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Greatest Earth Mystery: Physics and IPN?

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  • Dick.
    Greatest Earth Mystery: Physics and IPN? [ As you love detective work and mysteries what do you think is the greatest earth mystery. How is the peripheral
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012
      Greatest Earth Mystery: Physics and IPN?

      [ As you love detective work and mysteries what do you think is the
      greatest earth mystery. How is the peripheral neuropathy doing Richard,
      hope it is not too painful? As for Physics trying to prove life then all
      was going well until a hundred years ago and they took the atom to
      pieces and found it did not fit with the grand theory and what they
      actually find here. ]

      The greatest earth mystery? Wow. There are so many. But if I had to
      pick out just one, emm, let me see. I am well aware that natural
      coincidences occur. However, to find so many in one place at one time,
      and way back then, makes me go for the Great Pyramid at Giza. I have
      never studied it personally, I have never known anybody who has studied
      it; but I did read a lot about it. And if what I hear tell IS SO then
      all these coincidence are beyond mind blowing. This thing was not built
      merely to bury some old git. And how those ancient people did all that,
      and which we could not even do today, beats me. The thing that curled my
      toes up is the bit about the circles. Extract the number from a circle
      inscribed inside the base from that of a circle inscribed around the
      outside of the base and you get the same digits as the speed of light.
      Creepy man :- )))

      As for physics then let them get on with it and see what turns up. I am
      more interested in what science and engineering can produce in fact, not
      in theory. And it is nice to have electric in the house. Anyone can
      produce a theory. As for the IPN then it is progressing fine thanks; in
      two years it has gone from the feet and ankles nearly up to the knees
      now. The pain is gradually getting worse but it goes away when I get up.
      But many people have it far worse and some have it most of their life.
      That must be awful. Let their grand theories work on that one and save
      people from some pain.

      But for me it is only a minor issue, and a mere irritation, for the
      major problem here is that all the blood vessels are clogged up,
      presumably after seventy years of smoking, so the circulation is crap
      now for the last year. But that is my own doing. In my case it is
      probably that which brought on the IPN too. But peripheral nerve damage
      does not kill you, it is just unpleasant and painful. But the lack of
      oxygen and blood around the body and heart does and it will kill you :-
      ) Just a matter of when. But the periphery nerve damage is only down by
      the feet not anywhere else. I feel sorry for those who have it in their
      hands and upper limbs; for that must be really debilitating; and
      especially so if they are still quite young, which many are.

      I don't let either of them spoil my day however, and I have quit
      running up mountains anyway :- ) But if all this IS due to smoking, and
      which I do not doubt, then I have been lucky that it took over seventy
      years to do it. And no problems during that seventy years. I dread to
      think what I would be doing now if I had not smoked. I would still be
      like a bloody spring chicken I guess, for there is nothing else wrong
      with the system. So most of the time I am feeling fine. Thanks for
      asking. Looking forward to the Yule celebrations, and some rum and
      cigars; and who knows I might even see another Spring. I do so love the
      Spring time after a long cold winter. Hey we had a deep frost yesterday
      and when the sun came up and shone on it all it was a fantastic picture,
      and the winter glory shone all around. I do not envy those who never
      have winter. So long as they are not too long or too severe of course.
      Known a couple of them and that was grim. But we had fun nonetheless.
      This is also the time when all the birds start coming to dinner, so that
      costs a few extra bob too :- ) But in the Spring the living is easy.

      The very first priority for science ought to be the health and wellbeing
      of people. But you know, there are those who are more interested in the
      gods and others who are more interested in their theories, and those who
      are interested in bombs, and those who are more interested in bags of
      money and fame, than they are in life and human suffering. So, what will
      change all that? Will anything change it? Well, death will not change
      it, but at least one will forget about it. But, you know the greatest
      mystery on earth IS LIFE. And that has been my field.


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