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  • eduardathome
    Bill, Your argument falls apart when you consider that it was Nancy Tanza who bought the guns that her son Adam used to kill her and then the children in the
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      Your argument falls apart when you consider that it was Nancy Tanza who bought the guns that her son Adam used to kill her and then the children in the school. She was a survivalist and stockpiled food and guns. She bought the guns and took him to shooting clubs on the premise that it would help him get focused. Nancy would have been judged competent.

      I think that the first thing Obama will do is to ban the sale of assault weapons. You don’t need a gun that will spit out 180 rounds per minute to take down Bambi.

      But then I also agree that confiscation will not work. A buy-back is likely the best choice. And perhaps a limitation on rechargers

      Yet the buy-back may also be difficult. Just how do you convince someone in individualist America to let go of his comfort blanket??


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      I have been taklking about the shootings with different people interested in the situation. A champion level combat shooter said you just can`t compete against dead children. He wonders just how far the restrictions will go. I told him I thought all sale of assault weapons would be banned. He said there are at least six million of them already distributed . He fears confescation ,I do not. He put forth a good deal of NRA boilerplate about government take overs turning us into a police state of liberals. I do not fear that and think it right wing scare talk. I do think high capacity magasines will be banned but all serious shooters have plenty of those. I see him afraid of big government and the right wing has always been concerned about that. All in all his mind set is very different than main stream Americans. He admits he has more than enough guns to defend himself and his family but he hates any restriction in his ability to own ,fire ,sell or buy weapons.
      A lawyer friend who hates guns admits confescation would be a desaster. He likes a government buy back as many people are repulsed by the thought of murdered children.I think a public relation campaign with a no questions asked government buy back of assault weapons could limit the number of casual owners. Biden may suggest this as part of his commissions report.
      The mental health aspect of this is where real progress can be made. Villaragossa of LA has a buy back program and his murder rate is way down. I do not buy into the violent video games argument and I would not waste money and time there. I find school and college counselors need to be used much more. If someone is becoming unstable I feel the state has a right to a competance hearing. Guns could be held until the person is judged competant to own guns. Again I hope efforts are directed at the populations who are apt to commit mass murder and that is not grandma or grandpa. Civil commitment is where the bang for the buck resides. In closing the gun enthusiast will not risk his guns which he loves by making a weapons mistake. Leave him alone he will never be on the weapons radar. Try buy backs to reduce exposure from the casual user and concentrate on the young, deranged males who are the ones who perp these horrors. Bill


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