call it passion. I call it
      the energy which can overcome great obstacles. I have known that passion
      transcendent and immanent, in time and in eternity; as have you. Without
      it man would be an intelligent zombie.

      I am enjoying the chocolates by the way :- ) Hope you are not inundated
      with too much snow there. We don't usually get much snow on Exmoor,
      just a few inches usually. But on a couple of occasions I have known
      ten feet drifts here; but this year it is rain that has been the
      problem. If it ain't one thing it is another isn't it :- ) When
      we move into space satellite homes we will not suffer from all this
      weather and we can come here for vacations in fine weather; a bit like
      alien tourists :- ) Wouldn't it be lovely to see the world looking
      like a garden again; and carefree lovers frolicking in the fields of
      gold. They are the lucky ones. I remember what it was like. I would not
      mind living through that again. But not yet.

      But with all these things going on right now I can envisage great
      changes, and a better world coming from it. I know that we could do it
      if the will is there. But nobody could achieve that alone. If and when
      the world is ever united then it can happen. Of all the lessons which we
      have to learn then it is the lesson of what we are, where we come from
      and what is invested in us. And then using it for that end. Ah love,
      would that thou and I could conspire to remould this place anew.

      Dick Richardson

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