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Those who know don’t tell?

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  • Dick.
    Those who know don t tell? [ Don t bite Bill. People who know don t tell in public forums. Mary ] Oh my, is this an old rip-off to be sure. Anyway don t tell
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2012
      Those who know don't tell?

      [ Don't bite Bill. People who know don't tell in public forums. Mary ]

      Oh my, is this an old rip-off to be sure. Anyway don't tell him
      what to think.

      Imagine this – Any organisation operating some secret clandestine
      operation have to use many people within it. Unless it is a one person
      job then nobody would find out about it obviously. But organisations
      require many people. Now, what if one of them turned whistle blower? The
      information would be out there in the public domain. Think woman for
      Ker-Riced sake. So, what to do about this? EASY. The organisation could
      set up so many conspiracies about itself and plant them out there so
      that any real whistle blowing would be lost in the white noise. Simply
      psychology mate. You may have just fallen off a Yule tree but most
      people have not.

      Now, the other point. Somebody has something to say which certain
      organisations do not want said. So what can the organisations do about
      that? If they know about it before it is said then they can bump them
      off. But if the information does get out there then – as above. The
      other ancient trick to is say that those who know do not say. Old as the
      hills madam.

      But if somebody DOES have something to say which others do not want said
      then their only option is to say it in the public domain. Can you think
      of an alternative place to say it? Of course you cannot. All they can
      do is hope that it might get through all the white noise. Which are the
      wealthiest and most powerful organisations on earth and what kind of
      things do they not want to be said? You seem to think that things are so
      simple. Well, unfortunately they ain't simple. This happens
      throughout so many fields of human endeavour and it has happened
      throughout all documented history. It is not new. The best place to hid
      a secret Ma'am (if you did not know) is out in the open. No charge
      for the history lesson. You can own your own opinions but you cannot own
      facts of life.


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